May the devil take her!!!

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May the devil take her!
For all that she denies me
Misery that she bestows me
Fight her to her grave
Just because she has a beautiful head
And pretty silky hair
Justify not what she did to me
Alas! I could not believe it!
Nights I spent formulating
The many praises to shower her
Nearly getting myself insomnia
Though I gained nothing
Money got by hoaxing mother
Telling daddy of false tales
Missing my lunch times to save it
Trailed into total fiasco
Protection and care that I bestowed her
While she boasted of it
Purely got me nowhere
Whereas no harm befell her!
Holy mother of God! What did I do?
To fall in love with a haughty girl
Harping on the poverty in our home
Torturing me with her discretions