Out of step with Love

Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

‘Didn’t Peter do well at school”, she said;
again he felt that great feeling of dread.
It didn’t even enter his mind to ask.
He’d been too busy working on his task.

“Did you see my sunflowers?”, she had cried.
“No, I didn’t see them”, he had replied.
Once again he knew he had failed the test
to meet yet another loving request.

Earlier that day he made a mistake
and drank her coffee in the morning break.
“That’s it”, she said, “This will not do”
“Next time I’ll make milky coffee for two.”

“You’re over reacting”, he said to her.
But the words unheard were just a blur.
Something’s not right, It must be me.
Whatever’s causing this I cannot see.

But two days ago we had an affray
she reacted in an emotional way.
I’d dug up the grass but should have left it all
for her to treat by pouring on some chemical.

“You never do what you promise”, she said.
“I knew I could not rely on what you said.”
Oh how can these things ever be resolved?
They’re so complicated and involved.

I am so ashamed in having to say,
it is what I’ve done that’s made her this way.
Oh, how will I ever earn her trust again
and cease from causing her such awful pain?