Tonya Redd

Delicate Thoughts

Tonya Redd is a daughter, mother, nurse who has always loved poetry and has an immense love and passion for writing, and hopes that one day she can say that she in fact created a full body of works.

Encapsulated by the sometimes overwhelming battle within her mind
She frequently calls unto her father for help.
God, please, have Mercy!!
This maneuvered her into prayer
Psalms 23
(The Lord is my shepherd)…
She knows this is where her help comes.
Missing the days when
Her mind represented the beauty of the world that existed.
The happiness, calamity, and joy
The glow from the early morning sunlight
That brought warmth to her soul
The arch of the tree as well as the bend of its branches
And it's beautiful leaves
With colors so beautiful to one's eye
Her thoughts now unceasing
And filled with the daily stresses of her world
Similar to a hurricane tearing through the dimensions of her world with an objective
Of anxiety and sorrow
Spiraling her body from one point to another, I hope that with time the apprehension
That she has
Will recover from the disquieting and vindictive thing called the perils of life.
She frequently looks to God
Takes influence with the contention of his love for her
Each day she continues to be met by the defiance of her mind.
With the love of her God
She remains grounded in hope and love.