Wail of the Night!

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I regret having been like this
Because people fear me greatly
When I try to show up everyday
They hide in house under a blanket!

Just because I deny them sight
To enjoy the good scenery
That is endowed to our earth
But it is my duty after all!

Those who don’t fear me at all
Fear even no human at all
Coz they do disgraceful things
I wish I can entangle them!
The thieves break into houses
Disturbing the harmony abound
Shedding thick red globules
Looting much of the property

The satisfied cursing women
Vomit through underside oftenly
Giving out cries of agony
That marks my type of job!

I wish I was like the day
To have the beauty of people
Roaming about in my mercy
Showing flowery splendor!