Fond(ling) memories

Still experimenting with poetry and still learning

I awoke at 4:00 again this morning.
Rolled over to your side and began exploring.
You had your back to me my love
and I fitted my body to yours like a glove.

Like two pieces of a puzzle made for each other
we fitted so snug and perfectly into one another.
My lovely wife without you I’m incomplete,
and all alone in the jungle, lost and obsolete.

I reached out to feel your breasts so near;
then the young boy also awoke in me my dear,
as I was reminded of that trip to Newcastle
we were only eighteen and not very old at all.

When I slipped my hand beneath your top
hoping that you would not tell me to stop.
There I fondled your breasts with glee.
thinking you are the only girl made for me.

Our love has outlasted the past
and much longer may it last.
You still bring out the boy in me
with each lovely fond(ling) memory.