A shattered lonely life. ( Lyrical Song ).

For writing this poem, I have got inspiration from manner less people, Though I can't teach them, but decided to write in this subject. First half was written and the rest half took long time. I am happy to do something in this way and show a path this way.

What a shattered lonely life,
All overcrowd but, lonely life........

The face smiles but, heart cries,
How long I got to face the dull life,
And keep on choosing the stinging thorns,
Why the revenge is taken in such form........

How to survive in such lonely life
All overcrowd but, lonely life.......

My known have become unknown,
Made me an outer person those own,
I have come alone and, go alone,
I am no more the person, who is thrown,

Started a way of fledgling life,
All overcrowd but, lonely life........