Saba Hakeem

Perfect view

I'm a 15 year old poet. I I just want my poems to reach a greater audience.

I remember one rainy day of April;
 You and I went on a trip.
Your hair were flying with the spring breeze.
Mine were tied in a clip.
 There was a permanent smile on your face,
And We laughed throughout the rainy day.
We crossed strange villages and towns, Everything was so drenched, so gray.
 But the color of bougainvillea, still popped out. And the spirit in our souls was still so gay.
We were on our way to the river,
 But it was flooded, and it rained.
So we headed to a garden,
 And till sunset, in that merry place, we remained. Clouds flew away,
And there blew a chilly breeze
 The green of the grass was even greener,
 Ripe oranges hung on trees.
We walked on this pretty path,
After having tea.
I held your hand in mine,
As we walked below the shade of trees.
And you said “Stay here till May,
Stay with me another month, please”
 But like those clouds left,
I knew I must leave too.
 we did not think a lot of parting,
For we were holding each other,
and watching the perfect view.
 The sunset beyond those hills,
 It turned the sky enchanting with its hue.
 Yet parting is inevitable, and it came.
 I left in the morning, without wishing goodbye to you.
We were separated by many miles, But bonded by 31st April's perfect view.