Lawrence S. Pertillar

Getting Clearer Is The Message

There is nothing yet that can compare,
To a heart pounding, breath taking...
Delusion eliminating event.
Than something to observe,
Too massive to describe.
Even truth kept to deny,
Closes mouths to open eyes wide.
Stopping lies heard.
And gossip to whisper it spread.

'Do you hear what I hear?'

'Do you see what I see?'

'Do you feel what I feel?'

Whatever it is,
Shocks and horrifies...
At the same time.
But how is it doing this,
Without preachers, scientists...
Or scholars declaring themselves,
Certified geniuses...
Incapable to explain,
This massive 'thing'...
Floating without a sound to make.
It is the real deal?'

That real deal is what?'

'Get your stuff together.
We will show you how,
To do it to get it done.'

'In what language was that?'

'This I do know...
God works in mysterious ways.
And never have I heard that argued.
From anyone who has seen God.
Or swear to witness,
Seeing God's lips move.'

What are you saying?'

'The other day,
I saw this woman...
Holding up a Bible in her hand.
Walking down the street.
Not saying a word.
But the message was clear.