The Shooting Star

I am a amateur poem writer. I love expressing myself through my poetry.

I know I can’t understand some things
But I ensure I can feel everything
 I want to end all misunderstandings
My inner voice all over my head
All day all night
The night got darker
The clock sound even louder than usual
The storm gradually become the empty sound of the wind
Many things changed
I want to pass through this tunnel of time
I want to escape from here
And start a new journey again
I want to say a lot
But I am afraid, I don’t know how to express
even if time passes, even if I can't say it
it's still in my heart ,But remember
The words that are not spoken are the most beautiful
Even in even in this warm sunlight, I am still cold
Even if It’s raining, I am still thirsty
why there are endless clouds in the sky
In the sky full of stars
I saw a shooting star
You know what I wished
A good and happy life for you
Where you are surrounded by the people
who loves you and care for you,
Without any Restrictions