John Jessup Kennan

3 cots & a hot

Blake in a pawn shop

I wuz
free as thoid when yez
poichase the foist two
geek in a freak
show side tent
specializing in
children in
bazaar off-broadway
sparkle is art
prime is premium

three fans drizzled
the dreary onto
shrews dehydrated in
desert comedies
while sprinklers hissed
on lawns at
martha's foggy bottom
forced to feed the
force-fed green
redwoods watched
unimpeded unforced
hissed only by
tourists with
sequin art families
devouring bland

they say cancer
is caused by free
radicals but free
radicals claim their
extricated selves are
free from cancer
what sucks about
cancer is that everyone
has someone else's
and lab coats have too
many variant
strains of lopsided
justice juices

cancer causes side
show tent geeks to
bite the heads off
personalized disease
no one allowed in
the big top without a
badge will someone please
shut that clown
tiffany rides the
elephant while sequin-
eyed blandkeepers feast
on the supreme goop

inside the cloister
artificial cheese is the
national flower by
order of supreme
cat food souffle is on
the menu in gourmet
bistros on the foggy bottom
cat burglar
burgled the cat
left a six month
supply of survival souffle

i'd like to stick
around and tell
yez more but it's
time for me to go
bite the head off
somethin i hope it's a

 © John Kennan 3-30-21