Nairobi night sky.

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I am in school, lying on my bed
Leaning my face into the window
Inclusively watching the sky, darkened
Leaving for the sky-scrapers at the hill brow
Pondering vigorously on my mind
Why some stars are more bright
Peering at the innermost of my mind
Where I try the problem answer to get
Who made Venus more beautiful?
And how was the fact established
While leaning on the window, I try to peer through
At least to see the beauty it is beheld
Could it be the smoke that tainted others,
Missed Venus by inches?
Can it also be a blanket on others;
And Venus is clothed with light cotton dress?
And in altogether the sky is different from home’s
Our sky is full of many stars
Against the few I see on this
Also it has few moons!
Oh dreary sky!