Indecisive point

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The school life a baggage to bear
That breaks me down ever
Though I try anything to care
There upon sets the spirit of failure
Whenever I am alone in bed
Which has become my only win,
Wise things do I scrape out of me mind
Worrying of whence to help me
If I got money in plenty
While still a student
Indeed, would I leave school?
Whirls a thought I ponder
Well, coming to my senses
What would I do with it?
Wasting the money, I wouldn’t
Would there be any gain?
Starting a business out of question
Since I need adult documents
Such as the I.D. and certificates
Should I give up then?
Taking it to the bank for saving
To await till my old age
Tis a foolish thing to do
Totally am I helpless?
But still I am adamant
Since learning holds less for me
By and by I would collect ideas
Slinging them gradually till a success
So money cometh!