Leave me unborn

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Mummy and daddy, please don’t
Just don’t do it I beg thee
I know it is sweet to you, but,
Just leave me unborn

It is dark and lonesome in here
And the air is suffocating
But I don’t want the glare and stare
Of the big in the sky

The voices in my head bore
And the voices from afar scare
But leave me in silence, golden
In thoughts deep and primal

My legs are small and weak
My hands puny and tiny
But who wants to be a hulk
To blunder in the wild land

The air is stale and scarce
Too little for my diminutive lungs
But I don’t want to breathe
And be a slave to it!

My heart beats…
Just a dollop of life per beat!
But a rush will leave me in a sweat
With adrenaline running all amok

And I really fear, my parents
The dreaded punishment of life
The sting of the midwife slap
To tear my lungs in a cry!