John Jessup Kennan

in dependence day

Blake in a pawn shop

freely tribute sing glittery
chained to concrete
basement floor elbows &
knees dog

are those bombs
bursting in air i
hear outside thru
bars in my

ooh all sparkly ooh

patriotism is the last
of demons

sparkly explosions crystal
light show
intense beautiful glass
explodes flesh and love
on fortress walls unheard in
shattered marriage

better lick your dog
dish clean
here she comes again lookin
menstrual in the eyes
diversity in whips is
these are red green &
white these are black these
are red white &
blue these are black &

well, purplish actually

might wanna cauterize that
weepy might need
hold fast we gonna bring you
red white & blue dental
inplants while marching
bands play hail to the
thief jail to the
chief executive officer of this saturday
night fish fry don't wanna
barbecue in this hood neighbors
are high in fat
content & gristle
preppy cokeheads on
yachts are always lean
& clean ain't gotta worry bout
grease & topsoil in the
stew toss in some cayenne we'll
call it gumbo

 © John Kennan 5-24-21