The road well traveled

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Out in the yellow woods
Where the trees brood
A great road forked
Into a twin brood

One fork tine twine
And meandered in the briar
With nary an impression
Of a sole in sight

The other fork tine twine
Into a broad thoroughfare
With a hard-packed rut
Of a thousand soles’ patter

The loneliness of the briar
And the ghost of want
Hung on the less traveled road
Greatly dreading the soul

The distant echo of laughter
Atop the jiggling of carriages
Lighted the well worn road
Inviting the adventures abroad

The journey is long and hard
For one soul to venture
The dangers awaiting too great
For a lonely soul to conquer

I took the road well traveled
Despite the hard-packed ruts
And the travel was less
When in company of friends


Inspired by the poem 'The road not taken' by Robert Frost.