Noleen A Finch

Speak His Name with Care

Published author of the novel A Fight for Innocence, I've also been published in quite a few anthologies. I was raised with 10 other siblings, in a loving home, and I am now a Mom; and, grandma and great-grandma.

Don’t talk about my Jesus that way,
He’s my Savoir and Redeemer every day
If I fall I know he’s there to help me stand
He’s the only one who died for every man.
He’s the healer of broken hearts
He is there for who is lost
My Jesus, my love
Made humble to pay our cost.
Eternal life he gave to me
Pulled me from the pit on iniquity
Set high above the chaos and sorrow
My God, my love, in every tomorrow.
So speak his name with care
For he is always there
Though your eyes may not see
Jesus is our legacy.