Paul Arthur Davenport Coulter

To Be or Not To Be?”

Self Employed Personal and Business Catalyst. Being a Beacon of Light guiding myself and others on their own journey of self discovery. My own personal rollercoaster ride truly a Soul awakening experience! May you be as blessed!

“To Be or Not To Be?”

Is that the question and, if so, what does it mean?
Is this question just for me or for all to screen?
Is it quizzical in its subtleness or just making fun of me?
Judgment or stimuli, what am I supposed to believe!

Is my game about settling, waiting for some reply,
Or a pot I stir to muddle up what I deny?
Is there a master plan that’s going to waste?
Am I here to hurry, scurry and make haste?

As I sit here pondering, stuck in my latent stew,
Are their greater thoughts stirring up a brew?
Like what about my boodle, my job, my career, or me?
You mean it’s up to me, “To be or Not to Be?”

Oh crap, I hate my infernal hesitation,
So, please excuse my obtuse vacillation.
Is there an "Inner Knowing" lamenting benignly,
With greater dreams and visions waiting inside me,
Or am I to remain lost in some internal infancy
Mucked in some fuzzy minded, confused fantasy?

Am I being what I have it within me to be,
Or here, waiting, stuck in my current reality?
Guess I’m ready to proactively tackle this mystery,
Acquiring the necessary mindset to guide my destiny,
By becoming focused, my intentions foremost on my mind,
Realizing the “Real Me” inside is silently screaming to not be left behind!