John Jessup Kennan

head coverings

Blake in a pawn shop

imitiation sacred head
coverings cut in cloth of
abu's textile plant on
sixteenth avenue
we are here to
rescue the future
from itself
cats in hats

with each deft manuever
the green mess grows
moss and mold
poisoned by solutions
in varying

cats in imitation
equations fail
strip head coverings
naked crucify truth
train weapons on the
skies the heavens
to rescue the future from
repel alien
god is an alien
prepping to invade
turn up frequency
split his unhatted
head with sound
boil his face with
humvee microwaveables
kill god
kill him
deader than dead to the
ultimate degree of
deadness to the
depths of decay in
open grave

you killed him
once and
cats in hats always
hazmat warriors green with
moss and mold
stemming their own
decay here to rescue
the future
from itself

dr seuss could
not save
the future from
he should be
banned for
screwing up the
ending not
knowing that
cats in hats always
the green mess
open grave speaks

 © John Kennan 3-11-21