Teresa Whitney

Your Love Guides Me

Born and raised in Washington State as well as growing up in S. California, I now reside in Mooresville N. C. for the past 20 yrs. A wife for 30 yrs before loosing my late husband, a mother of 2 son's , grandmother of 6 children & great grandmother of 2 . College educated with an AA in Drug and…

I may not ever be perfect,
Even though you were,
I admired you from the start,
It was only you for sure,

You gave to me many riches,
Of what life has in store,
Excited as I was back then,
Our life was never a bore,

I continue to live my life as I am,
As you would want me to,
I know I have your blessings,
Blessings forever true,

Your love continue's to guide me,
As I carry on,
I often feel your spirit near,
Forever written in song,

I may not ever be perfect,
Yet you continue guiding me,
I can feel your spirit so near,
Most certainly.

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