Lawrence S. Pertillar

Said To Say

So much has been said to say,
To correct and fix...
The problems that today we face.
Without them to escalate.
But what has been said to say,
Many chose to turn heads away.
To believe this to do,
Would also eliminate their problems...

And now most wish,
To find solutions...
For their confusion, conflicts.
And divisions that exist.
With a seeking of recommendations,
From the very ones...
Who repeatedly have said to say,

'You had a mind to use.
And it is up to you not anyone else,
To locate where and when...
You decided it was useless to lose it!

With it now to believe,
Your mind long gone...
In your desperate need think.
Has survived to thrive,
On thoughtlessness alone!?
Expect to be rescued.
From what?
Something you want,
To have identified and described?
Still to go unrecognized?