Evans E Bradley

Trust & Believe Thee!

Once you reach a certain age time becomes more of a factor in one's life, that's when you look back and then begin to write, your life experiences are the poems that express the most precious moments of your Life, they allow you to share with others your Joy and your Delights!

The world is built upon pure trust,
Between the sexes, it’s a must,
Without it, relationships would fade,
For its the glue upon which they are made,
There is a problem with too much demand,
For if out of balance it will ruin the plan,
Absolute trust must be assured,
If over abused it will never endure,
It must be dealt out equally between the two,
If one gets too much the other will fall through,
So how can someone ask You to Trust & Believe Thee,
When the end result no one is Believing or Trusting Me?

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