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Longtime writer with twelve books in publication. Three of them Poetry. : The Death Of The Playground : The Sword Of Ichiban : Searching For Crazy Horse : Darkening Sun : An Anthology Of Perception-Vol's 1 & 2 : After Midnight : Sammy And Bumpers : The Fall City Mandate : Revenge Along The War Trail : Death from The Sky

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List of poems by Kurt philip Behm 3,605 total

Gabriel's Horn 578 ViewsRate it
Never A Question 459 ViewsRate it
Drifting Away
 445 ViewsRate it
Now Open The Door 442 ViewsRate it
My Dying Rage 437 ViewsRate it
Depravity's Eye 436 ViewsRate it
Forever Wondering Why
 433 ViewsRate it
The Pain I Own 427 ViewsRate it
Fates Retort
 423 ViewsRate it
At Ease And Unfurled
 422 ViewsRate it
Rejecting Your Fear 419 ViewsRate it
Making Love To The Muse
 418 ViewsRate it
Now As Then 417 ViewsRate it
A Hollowed Out Tree 415 ViewsRate it
 412 ViewsRate it
Through The Frost
 410 ViewsRate it
Watching The Calendar Turn
 410 ViewsRate it
No Longer Store Bought
 409 ViewsRate it
The Time Is Near
 409 ViewsRate it
If Only
 409 ViewsRate it
Eavesdropping On Myself
 407 ViewsRate it
The Prison Within 402 ViewsRate it
Lazy Susan Blues
 401 ViewsRate it
This Message I Send
 400 ViewsRate it
Death Never Quells
 400 ViewsRate it
The Earth Cracked
 399 ViewsRate it
To Finish Her Song 398 ViewsRate it
A Crest Ablaze
 397 ViewsRate it
The Mask
 396 ViewsRate it
The Eighth Gone Astray 394 ViewsRate it
Do You Bore Yourself 392 ViewsRate it
Unoriginal Sin
 391 ViewsRate it
Praying For Light
 390 ViewsRate it
Destiny Marked 390 ViewsRate it
Only As Sacred 388 ViewsRate it
A Voice Deep Inside Me 387 ViewsRate it
Catching My Words 384 ViewsRate it
Threatening Kobold 384 ViewsRate it
I Kneel And I Pray 384 ViewsRate it
Myself Revealed 383 ViewsRate it
Walking The Line
 382 ViewsRate it
 381 ViewsRate it
Together They Stand
 380 ViewsRate it
Their Power To Steal 378 ViewsRate it
Whom Could It Be 377 ViewsRate it
Heaven And Hell
 376 ViewsRate it
Fear Stalks The Night
 376 ViewsRate it
Crossing Over & Looking Back
 375 ViewsRate it
My Faith Will Move On 372 ViewsRate it
The Feast
 371 ViewsRate it
Now Fly Within
 370 ViewsRate it
Verses Deboned
 370 ViewsRate it
 368 ViewsRate it
Steve Jobs (The Inhumanity Of Perfection) 367 ViewsRate it
Unbaptized Inside Us
 367 ViewsRate it
Two Warriors 366 ViewsRate it
Sacrificial Hymn
 366 ViewsRate it
Caught By The Word 366 ViewsRate it
A Legacy Was Planted
 365 ViewsRate it
To Guide Me Within
 365 ViewsRate it
Open Fields 365 ViewsRate it
The Last Cut
 364 ViewsRate it
Can You 363 ViewsRate it
Last Orphan Of The Truth
 363 ViewsRate it
Free Of Its Stain
 362 ViewsRate it
The Past And Future Have Died 359 ViewsRate it
In Virtue I Sin 358 ViewsRate it
When The Words Won't Come (Blues Poem #13) 356 ViewsRate it
A Softer Rhyme 355 ViewsRate it
Wen The Ink Still Runs
 355 ViewsRate it
Your Soul's Release
 354 ViewsRate it
Blues Poem #11 353 ViewsRate it
Forgiveness For Less 351 ViewsRate it
Will The Present Forget 350 ViewsRate it
A Hell Upon Earth
 350 ViewsRate it
The Water Now Ice
 350 ViewsRate it
To Carry Me Home
 349 ViewsRate it
Only A Poet 349 ViewsRate it
The Moment Self Taught
 348 ViewsRate it
My Faith In Season
 348 ViewsRate it
When The Fates Allow 347 ViewsRate it
Ashes Bemired
 347 ViewsRate it
This Present Mine To Own
 346 ViewsRate it
For All To Share 345 ViewsRate it
Something For Pyotr
 345 ViewsRate it
How 344 ViewsRate it
Your Spirit Bereft 341 ViewsRate it
The Serpent Is Dead
 337 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Throne 335 ViewsRate it
Last Bet 334 ViewsRate it
The Twilight Reclaimed
 333 ViewsRate it
All Scepters Disowned
 333 ViewsRate it
Potpourri Babycakes 332 ViewsRate it
Are You
 331 ViewsRate it
At Your Spirits Behest
 331 ViewsRate it
No More Could I Seek
 330 ViewsRate it
Deaths Twins
 330 ViewsRate it
Heaven Or Hell
 330 ViewsRate it
Distant Thunder
 329 ViewsRate it
Legacy Still Unheard 327 ViewsRate it
Ashes Sing
 327 ViewsRate it
The Thread
 326 ViewsRate it
At Any Cost 326 ViewsRate it
Summer 1962 'The Time Of His Life 325 ViewsRate it
The Next Moonless Night 324 ViewsRate it
Ain't That The Blues 323 ViewsRate it
Curses Abort
 322 ViewsRate it
They've Stolen Your Song 320 ViewsRate it
The End In Sight
 315 ViewsRate it
Before Starting Again 315 ViewsRate it
Life 314 ViewsRate it
Headstone Of Sorrow
 311 ViewsRate it
The Fountain 310 ViewsRate it
The Last Mark
 310 ViewsRate it
Welcoming Hymn
 309 ViewsRate it
One Present 309 ViewsRate it
The Claiming Race 308 ViewsRate it
Whisper & Scream
 306 ViewsRate it
Love On The Run
 306 ViewsRate it
Free And Atoned 305 ViewsRate it
A = c 304 ViewsRate it
Not Half-Not Whole 304 ViewsRate it
Would I Trade The Words
 303 ViewsRate it
A Terminal Unknown 302 ViewsRate it
Your Spirit To Claim
 302 ViewsRate it
Your Eyes Still Closed 300 ViewsRate it
The Wages Of Sin
 299 ViewsRate it
Adrift In the Wind
 299 ViewsRate it
The Treadmill 298 ViewsRate it
Try To Be Smart 296 ViewsRate it
The Present Looms
 296 ViewsRate it
That Tux In Your Mind 294 ViewsRate it
Last Blaze 294 ViewsRate it
Heaven Waits (Blues Poem #15)
 293 ViewsRate it
Last Goodbye
 292 ViewsRate it
Grief To Go 290 ViewsRate it
An Ending That Rhymes
 290 ViewsRate it
 288 ViewsRate it
The Mountains Pull
 288 ViewsRate it
When—Now 287 ViewsRate it
Divinity's Hymn
 287 ViewsRate it
Passion Like Tinder
 285 ViewsRate it
The Serpent Is Dead
 285 ViewsRate it
Only My Words
 285 ViewsRate it
Free Again
 284 ViewsRate it
Until Last Night 283 ViewsRate it
Those Letters Unspared
 283 ViewsRate it
Hunted By A Lie 283 ViewsRate it
The Moment Demands
 283 ViewsRate it
Home 282 ViewsRate it
My Words - Hemingway To Gertrude Stein 282 ViewsRate it
Perversion 281 ViewsRate it
Dying To Be Free
 281 ViewsRate it
The Fire They Share
 278 ViewsRate it
A Lone Daffodil
 276 ViewsRate it
The Last Chant
 274 ViewsRate it
 273 ViewsRate it
What They'll Never Escape 271 ViewsRate it
The Verse Now safe 270 ViewsRate it
The Rind
 270 ViewsRate it
More Than A Cellphone 270 ViewsRate it
To Be Alone 265 ViewsRate it
Where Memories Can Run
 265 ViewsRate it
Catching My Words 263 ViewsRate it
The Seasons Meld
 263 ViewsRate it
Bastard Of Time
 261 ViewsRate it
Only For You
 256 ViewsRate it
In Truth I Lack 255 ViewsRate it
Chevalier 253 ViewsRate it
'Goodbye' 253 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Teapot
 251 ViewsRate it
Now Due 248 ViewsRate it
Each dance
 247 ViewsRate it
The False Rapture
 242 ViewsRate it
Transformed Divine 242 ViewsRate it
 241 ViewsRate it
Whose Words meant All 240 ViewsRate it
Pulling Away
 240 ViewsRate it
I'm Tired
 237 ViewsRate it
First Breath
 236 ViewsRate it
Life Or Death
 236 ViewsRate it
New Voices
 233 ViewsRate it
Each Stroke Of The Hand 231 ViewsRate it
The Present Instilled 231 ViewsRate it
New Storms
 231 ViewsRate it
Art's Greatest Gift
 231 ViewsRate it
Farther Than Near 229 ViewsRate it
Is Your Area Born Alone 229 ViewsRate it
To Bless And To Guide
 229 ViewsRate it
To My Grandmother 228 ViewsRate it
In Search Of My Own 227 ViewsRate it
A Viking Crest Ablaze
 225 ViewsRate it
Gabriel Calls
 224 ViewsRate it
Last Moment To Burn
 224 ViewsRate it
Whose Wound Reveals
 223 ViewsRate it
Are You Living Now 222 ViewsRate it
Lies To Withstand 222 ViewsRate it
At Bay 222 ViewsRate it
Beyond Time Allowed
 222 ViewsRate it
To Confess And Reveal 222 ViewsRate it
Life Or Death
 221 ViewsRate it
No Turning Back
 218 ViewsRate it
What Kind Of Love 217 ViewsRate it
The Future Ablaze 216 ViewsRate it
In The Dark 213 ViewsRate it
Transcendental Lullaby
 212 ViewsRate it
Re-Armored 212 ViewsRate it
Seraph's Delight 212 ViewsRate it
Prisoner Of Disguise 210 ViewsRate it
Twin Pillars 209 ViewsRate it
Grandfather's Divorce
 208 ViewsRate it
101-401 207 ViewsRate it
Dreams Neatly Stacked
 207 ViewsRate it
Orphaned Silent
 207 ViewsRate it
My Back To The Light 207 ViewsRate it
Far Better (Blues Poem #18)
 206 ViewsRate it
His Destiny Wed 206 ViewsRate it
Demon Lie Exposed
 206 ViewsRate it
The Knife Edge Of Denial 206 ViewsRate it
New Questions Found 206 ViewsRate it
Anonymity 205 ViewsRate it
Open Fields 204 ViewsRate it
What Drives Me Still 203 ViewsRate it
My Searching Begins
 202 ViewsRate it
And Nothing At All
 201 ViewsRate it
Our Heritage Dies
 201 ViewsRate it
That Place I Wander 200 ViewsRate it
Dumbstruck 200 ViewsRate it
Audience Of One 199 ViewsRate it
'Sit Divinum' 199 ViewsRate it
All Promise Gone 198 ViewsRate it
Musings Reborn 197 ViewsRate it
Fated To Go
 196 ViewsRate it
Beyond Her Shield
 195 ViewsRate it
Three Messages 194 ViewsRate it
Hard Won 194 ViewsRate it
Fate's Retort
 194 ViewsRate it
Now As Before
 193 ViewsRate it
The Puppeteers Strings
 193 ViewsRate it
That Voice Inside
 192 ViewsRate it
The Island & The Cloud 190 ViewsRate it
The Raindrops Turn
 189 ViewsRate it
My Spirit Enthroned
 189 ViewsRate it
No More - No Less 189 ViewsRate it
Heaven & Hell
 189 ViewsRate it
Beauty Fraught
 188 ViewsRate it
My Legacy Planted
 188 ViewsRate it
Life 188 ViewsRate it
Two Thoughts For 10-18-2018
 187 ViewsRate it
Freedom's Hope Denied 187 ViewsRate it
Feeling Beyond
 187 ViewsRate it
 187 ViewsRate it
Emotional Correctness 187 ViewsRate it
To My Beloved Daughter Melissa (On Your 40th Birthday)
 185 ViewsRate it
If The Moment Repeats
 185 ViewsRate it
Each Calling
 184 ViewsRate it
Last Step
 184 ViewsRate it
The True Meaning
 184 ViewsRate it
Cemetery Of Dreams
 184 ViewsRate it
Divinity's Hymn
 184 ViewsRate it
Master Or Ghost
 184 ViewsRate it
Divided And Split
 183 ViewsRate it
Only My Words
 183 ViewsRate it
"I Baptize Thee..."
 182 ViewsRate it
The Only Thing We Trust 182 ViewsRate it
Just A Writer 181 ViewsRate it
 181 ViewsRate it
The Next Moonless Night 180 ViewsRate it
Twilight Reclaimed
 180 ViewsRate it
No Dreams Allowed 180 ViewsRate it
Now—Then 178 ViewsRate it
The Present Instilled 178 ViewsRate it
Ancient Voices 177 ViewsRate it
The 4th Dimension
 177 ViewsRate it
Nothing More
 177 ViewsRate it
Drifting Away
 176 ViewsRate it
That Final Breath
 176 ViewsRate it
Children Of The Damned
 174 ViewsRate it
Two Warriors 174 ViewsRate it
The Promise 174 ViewsRate it
A Timeless Path
 174 ViewsRate it
Old Hunger
 173 ViewsRate it
No More Could I Seek
 173 ViewsRate it
Hell Upon Earth
 173 ViewsRate it
Your Soul's Release
 173 ViewsRate it
What Darkness Brings
 172 ViewsRate it
An Ever Changing Tide 171 ViewsRate it
The Gathering Dust
 171 ViewsRate it
Wanting Only To Rhyme
 171 ViewsRate it
Darkening Sun 171 ViewsRate it
Buried In The Coals
 170 ViewsRate it
Truth Bleeding Free 170 ViewsRate it
Rhyme, Rhythm & Song
 170 ViewsRate it
Together To Stand
 169 ViewsRate it
Your Lifeless Form 169 ViewsRate it
No Ink From Within 168 ViewsRate it
Love Disowned
 168 ViewsRate it
Waiting For Me To Reach Again
 167 ViewsRate it
Lost In Dismay
 167 ViewsRate it
The Lie
 166 ViewsRate it
Words Unspoken
 166 ViewsRate it
Before His Throne
 166 ViewsRate it
A Vow To Myself 165 ViewsRate it
It's Harder
 165 ViewsRate it
Trailing Behind 164 ViewsRate it
Our Presents Lay
 163 ViewsRate it
Destiny Wed
 163 ViewsRate it
No Place To Hide
 162 ViewsRate it
Words You Will Find
 161 ViewsRate it
To Ignite And Amaze
 160 ViewsRate it
Unoriginal Sin
 160 ViewsRate it
The Mask
 159 ViewsRate it
To Finish Her Song 159 ViewsRate it
Half Way To Memphis
 158 ViewsRate it
Emergence Sublime
 158 ViewsRate it
Power For Sale 157 ViewsRate it
Nighttime Has Answered 156 ViewsRate it
The Search 156 ViewsRate it
Turned Into Song 156 ViewsRate it
Wings To My Flight 156 ViewsRate it
Waiting For Time
 155 ViewsRate it
No Words Left 155 ViewsRate it
Threatening Kobold 154 ViewsRate it
To Forever Amend
 152 ViewsRate it
Forever To Shine 151 ViewsRate it
Last Orphan
 151 ViewsRate it
A Melody Of Sages
 151 ViewsRate it
Silent Night
 151 ViewsRate it
Would You
 149 ViewsRate it
Beyond His View
 149 ViewsRate it
A Different Whole
 149 ViewsRate it
Drawers Of My Memory
 148 ViewsRate it
Hawks Into Doves 147 ViewsRate it
The Formless Question
 146 ViewsRate it
My Destiny Within
 146 ViewsRate it
Beyond A Future Heaven Loaned 145 ViewsRate it
Black Diamond Embrace
 145 ViewsRate it
Deep Within 145 ViewsRate it
A Journey Sublime
 143 ViewsRate it
Imperfectly To Song 143 ViewsRate it
Day Into Night 142 ViewsRate it
Don't Bother To Ask 141 ViewsRate it
A Wish Now On Loan
 141 ViewsRate it
Not Fully Shorn 141 ViewsRate it
Ashes In The Past
 141 ViewsRate it
A Melody Unsung
 140 ViewsRate it
Cold And Never Hot 140 ViewsRate it
Its Treasure Calls 140 ViewsRate it
Waiting For An Epiphany 139 ViewsRate it
Reach Out With Your Spirit
 139 ViewsRate it
Out Of Sight 138 ViewsRate it
1972 'Nittany Mountain' Ladies Choice 138 ViewsRate it
Thank You Lord
 137 ViewsRate it
The Dreams Of The Soldier
 137 ViewsRate it
Zombie Madness 137 ViewsRate it
A Certain Death 137 ViewsRate it
No Longer Store Bought
 137 ViewsRate it
To Create With Your Heart 137 ViewsRate it
Truth Exploding Once Again 136 ViewsRate it
The Lost Room
 136 ViewsRate it
Emily Was An Aberration 136 ViewsRate it
Lost Inferno 136 ViewsRate it
 136 ViewsRate it
Patience 136 ViewsRate it
Refusing To Play 136 ViewsRate it
Temptation Blind 135 ViewsRate it
Forgotten Lord
 135 ViewsRate it
A Blind Eye 135 ViewsRate it
All Time Is Now
 135 ViewsRate it
Literate Quicksand 135 ViewsRate it
All Wonder Returned 135 ViewsRate it
New Words 135 ViewsRate it
The Future To Share 135 ViewsRate it
Death Calls 135 ViewsRate it
Without—Within 135 ViewsRate it
That Voice Who Calls
 135 ViewsRate it
Wittgenstein Was Right 135 ViewsRate it
It Was All Of That
 134 ViewsRate it
Oh, Mr. President
 134 ViewsRate it
A Warrior's Chant
 134 ViewsRate it
Times Refusal
 134 ViewsRate it
My Last Etesian
 134 ViewsRate it
The Circle Unbroken 134 ViewsRate it
To Guide And Delight
 134 ViewsRate it
Ode To The Husky Clipper 133 ViewsRate it
Winning So
 133 ViewsRate it
Hope 133 ViewsRate it
You Will Or Will Not 132 ViewsRate it
The Title
 132 ViewsRate it
By Morning You Were Gone
 132 ViewsRate it
If 132 ViewsRate it
Your Spirit Freed Within 132 ViewsRate it
There I Made My Church
 132 ViewsRate it
Falsehoods You Endear
 132 ViewsRate it
The Truth Bleeds 131 ViewsRate it
A High Flying Cloud
 131 ViewsRate it
 131 ViewsRate it
Lost Bondage 131 ViewsRate it
To Herself Alone 131 ViewsRate it
Like A Child
 131 ViewsRate it
Reentering 131 ViewsRate it
Last Second Chance
 131 ViewsRate it
The Stars
 131 ViewsRate it
Deaf To Your Chosen Lord 130 ViewsRate it
Apathy 130 ViewsRate it
Then And Now 130 ViewsRate it
Whose River Both Endows
 130 ViewsRate it
Last Mirage
 130 ViewsRate it
The Voice Distant
 130 ViewsRate it
Divinity Chosen
 130 ViewsRate it
Unfamiliar Ground
 130 ViewsRate it
The Treasure Of My Soul
 129 ViewsRate it
Scars Of Experience 129 ViewsRate it
World War 1
 129 ViewsRate it
The Tears Of A Warrior 129 ViewsRate it
A Fait Accompli 129 ViewsRate it
The Cloak Of Forgiveness 129 ViewsRate it
Jailer To This Dream 129 ViewsRate it
Salvation Besought 129 ViewsRate it
Wings Of A Prayer 129 ViewsRate it
For Papa 129 ViewsRate it
Truth Or Lie
 129 ViewsRate it
Audience Of One 129 ViewsRate it
Hear Then Speak 129 ViewsRate it
Pretium Amoris
 129 ViewsRate it
Reborn 128 ViewsRate it
John's Ode 128 ViewsRate it
Different Masks 128 ViewsRate it
Separation Profound 128 ViewsRate it
To Save Today
 128 ViewsRate it
Raging Tiger 128 ViewsRate it
Only For Itself 128 ViewsRate it
Left To Spew 128 ViewsRate it
Living Unclaimed
 127 ViewsRate it
To Change One Word 127 ViewsRate it
Too Close - Too Far 127 ViewsRate it
His Riches Claimed
 127 ViewsRate it
Symbiotic Abound 127 ViewsRate it
Duplicity 127 ViewsRate it
Once The Present Has Died 127 ViewsRate it
The Debt
 127 ViewsRate it
Armageddon 127 ViewsRate it
Something For Gregg
 127 ViewsRate it
Naked Joy 127 ViewsRate it
Those Words Evermore
 126 ViewsRate it
Salvation Divine
 126 ViewsRate it
Caterpillars Delight
 126 ViewsRate it
Ink Into Wine 126 ViewsRate it
The One Who Took Away My pain
 125 ViewsRate it
Oh, Mr. President
 125 ViewsRate it
Never Destitute
 125 ViewsRate it
Catalysts Of The Soul 125 ViewsRate it
The Jester On The Throne 125 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow's Dream 125 ViewsRate it
Adieu 125 ViewsRate it
To Adorn 125 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Gleam
 125 ViewsRate it
Bounty Of Hell 125 ViewsRate it
Money And Blood 125 ViewsRate it
At The Gate 125 ViewsRate it
To Live On
 124 ViewsRate it
If I Don't 124 ViewsRate it
New Millenniums Curse 124 ViewsRate it
With Heart Aglow
 124 ViewsRate it
Time Deposed 124 ViewsRate it
Muted Sirens 124 ViewsRate it
No Candy This Year
 124 ViewsRate it
Transcendence Waits 124 ViewsRate it
The Dark Abyss 123 ViewsRate it
Marooned 123 ViewsRate it
One Day Beyond Mourning
 123 ViewsRate it
My Crutch
 123 ViewsRate it
Nothing But Pretend 123 ViewsRate it
Fresh Promise
 123 ViewsRate it
Oh 123 ViewsRate it
Next Station 123 ViewsRate it
For Augustus
 123 ViewsRate it
Deafened To Hear 123 ViewsRate it
Together As One
 123 ViewsRate it
Feelings Attack
 123 ViewsRate it
A New Moment 123 ViewsRate it
The Deepest Well 123 ViewsRate it
Unbranded 123 ViewsRate it
In Time That Matters
 122 ViewsRate it
Lunacy's Bliss 122 ViewsRate it
A Million Dead Blades 122 ViewsRate it
 121 ViewsRate it
Lady Liberty Mourns
 121 ViewsRate it
The Fires Glow
 121 ViewsRate it
Setting It Free 121 ViewsRate it
The Lost Pen
 121 ViewsRate it
Damnation Still Unrhymed
 121 ViewsRate it
Is Anyone 120 ViewsRate it
Ink That Doesn't Run 120 ViewsRate it
To Capture And Know 120 ViewsRate it
The Future Nondescript 120 ViewsRate it
Promises Kept
 120 ViewsRate it
Portrait Of The Artist As An Old Man
 120 ViewsRate it
To Rene
 119 ViewsRate it
New Melody To Learn 119 ViewsRate it
Calling Inward
 119 ViewsRate it
A Present Now Unfelt
 119 ViewsRate it
Now Mine To Keep
 119 ViewsRate it
One Kiss 119 ViewsRate it
The Answers Rebuffed 119 ViewsRate it
Defiled And Lost
 119 ViewsRate it
Deception 119 ViewsRate it
To Forever Portend
 119 ViewsRate it
Words Of My Reluctance 119 ViewsRate it
To Call From Within 119 ViewsRate it
Love Takes A Bow 118 ViewsRate it
My Present Spins
 118 ViewsRate it
Your Original Sin
 118 ViewsRate it
4 Words 118 ViewsRate it
To Will...
 118 ViewsRate it
A Haven Safe 118 ViewsRate it
Truth Turning Black 118 ViewsRate it
Silence Unheard 117 ViewsRate it
A Garden Unspoiled 117 ViewsRate it
The 50 Dollar A Day Poet 117 ViewsRate it
Is Anyone 117 ViewsRate it
Its Tears
 117 ViewsRate it
Trophies On The Road 117 ViewsRate it
Crazy Horse Calls
 117 ViewsRate it
Until Then—Nothing Lost
 116 ViewsRate it
An Artists Prayer 116 ViewsRate it
Reborn A Poet 115 ViewsRate it
The Muse Awakens 115 ViewsRate it
Dark Knight 115 ViewsRate it
A Headstone Forever Blank 115 ViewsRate it
All Kindled Lies Afire
 115 ViewsRate it
New Whispers 115 ViewsRate it
Defon Zero 115 ViewsRate it
Chasing My Voice 115 ViewsRate it
Once The Circle Breaks Out 115 ViewsRate it
Damned Human Race
 115 ViewsRate it
Eternity Says 114 ViewsRate it
Will We Ever Learn 114 ViewsRate it
Deceptively Bright 114 ViewsRate it
The Future To the Past 114 ViewsRate it
All Eternity Unknown 114 ViewsRate it
Eternity Set Free 114 ViewsRate it
Too Late 114 ViewsRate it
My Spirit Unbound 114 ViewsRate it
Present To Sharpen
 114 ViewsRate it
Final Torch 114 ViewsRate it
I Hate
 113 ViewsRate it
Till Our Wishes ... 113 ViewsRate it
What Souls Hope To Find
 113 ViewsRate it
Perfection Born 113 ViewsRate it
Whose Blood 113 ViewsRate it
The Lions Roar
 113 ViewsRate it
All Heaven For An Ear
 113 ViewsRate it
Heaven Only Knows
 113 ViewsRate it
The Warrior Poet
 113 ViewsRate it
My Heart Now Rests 113 ViewsRate it
Blues Poem #10 113 ViewsRate it
Truth Flowing Free
 113 ViewsRate it
Slave To fashion 112 ViewsRate it
If We Were Young Men
 112 ViewsRate it
Veracity Returned 112 ViewsRate it
Angelic Skies
 112 ViewsRate it
Light In A Bend 112 ViewsRate it
One Well 112 ViewsRate it
Mortgaged Dreams 112 ViewsRate it
That Horse 112 ViewsRate it
Transfusion's Masquerade
 112 ViewsRate it
Couplets On Fire 112 ViewsRate it
Renamed 112 ViewsRate it
Zion National Park 112 ViewsRate it
The Last Hospice 111 ViewsRate it
Just Because
 111 ViewsRate it
The Three Levels Of Accomplishment 111 ViewsRate it
Sentence Long 111 ViewsRate it
Moon Walk 111 ViewsRate it
An Angels Hymn 111 ViewsRate it
One Rock 111 ViewsRate it
Exposed 111 ViewsRate it
A Twisted Flow 111 ViewsRate it
The Devil At The Gate 110 ViewsRate it
An Ode To Teddy 110 ViewsRate it
The Choice 110 ViewsRate it
Or Turn You Out 110 ViewsRate it
Toll Mine To Pay
 110 ViewsRate it
The Last Setting Sun
 110 ViewsRate it
God's Tracks
 109 ViewsRate it
One More Tomorrow
 109 ViewsRate it
Her Power Accused 109 ViewsRate it
A Changing Stew
 109 ViewsRate it
Kiai Fire 109 ViewsRate it
To Redeem 109 ViewsRate it
The Other Side
 109 ViewsRate it
Dark Knight 108 ViewsRate it
To Rage And Roar 108 ViewsRate it
Only A Dream
 108 ViewsRate it
Blessed To Begin
 108 ViewsRate it
Destroying The Gift 108 ViewsRate it
Dreaming Of Elko 108 ViewsRate it
Fates Arrow
 108 ViewsRate it
Night Guardian 108 ViewsRate it
One Chance 108 ViewsRate it
Dream Weaver 108 ViewsRate it
Through The Doorway I Was Shown 107 ViewsRate it
All Princes In Their Rooks 107 ViewsRate it
The Muse on vacation, all thoughts have gone slack
 107 ViewsRate it
On Spoken Wings 106 ViewsRate it
Another's Wind To Blow
 106 ViewsRate it
Until Salvation Lost 106 ViewsRate it
 106 ViewsRate it
Our Gateway 106 ViewsRate it
New Beginning 106 ViewsRate it
Eyes-Heart 106 ViewsRate it
One Memory 106 ViewsRate it
Can You - Will You 106 ViewsRate it
A Sacrilege 105 ViewsRate it
Exposed 105 ViewsRate it
Words 105 ViewsRate it
Wanting Only To Rhyme
 105 ViewsRate it
Another's Wasted Dream
 105 ViewsRate it
Our Future Imperiled 105 ViewsRate it
Palette Free
 105 ViewsRate it
 105 ViewsRate it
The Toll 105 ViewsRate it
Forever Wet 105 ViewsRate it
La Verdad 105 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Torch 105 ViewsRate it
Eternity's Glow 104 ViewsRate it
Blood That Woudn't Yield
 104 ViewsRate it
Twilight Devours 104 ViewsRate it
Blues Speak 104 ViewsRate it
Behind The Mask 104 ViewsRate it
Triumph Or Die 104 ViewsRate it
The Muse Unrehearsed 104 ViewsRate it
Time's Sultan Of Doom
 104 ViewsRate it
Turning Me Back Around 103 ViewsRate it
All Travelers Within 103 ViewsRate it
Swan Song 103 ViewsRate it
Gargouille Dispersed
 103 ViewsRate it
Once Denied 103 ViewsRate it
Eternity Has Its Say
 102 ViewsRate it
The Altar Of Love 102 ViewsRate it
Borrow & Steal 102 ViewsRate it
You? 102 ViewsRate it
Suture Unknown 102 ViewsRate it
Not Hard Nor Fast 102 ViewsRate it
The Deep Emptiness
 102 ViewsRate it
Envy Is A Curse 101 ViewsRate it
Language Denied 101 ViewsRate it
Only One Past 101 ViewsRate it
With Time
 101 ViewsRate it
Fire Still Burns
 101 ViewsRate it
Still To Run 101 ViewsRate it
My Laura-Within
 101 ViewsRate it
Last Curtain To Fall
 101 ViewsRate it
Naked Before The Mob 101 ViewsRate it
My Heart Bleeds 100 ViewsRate it
When The Feelings Are Polished 100 ViewsRate it
Love's Denial 100 ViewsRate it
False Hope Again 100 ViewsRate it
To My Great Grandchildren
 100 ViewsRate it
The Ultimate Choice 100 ViewsRate it
Into Their Hands
 100 ViewsRate it
The Dance
 100 ViewsRate it
Waiting For Dawn
 100 ViewsRate it
Hiding A Nightmare
 99 ViewsRate it
Asked—Unanswered 99 ViewsRate it
A Light Now Shines 99 ViewsRate it
Opening Poem To My New Novel: 'Death From The Sky' 99 ViewsRate it
Change 99 ViewsRate it
Lying There Alone
 99 ViewsRate it
Veracious To Lay 99 ViewsRate it
War 98 ViewsRate it
Those Quiet Blamed 98 ViewsRate it
Salvation Burned 98 ViewsRate it
With Terminal Power
 98 ViewsRate it
All Heaven In Sight
 98 ViewsRate it
The Other Side
 98 ViewsRate it
To Ken Kesey & Neal Cassady 98 ViewsRate it
The Moment At Hand 97 ViewsRate it
Into The Night
 97 ViewsRate it
The Truth Commands
 97 ViewsRate it
Spirit Imbued
 97 ViewsRate it
 97 ViewsRate it
First Cut The Deepest
 97 ViewsRate it
The Master Of Time 97 ViewsRate it
Fading To Nothingness 97 ViewsRate it
$$$$$$ 97 ViewsRate it
My Thoughts And Prayers—Thine
 96 ViewsRate it
Sleeping With The Muse
 96 ViewsRate it
Centered Return 96 ViewsRate it
Into the Light 96 ViewsRate it
Smoke & Mirrors 96 ViewsRate it
Damnation Defined 96 ViewsRate it
What happens Now 96 ViewsRate it
All Verses Called Back 96 ViewsRate it
In The Morning You Were Gone
 95 ViewsRate it
First Poem 95 ViewsRate it
Do You 95 ViewsRate it
Death Becomes Me
 95 ViewsRate it
One Choice 95 ViewsRate it
Debt Cancelled 95 ViewsRate it
The Tracks Will Switch 95 ViewsRate it
Divinity 95 ViewsRate it
A Falling Tide 95 ViewsRate it
The World Turns 95 ViewsRate it
Radiant Epiphany 95 ViewsRate it
Take Heart
 95 ViewsRate it
The Wonder Of It All 94 ViewsRate it
That Lonely Road
 94 ViewsRate it
Can You Rage 94 ViewsRate it
This Light Unveils 94 ViewsRate it
Through The Keyhole Darkly 93 ViewsRate it
Eternity Waiting
 93 ViewsRate it
Its Only Cost 93 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Nearest Star 93 ViewsRate it
Indifference 93 ViewsRate it
Their Contrail 93 ViewsRate it
Twins We Pray
 93 ViewsRate it
Death Unto Itself 93 ViewsRate it
Peter Pan Aglow 93 ViewsRate it
Each Footstep Free 92 ViewsRate it
Dragons Caught 92 ViewsRate it
No, No — YES 92 ViewsRate it
Fond Memory's Child
 92 ViewsRate it
The Ink Is Calling
 92 ViewsRate it
Voices Not Your Own 92 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Sound 92 ViewsRate it
A Community Of Friends
 92 ViewsRate it
Verbal Conflict 92 ViewsRate it
Reaching Out
 91 ViewsRate it
 91 ViewsRate it
A Momentary Denial 91 ViewsRate it
Don't Look Back 91 ViewsRate it
Bringing My Shadow Home 91 ViewsRate it
To Shout Divine
 91 ViewsRate it
Dylan Is Gone
 91 ViewsRate it
She's Familiar 91 ViewsRate it
Crippled Mind 91 ViewsRate it
American Pie 91 ViewsRate it
Mightier Than The Sword 91 ViewsRate it
The Weight 91 ViewsRate it
Oxyprofanity 91 ViewsRate it
Twilight 91 ViewsRate it
The Bottom Drawer
 91 ViewsRate it
$$$$$ 91 ViewsRate it
No Candy This Year
 90 ViewsRate it
The Wolf Unleashed
 90 ViewsRate it
Voices Call Distant 90 ViewsRate it
A Lyrical Sum
 90 ViewsRate it
Zephyrus' Delight 90 ViewsRate it
A Write To the End 89 ViewsRate it
Their Messages Spurned 89 ViewsRate it
New Tracks In Search 89 ViewsRate it
Prophet Of Time
 89 ViewsRate it
1 + 1 = 1 89 ViewsRate it
Free To Roam
 89 ViewsRate it
Higher Ground
 89 ViewsRate it
And Your Eyes Close Again 88 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Self
 88 ViewsRate it
This Moment Now 88 ViewsRate it
Love To Recompose
 88 ViewsRate it
That Voice You Hear
 88 ViewsRate it
Youth 87 ViewsRate it
Golden Hair
 87 ViewsRate it
Within The Moment 87 ViewsRate it
Values Time Withstood
 87 ViewsRate it
Moment's Left Unfelt 87 ViewsRate it
The Reckoning 87 ViewsRate it
Unto End
 87 ViewsRate it
Further I Must Go
 87 ViewsRate it
The Beginning More Important.... 87 ViewsRate it
An Echo Divine
 87 ViewsRate it
Each Day 87 ViewsRate it
"No Man Is An Island"
 87 ViewsRate it
From Death Set Me Free
 86 ViewsRate it
The Eternal Disconnect 86 ViewsRate it
Poetic Dyslexia 86 ViewsRate it
Only He 86 ViewsRate it
New Memories Rehearse
 86 ViewsRate it
To Bind Us Evermore 86 ViewsRate it
Darkness And Light
 86 ViewsRate it
The Empty Bed
 86 ViewsRate it
My Past Returns 86 ViewsRate it
Twin Reality 86 ViewsRate it
 86 ViewsRate it
Essentia Omnis
 86 ViewsRate it
Salvations Regret 85 ViewsRate it
Its Memory Anchors Still 85 ViewsRate it
Power Infects 85 ViewsRate it
Another's Contraband 85 ViewsRate it
The Miller's Stone 85 ViewsRate it
Epiphanous Light
 85 ViewsRate it
My Soul Electric 85 ViewsRate it
The Little Things 85 ViewsRate it
Lost In Refrain
 85 ViewsRate it
A Lion Chases
 85 ViewsRate it
Shakespearian Poison 84 ViewsRate it
No Dishonor Or Shame
 84 ViewsRate it
In Lament Of The Cowboy
 84 ViewsRate it
What Conscience Is To Shame 84 ViewsRate it
Barred From Sight 84 ViewsRate it
A Suture 84 ViewsRate it
Yet To Plow 83 ViewsRate it
Reward & Punishment
 83 ViewsRate it
Turning Darkness To Light 83 ViewsRate it
Nuptials 83 ViewsRate it
The Verse Zero-Sum 83 ViewsRate it
The Myth Of Fame 83 ViewsRate it
Singularity 83 ViewsRate it
Last Words 83 ViewsRate it
Heaven Waits
 83 ViewsRate it
Hope 82 ViewsRate it
Fried Oysters
 82 ViewsRate it
Scented Feelings 82 ViewsRate it
So Hard Undefined 82 ViewsRate it
Song From The Mountaintop
 82 ViewsRate it
One Word Of Hope
 82 ViewsRate it
All Faith Now Within
 82 ViewsRate it
The Cook May Go Home
 82 ViewsRate it
The Fire Of Your Love
 82 ViewsRate it
My Last Breath 82 ViewsRate it
Truth To Thaw
 82 ViewsRate it
God To Reject
 82 ViewsRate it
New Life 82 ViewsRate it
The Great American Novel 82 ViewsRate it
To Finish This Song
 82 ViewsRate it
Soul To Repast
 82 ViewsRate it
The Final Match 82 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow, I'll Get It Right
 82 ViewsRate it
A Joy - A Curse
 81 ViewsRate it
The Leaves Turn 81 ViewsRate it
A Memory Unfound 81 ViewsRate it
Where Was Once Only Sin 81 ViewsRate it
What's In Front
 81 ViewsRate it
Is Death The Price 81 ViewsRate it
If It Ain't Worth Remembering
 81 ViewsRate it
Gabriel Calls
 80 ViewsRate it
Writing The Words 80 ViewsRate it
The Circle Is Closed 80 ViewsRate it
I Answered Back 80 ViewsRate it
The Moon Bows
 80 ViewsRate it
Moments On The Run 80 ViewsRate it
Time Will Test 79 ViewsRate it
Death Match
 79 ViewsRate it
Wild And Free
 79 ViewsRate it
His Wishing Well
 79 ViewsRate it
Until Eyes Close 79 ViewsRate it
Bonfire At The Gate 79 ViewsRate it
Bribing The Devil 79 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow's Song 79 ViewsRate it
Those Who Betray 78 ViewsRate it
On Wings Heaven Sent
 78 ViewsRate it
Exploding Epiphany 78 ViewsRate it
The Trap 78 ViewsRate it
I Shouldn't 78 ViewsRate it
A False Infinity 78 ViewsRate it
For Evermore 78 ViewsRate it
Child Of Night 78 ViewsRate it
The Last Bell
 78 ViewsRate it
Eisai 78 ViewsRate it
Wishes Still To Pray 77 ViewsRate it
The Wind Whispers Forever 77 ViewsRate it
Still They Call 77 ViewsRate it
Life Below
 77 ViewsRate it
Prisoner Of Time
 77 ViewsRate it
My Prose Will Flow 77 ViewsRate it
A Lifetime Of Searching 77 ViewsRate it
 76 ViewsRate it
At The End 76 ViewsRate it
Daylight 76 ViewsRate it
Beyond My Doubt
 76 ViewsRate it
Faith & Honor 76 ViewsRate it
The Verse Unknown 76 ViewsRate it
Forever—Yet Brief
 76 ViewsRate it
Your Heart To Own
 76 ViewsRate it
Dark Thought 76 ViewsRate it
The Only Shame
 76 ViewsRate it
Killing Me With Her Love 75 ViewsRate it
Another Spring
 75 ViewsRate it
The Darkness Is Past 75 ViewsRate it
Oracle 75 ViewsRate it
Fallback 75 ViewsRate it
Memories 74 ViewsRate it
The Contradiction Rhymed 74 ViewsRate it
Our Venomous End 74 ViewsRate it
Flashpoint 74 ViewsRate it
The Perfume Of Your Silence 74 ViewsRate it
Your Song Has Sung
 74 ViewsRate it
Uncertainties Lair
 74 ViewsRate it
Twin Fathers
 74 ViewsRate it
My Parting Wish
 74 ViewsRate it
The Cure
 74 ViewsRate it
True Worth 74 ViewsRate it
Each Moment Anew
 74 ViewsRate it
Something For Gregg
 73 ViewsRate it
When The Spirit Listens ... 73 ViewsRate it
Mount Rushmore Afternoon 73 ViewsRate it
Until The Melt Begins
 73 ViewsRate it
The Price 73 ViewsRate it
Balance Be Damned 73 ViewsRate it
The Dilettante 73 ViewsRate it
Belighted 73 ViewsRate it
Limboesque 73 ViewsRate it
Dodging The Bullet 73 ViewsRate it
With Words Untold 72 ViewsRate it
Until Daylight's Retreat 72 ViewsRate it
 72 ViewsRate it
A Whisper Then To Shout
 72 ViewsRate it
Not My Wound 72 ViewsRate it
Wisdom's Tooth 72 ViewsRate it
Both Ways 72 ViewsRate it
2008-2016 72 ViewsRate it
Dreams Now Free 72 ViewsRate it
What's Heaven Sent 72 ViewsRate it
The Talisman 72 ViewsRate it
Glory Unsung
 72 ViewsRate it
A Baby Born
 72 ViewsRate it
Walking The Line
 71 ViewsRate it
Feast From Within 71 ViewsRate it
To Live Or To Die 71 ViewsRate it
Falling Leaves
 71 ViewsRate it
Tears 71 ViewsRate it
First Bite 71 ViewsRate it
Increasing The Weight 71 ViewsRate it
Nature Flees
 71 ViewsRate it
Each Look Back 71 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow, I'll Get It Right 71 ViewsRate it
By Any Other Name... 71 ViewsRate it
To Never Forget 70 ViewsRate it
Visions Only Queen 70 ViewsRate it
Las Vegas Layoff 70 ViewsRate it
Truth Pouring Down Again 70 ViewsRate it
Treasure The Silence 70 ViewsRate it
New Space 70 ViewsRate it
The Future Spun
 70 ViewsRate it
Freed Of Sin 70 ViewsRate it
 70 ViewsRate it
Heaven Sent
 70 ViewsRate it
The Price Of Revenge 70 ViewsRate it
Opening Poem To Book 'Short Poem' 69 ViewsRate it
Real Poets 69 ViewsRate it
Less Risk Of Conjecture
 69 ViewsRate it
The Future Writhes
 69 ViewsRate it
My Path Unbroken 69 ViewsRate it
The Difference 69 ViewsRate it
In Search Of The Cream 69 ViewsRate it
Old Embers Near Extinguished
 68 ViewsRate it
Dark Genius 68 ViewsRate it
Love's Reprieve
 68 ViewsRate it
Its Magic Exposed 68 ViewsRate it
Waterfall Unknown 68 ViewsRate it
To Prowl The Night 68 ViewsRate it
Death Walks Beside 68 ViewsRate it
The Eternal Flame 68 ViewsRate it
Lakota Psalm 68 ViewsRate it
The Prison
 67 ViewsRate it
Innocence Bleeding 67 ViewsRate it
Millennial's Curse 67 ViewsRate it
Still Lost 67 ViewsRate it
Betrayed 67 ViewsRate it
The Flames Dance 67 ViewsRate it
Goodbye Laura 67 ViewsRate it
Abandoned Tears
 67 ViewsRate it
Freedom 66 ViewsRate it
House Arrest 66 ViewsRate it
The Sound Of The Piper 66 ViewsRate it
Apathy 66 ViewsRate it
Another Day 66 ViewsRate it
Thunder—Never Rain
 66 ViewsRate it
Flashpoint 66 ViewsRate it
Living On The Surface
 66 ViewsRate it
One Deep Thrust 66 ViewsRate it
The Last Bridge 66 ViewsRate it
Final Sunset Commands 66 ViewsRate it
The First Law
 66 ViewsRate it
A New Stone 66 ViewsRate it
The Eyes Of The Artist 65 ViewsRate it
The Words Fell Free 65 ViewsRate it
Your Soul To Repast
 65 ViewsRate it
Deception 65 ViewsRate it
My Spirit Zero-Sum
 65 ViewsRate it
Dreams To Live On
 65 ViewsRate it
The Burn 65 ViewsRate it
Today Grieves 65 ViewsRate it
Hidden Nightmare
 65 ViewsRate it
That Horse 65 ViewsRate it
Big Picture Tease
 65 ViewsRate it
The Cost 64 ViewsRate it
Gabriel's Horn 64 ViewsRate it
My Soul There To Shine
 64 ViewsRate it
Feeding My Soul
 64 ViewsRate it
On Whose Love 64 ViewsRate it
Perdition Assured 64 ViewsRate it
Within Her Breath 64 ViewsRate it
The Girl In The Chuck Taylor All-Stars 64 ViewsRate it
Caught 64 ViewsRate it
Through Tears 64 ViewsRate it
Coming Back 64 ViewsRate it
This Present To Last 63 ViewsRate it
A Joy To Be Treasured
 63 ViewsRate it
How Much - How Many 63 ViewsRate it
A Heart Now Taken 63 ViewsRate it
From Heaven Bought 63 ViewsRate it
Its Verses Defy 63 ViewsRate it
Ashes Cry 63 ViewsRate it
The Eyes Of A Child
 63 ViewsRate it
The Last Swan
 63 ViewsRate it
From Beginning To End
 63 ViewsRate it
The Eagles Eye 63 ViewsRate it
In My Heart Delights
 63 ViewsRate it
Harvest Of Light 63 ViewsRate it
Last Verse-Zero Sum 62 ViewsRate it
A Waterfall Unheard 62 ViewsRate it
Fire And Rain
 62 ViewsRate it
And She, My Breath Becomes 62 ViewsRate it
Our Fated Selves
 62 ViewsRate it
A Mutilated Oneness 62 ViewsRate it
Calling Me By Name
 62 ViewsRate it
My Gift
 62 ViewsRate it
Truth Renamed 62 ViewsRate it
Dogwood Goodbye
 62 ViewsRate it
New Morning 62 ViewsRate it
Your Soul To Wed
 62 ViewsRate it
Unredeemed 62 ViewsRate it
Children 61 ViewsRate it
The Key 61 ViewsRate it
If Not For The Poet 61 ViewsRate it
Heavens To Own
 61 ViewsRate it
Triage Verdad 61 ViewsRate it
In Command 61 ViewsRate it
Untamed 61 ViewsRate it
Heaven's Thunder
 61 ViewsRate it
The Truth Revealed
 61 ViewsRate it
Those Things... 61 ViewsRate it
New Moments Explode 60 ViewsRate it
The Subsequent Dawn
 60 ViewsRate it
The Fruit Without The Tree 60 ViewsRate it
Soemthing For Jimi 60 ViewsRate it
The Bricks You Lay
 60 ViewsRate it
The Light Eternal
 60 ViewsRate it
Washing Over
 60 ViewsRate it
Pitching Wedge To Hell
 60 ViewsRate it
Unto Thee
 60 ViewsRate it
 60 ViewsRate it
The Deafening 59 ViewsRate it
All Pieces Again Whole 59 ViewsRate it
A Legacy Recast
 59 ViewsRate it
The Fire Hot
 59 ViewsRate it
Unseeded 59 ViewsRate it
A Poet's Gift 59 ViewsRate it
Gale Warning 59 ViewsRate it
Straddling The Flame
 58 ViewsRate it
In The Darkness And Alone 58 ViewsRate it
Future & Past 58 ViewsRate it
The Fires Burn 58 ViewsRate it
The Liars Fjord 58 ViewsRate it
The Jilted Muse 58 ViewsRate it
Too Short To Dare 58 ViewsRate it
The Fire Now Yours 58 ViewsRate it
Angel Guardian
 58 ViewsRate it
The Coming Dawn 58 ViewsRate it
Waiting In The Cold 58 ViewsRate it
The Moment Hostage
 58 ViewsRate it
Surrendering To The Muse
 58 ViewsRate it
Until Darkness 57 ViewsRate it
Our Blood Will Drain 57 ViewsRate it
Nt For Loan 57 ViewsRate it
Time Waits 57 ViewsRate it
Convicted To Silence 57 ViewsRate it
Memories Of Le Mans
 57 ViewsRate it
Vivere Amplius 57 ViewsRate it
My Father Instilled
 57 ViewsRate it
Death Grip
 57 ViewsRate it
Setting The Ghost Free
 57 ViewsRate it
Sleep Well My Love, Goodbye
 56 ViewsRate it
Flowing Through 56 ViewsRate it
Au Contraire 56 ViewsRate it
No Longer Love Denied
 56 ViewsRate it
My Sins He Forgave
 56 ViewsRate it
Dreams Of Joy
 56 ViewsRate it
Final Wish
 56 ViewsRate it
My Soul Elektric 56 ViewsRate it
Escaping Into Verse 55 ViewsRate it
The Trail Boss Turns 60
 55 ViewsRate it
Hope Never Rests
 55 ViewsRate it
T-r-a-p-p-e-d 55 ViewsRate it
Until Night 55 ViewsRate it
Other's Fear
 54 ViewsRate it
4-Poster Rhyme 54 ViewsRate it
Gone Astray 54 ViewsRate it
Time And Again
 54 ViewsRate it
Times Ravage Beset
 54 ViewsRate it
Not A Child In Sight
 54 ViewsRate it
The Simplest Of Words 54 ViewsRate it
Waiting 54 ViewsRate it
Illusions Foray
 54 ViewsRate it
A Lakota Mother's Prayer
 54 ViewsRate it
To Light The Spoken Air
 53 ViewsRate it
To Rebegin 53 ViewsRate it
Soul Unrehearsed
 53 ViewsRate it
Juice In The Bottle 53 ViewsRate it
A Mirror
 53 ViewsRate it
Snake Eyes 53 ViewsRate it
Zero Funds 53 ViewsRate it
 53 ViewsRate it
The Twilight Haze
 52 ViewsRate it
Forever Beguiled 52 ViewsRate it
Last Poison Dart
 52 ViewsRate it
False Limits 52 ViewsRate it
Caught In The Jaws 52 ViewsRate it
Naked Before The Mob 52 ViewsRate it
Time Dispelled
 52 ViewsRate it
The Cost 51 ViewsRate it
Through The Hangman's Noose 51 ViewsRate it
The Present 51 ViewsRate it
What Only The Heart Can Feel 51 ViewsRate it
Turns To Song 51 ViewsRate it
Baptized There
 51 ViewsRate it
Morgan Freeman Got It Right 51 ViewsRate it
Is Love Forever Young 51 ViewsRate it
I Charge Within 51 ViewsRate it
Rising Again 51 ViewsRate it
Future Now Past
 51 ViewsRate it
I Am 51 ViewsRate it
Bemused 51 ViewsRate it
My Gatekeeper
 50 ViewsRate it
Children Of A Greater Dawn
 50 ViewsRate it
Calling Out Just Once
 50 ViewsRate it
Writing Checks You can't Cash
 50 ViewsRate it
Never Yours To Lose 50 ViewsRate it
Winter Comes Early
 50 ViewsRate it
Profaned 50 ViewsRate it
Wishes Whisper
 50 ViewsRate it
Fatherless And Alone
 50 ViewsRate it
Betrothed 50 ViewsRate it
On Satan's Grave
 50 ViewsRate it
Reasons Demand
 50 ViewsRate it
If We Were Young Men
 50 ViewsRate it
Stronger Winds
 50 ViewsRate it
Turning Black 49 ViewsRate it
Writing 49 ViewsRate it
Catching All 49 ViewsRate it
Into The Light 49 ViewsRate it
 49 ViewsRate it
The Best Moments 49 ViewsRate it
101 — 401 49 ViewsRate it
A Brotherhood To Share
 48 ViewsRate it
Last Verse 48 ViewsRate it
What Heaven Began 48 ViewsRate it
Maybe 48 ViewsRate it
Its Scar Now Yours To Love (Blues Poem #12) 48 ViewsRate it
The Burden 48 ViewsRate it
The Devil Called Roll 48 ViewsRate it
Forever To Know
 48 ViewsRate it
One Last Choice
 48 ViewsRate it
A Baby Cries 48 ViewsRate it
Where Thunder Begins
 47 ViewsRate it
The Prose Waits 47 ViewsRate it
Crown On Loan 47 ViewsRate it
The Greatest Harp 47 ViewsRate it
The Ending Assured 47 ViewsRate it
In Death Renewed
 47 ViewsRate it
Fait Accompli 47 ViewsRate it
 47 ViewsRate it
The Poet Of Las Vegas Boulevard 46 ViewsRate it
In Shadows Grow 46 ViewsRate it
Gravitas Without Veritas 46 ViewsRate it
New Verse Begins
 46 ViewsRate it
The 5th Season 46 ViewsRate it
Not Enough Soap 46 ViewsRate it
Spirit Runs
 46 ViewsRate it
Screaming Loud 46 ViewsRate it
This Present Adorned
 46 ViewsRate it
Its Meaning Contained
 45 ViewsRate it
Thunder To Rain
 45 ViewsRate it
All Emptiness Gone 45 ViewsRate it
The Future Proclaims 45 ViewsRate it
Thrice Denied
 45 ViewsRate it
Literal Obesity 45 ViewsRate it
Life's Promise Still Unknown
 45 ViewsRate it
Her Eyes
 45 ViewsRate it
Be Most Careful
 44 ViewsRate it
My Spirit Complete
 44 ViewsRate it
The Emperor Walks Naked 44 ViewsRate it
From Your Pen 44 ViewsRate it
The Present Reclaimed 44 ViewsRate it
Deliver Me 44 ViewsRate it
Concrete Jungles
 44 ViewsRate it
The Devil Left Crying
 44 ViewsRate it
Dichotomy 44 ViewsRate it
Billy Blue
 44 ViewsRate it
Each Moment 44 ViewsRate it
Lover In Armor 44 ViewsRate it
Keeping Freedom Alive
 43 ViewsRate it
The Only Time 43 ViewsRate it
Even When 43 ViewsRate it
The Present To Bind 43 ViewsRate it
New Pathway
 43 ViewsRate it
This Moment Transcendent
 43 ViewsRate it
Where The When Begins 43 ViewsRate it
On Bended Knee
 43 ViewsRate it
One Last Thing 43 ViewsRate it
The Garden Wall 43 ViewsRate it
Five Strangers
 42 ViewsRate it
First & Last 42 ViewsRate it
Woods On Fire 42 ViewsRate it
Memory 41 ViewsRate it
The Gift 41 ViewsRate it
My Emptiness Whole
 41 ViewsRate it
What My Heart Denies
 41 ViewsRate it
Reawakening 41 ViewsRate it
Short Verse 41 ViewsRate it
Madonna's Last Hymn
 41 ViewsRate it
Each Memory 41 ViewsRate it
One Last Dance
 40 ViewsRate it
Sutured Infirmity
 40 ViewsRate it
Light Or Chains 40 ViewsRate it
Memories Of Bob
 40 ViewsRate it
The Lost Dove 40 ViewsRate it
Zero-Sum Enigma 40 ViewsRate it
To Transverse 39 ViewsRate it
A Sweetness 39 ViewsRate it
The Wind 39 ViewsRate it
One Verse
 39 ViewsRate it
The Cycle 39 ViewsRate it
Truth Unwraps
 39 ViewsRate it
Our New Beginning 38 ViewsRate it
Fear Now My Prey 38 ViewsRate it
Unfullfilled 38 ViewsRate it
Eternity Waits 38 ViewsRate it
Only To the Brave 38 ViewsRate it
Now Others Sung 38 ViewsRate it
Thast Voice 38 ViewsRate it
 38 ViewsRate it
Out Of Time 38 ViewsRate it
My Wait Begins Again
 37 ViewsRate it
When It's Cold
 37 ViewsRate it
Once The Bee Has Left 37 ViewsRate it
A Smoldering Refrain 37 ViewsRate it
Is Love 37 ViewsRate it
Last Mojo Child (Blues Poem #14) 37 ViewsRate it
Undefined 37 ViewsRate it
A Cowboy Never...
 37 ViewsRate it
Tears Of Pain
 36 ViewsRate it
In Search Of The One 36 ViewsRate it
Albert's Shadow 36 ViewsRate it
The Only Winner 36 ViewsRate it
 36 ViewsRate it
A Conflict Sure
 36 ViewsRate it
A Wish Unfulfilled 36 ViewsRate it
The New Song
 36 ViewsRate it
Never To Rest 36 ViewsRate it
Eternity 36 ViewsRate it
Liberation 36 ViewsRate it
Killing The Past
 36 ViewsRate it
Turn The Page 36 ViewsRate it
The Journey 36 ViewsRate it
Time's Capsule
 36 ViewsRate it
Set Free
 36 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Smile 36 ViewsRate it
Grandparenting 35 ViewsRate it
Where Your Soul Can Congeal 35 ViewsRate it
Eternity's Hymn
 35 ViewsRate it
A Deaf Ear
 35 ViewsRate it
The Well Runs Dry
 35 ViewsRate it
Icebergs Melt 35 ViewsRate it
Memories Flee 35 ViewsRate it
Arms Length 35 ViewsRate it
On Bended Knee 35 ViewsRate it
The Chase 35 ViewsRate it
Redemption Profaned 35 ViewsRate it
New Light Unspoken 35 ViewsRate it
My Real Father
 35 ViewsRate it
Rustler Of Graves 34 ViewsRate it
Her Right 34 ViewsRate it
Freedom Calls 34 ViewsRate it
Compression 34 ViewsRate it
To My Son, Trystan 34 ViewsRate it
Literary Wanderer 34 ViewsRate it
Call To Heaven
 34 ViewsRate it
As Aquinas Asked
 34 ViewsRate it
Eight Questions 34 ViewsRate it
Breaking Dawn 34 ViewsRate it
The Freedom Within 33 ViewsRate it
To See, Hear, Feel, And Love 33 ViewsRate it
Freedom Deserts 33 ViewsRate it
Rip Tide 33 ViewsRate it
Love Without Pain 33 ViewsRate it
The Stain 33 ViewsRate it
Muddy Waters 33 ViewsRate it
The Summit 33 ViewsRate it
Primi Entis
 32 ViewsRate it
The Night 32 ViewsRate it
One To Care
 32 ViewsRate it
Forever At Once
 32 ViewsRate it
Forgive Me, I Beg 32 ViewsRate it
Renewal 32 ViewsRate it
The Perpetual Present
 32 ViewsRate it
Your Words 32 ViewsRate it
Moveable Feast 32 ViewsRate it
Fading Into Memory
 31 ViewsRate it
To Fly Forever
 31 ViewsRate it
The Last Mistake 31 ViewsRate it
On Sale For Thee
 31 ViewsRate it
Bartered Youth
 31 ViewsRate it
Remorseful I Grieve
 31 ViewsRate it
Safe Within 31 ViewsRate it
Dying Legions
 31 ViewsRate it
The Vineyard 31 ViewsRate it
Given Words
 31 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Now 31 ViewsRate it
Jewels Of Hope 31 ViewsRate it
The Silence Was Death 31 ViewsRate it
Last Bullet 31 ViewsRate it
Road Rule 31 ViewsRate it
Eight Miles Left
 31 ViewsRate it
Kill Shot 31 ViewsRate it
That Missing Link 31 ViewsRate it
Last Ghost 30 ViewsRate it
Chest Without A Name
 30 ViewsRate it
Truth Is Near 30 ViewsRate it
My Stone To Drag
 30 ViewsRate it
A First Beginning 30 ViewsRate it
That Final Skin 30 ViewsRate it
Choose 30 ViewsRate it
To Harness The Wind 30 ViewsRate it
The End Of The Beginning 30 ViewsRate it
Two Hours Before Dawn
 30 ViewsRate it
Envy Is A Curse 30 ViewsRate it
Last Check To Cash 30 ViewsRate it
Our New Beginning 30 ViewsRate it
Longing Befriends
 30 ViewsRate it
Opinion Be Damned 30 ViewsRate it
No One, And Nothing
 30 ViewsRate it
Black Rain
 30 ViewsRate it
The Pathway
 30 ViewsRate it
Each Unwritten Word 30 ViewsRate it
Forever Alive
 30 ViewsRate it
 29 ViewsRate it
Anticipation 29 ViewsRate it
No Last Goodbye
 29 ViewsRate it
Myopia 29 ViewsRate it
Prison Of Time 29 ViewsRate it
Chamberlain Falls
 29 ViewsRate it
Another's Wind To Blow
 29 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Trap 29 ViewsRate it
The Pathway Home
 29 ViewsRate it
Life's Tenancy 29 ViewsRate it
Verum Ceptoris 29 ViewsRate it
Be Of Interest 29 ViewsRate it
In Memoriam: Chris Kyle
 29 ViewsRate it
Unable To Speak 29 ViewsRate it
Rooted Within 29 ViewsRate it
Renewed Wishes
 29 ViewsRate it
When Springtime Calls
 29 ViewsRate it
Absence Of Malice 29 ViewsRate it
From The Heavens Sent
 28 ViewsRate it
One Last 28 ViewsRate it
Giving & Taking 28 ViewsRate it
All Escape Disowned 28 ViewsRate it
On The Line 28 ViewsRate it
Beginning Again 28 ViewsRate it
To Some
 28 ViewsRate it
The Cost Zero-Sum 28 ViewsRate it
The Minefield 28 ViewsRate it
Once You're Gone 28 ViewsRate it
The Ticket 28 ViewsRate it
Time Stops At Your Door
 28 ViewsRate it
Ahead, Nothing More
 28 ViewsRate it
The Cry Of The Bugle
 28 ViewsRate it
Miami Heat 28 ViewsRate it
The Sun Will Come Up 28 ViewsRate it
Generation Lost 28 ViewsRate it
Daydreams 28 ViewsRate it
Technology's Price 28 ViewsRate it
A Buffet Of Hate 28 ViewsRate it
Quantum Zeno 28 ViewsRate it
Eternity Unknown 28 ViewsRate it
Nexus 28 ViewsRate it
Math Murder
 28 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Grave 28 ViewsRate it
A Marker Abandoned 28 ViewsRate it
Redemption Near
 27 ViewsRate it
LaLa Land
 27 ViewsRate it
Forever Long 27 ViewsRate it
Given & Heard
 27 ViewsRate it
The Greatest Gift 27 ViewsRate it
The Rim
 27 ViewsRate it
Forgotten Lord
 27 ViewsRate it
Harlem To Paris
 27 ViewsRate it
Down Through The Ages 27 ViewsRate it
In The Night 27 ViewsRate it
A Warriors Tears
 27 ViewsRate it
When You Ain't Got Nothin
 27 ViewsRate it
Saint Joan
 27 ViewsRate it
Everything But Love 27 ViewsRate it
Emptiness Sublime 27 ViewsRate it
Morning Flower
 27 ViewsRate it
Writer's Block 27 ViewsRate it
Between Two Lies 27 ViewsRate it
First Love
 27 ViewsRate it
Eternity's Spark 27 ViewsRate it
Love As Wings 27 ViewsRate it
Blessed To Begin
 27 ViewsRate it
Our Fated Selves
 27 ViewsRate it
The Safe Harbor 27 ViewsRate it
Bleeding Free
 27 ViewsRate it
Doubt Betrayed
 27 ViewsRate it
Glass Houses 27 ViewsRate it
Less Is More 27 ViewsRate it
Each Choice 27 ViewsRate it
Wishes Overflow 26 ViewsRate it
Of You And Me
 26 ViewsRate it
Spiritual Rebirth
 26 ViewsRate it
Embracing Your Fear 26 ViewsRate it
Legacy For Sale 26 ViewsRate it
The End Begins 26 ViewsRate it
Set To Bloom
 26 ViewsRate it
The Garden Burning
 26 ViewsRate it
Cutting In
 26 ViewsRate it
Something More 26 ViewsRate it
The Raven Has Fled
 26 ViewsRate it
Morning In Doubt 26 ViewsRate it
Embracing Your Fear 26 ViewsRate it
At The End 26 ViewsRate it
Meadow So Dear
 26 ViewsRate it
Waiting For The Muse To Come
 26 ViewsRate it
Where I Bleed
 26 ViewsRate it
That First Broken Heart
 26 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Scar
 26 ViewsRate it
Free And Clear
 26 ViewsRate it
Distance & Separation 26 ViewsRate it
First Cut 26 ViewsRate it
Nature In Play 26 ViewsRate it
Blood Line 26 ViewsRate it
Beginning To End 26 ViewsRate it
The Angels Dance
 26 ViewsRate it
Left To Brew 26 ViewsRate it
You, Me, Us, Et Al 26 ViewsRate it
The Key 26 ViewsRate it
Write, Sing, See, And Feel 26 ViewsRate it
Inside—Out 26 ViewsRate it
Muted Sirens 26 ViewsRate it
Sages And Broomsticks
 26 ViewsRate it
X-Posed 26 ViewsRate it
Oglala Lament: Decembver, 1890
 26 ViewsRate it
Dancing In The Meadows
 25 ViewsRate it
All Within 25 ViewsRate it
Transubstantiation 25 ViewsRate it
The Deepest Freeze
 25 ViewsRate it
They Flow 25 ViewsRate it
A Fresh Breath
 25 ViewsRate it
Winter Oh So Near
 25 ViewsRate it
No More To Question
 25 ViewsRate it
Death On The Fringes 25 ViewsRate it
The Story 25 ViewsRate it
No Blank Degree 25 ViewsRate it
Rising Sun 25 ViewsRate it
One Way Mirror 25 ViewsRate it
Canyon Dancers
 25 ViewsRate it
New Millennium's Curse 25 ViewsRate it
Without And Within 25 ViewsRate it
Lost Grace 25 ViewsRate it
Undiscovered Reverie 25 ViewsRate it
Vanity's Ghost
 25 ViewsRate it
In Our Hearts
 25 ViewsRate it
Comedy Of Errors 25 ViewsRate it
Fear Stalks The Night
 25 ViewsRate it
Sacrificial Lambs
 25 ViewsRate it
Verbal Abuse 25 ViewsRate it
A 25 ViewsRate it
One Look
 24 ViewsRate it
Fear Self Indicts 24 ViewsRate it
Calling To Me Dear 24 ViewsRate it
The Only Game 24 ViewsRate it
The Charm 24 ViewsRate it
The Gift 24 ViewsRate it
A Forever Bite 24 ViewsRate it
Turning Black 24 ViewsRate it
Poetry Begins 24 ViewsRate it
Will I Ever 24 ViewsRate it
Two Visions
 24 ViewsRate it
Voices That Call 24 ViewsRate it
Truth Ensues
 24 ViewsRate it
Flash Dance 24 ViewsRate it
War 24 ViewsRate it
My Guide 24 ViewsRate it
Loud And Wild
 24 ViewsRate it
The Hangman's Noose
 24 ViewsRate it
A Wish Undeclared
 24 ViewsRate it
Those Things Denied
 24 ViewsRate it
Now Heaven Shone 24 ViewsRate it
Slipping Away
 24 ViewsRate it
Waiting For Rain
 24 ViewsRate it
Morning In Your Eyes 24 ViewsRate it
Casting Shame 24 ViewsRate it
The Music Stops
 24 ViewsRate it
Baptism Of Fire
 24 ViewsRate it
Beyond Love And Hate
 24 ViewsRate it
Beyond All Excuse 24 ViewsRate it
All Meaning Compressed 24 ViewsRate it
Marking Time
 24 ViewsRate it
Stigmata 24 ViewsRate it
Make A Decision 24 ViewsRate it
 24 ViewsRate it
Self-Implosion 24 ViewsRate it
 24 ViewsRate it
Will It Sing
 23 ViewsRate it
The Colored Glass 23 ViewsRate it
From 'The Book Of Prayers 23 ViewsRate it
Lords Over Time 23 ViewsRate it
Worst Of All 23 ViewsRate it
What Heaven Sent
 23 ViewsRate it
Filling My Words
 23 ViewsRate it
Capstone Reversed 23 ViewsRate it
Wondering Why
 23 ViewsRate it
Leaving This World
 23 ViewsRate it
Their Peace Like A Blanket 23 ViewsRate it
Love's Captive 23 ViewsRate it
Bullseye 23 ViewsRate it
Essentia 23 ViewsRate it
If Walls Could Talk 23 ViewsRate it
My Mojo Light - Blues Poem #12
 23 ViewsRate it
Until It Will 23 ViewsRate it
No Longer To Hide 23 ViewsRate it
One More Message
 23 ViewsRate it
Black Hole 23 ViewsRate it
Thunder To Rain
 23 ViewsRate it
Always & Forever 23 ViewsRate it
Darkness Disowned 23 ViewsRate it
A Final Goodbye 23 ViewsRate it
Both The Future And Past 23 ViewsRate it
One More Smile
 23 ViewsRate it
All The King's Horses 23 ViewsRate it
Lost Voices 23 ViewsRate it
About Us 22 ViewsRate it
At Rest
 22 ViewsRate it
New Mornings 22 ViewsRate it
The Final Cure 22 ViewsRate it
In This Present Begun 22 ViewsRate it
True Genius 22 ViewsRate it
Hearts At Rest
 22 ViewsRate it
Checks You Can't Cash
 22 ViewsRate it
Millennial Academia 22 ViewsRate it
Fantasy Escapes
 22 ViewsRate it
Is It Something More? 22 ViewsRate it
Glass Houses
 22 ViewsRate it
Fallen Blooms 22 ViewsRate it
Smokescreen 22 ViewsRate it
True Immortality
 22 ViewsRate it
Seasons Flow 22 ViewsRate it
Shared Light 22 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Eyes 22 ViewsRate it
A Metaphor Of Poetics (+1) 22 ViewsRate it
How Much—How Many 22 ViewsRate it
Nature's Call
 22 ViewsRate it
 22 ViewsRate it
Flashes 22 ViewsRate it
A Choice
 22 ViewsRate it
That Beckoning Star
 22 ViewsRate it
A Promise Wed
 22 ViewsRate it
The Devil's Details 22 ViewsRate it
Fill In The Blank? 22 ViewsRate it
Love Yourself
 22 ViewsRate it
Forever Waiting Unknown 22 ViewsRate it
Time Is Near
 22 ViewsRate it
The Angry Lion 22 ViewsRate it
The Trap Door 22 ViewsRate it
Old Souls
 22 ViewsRate it
A Melody Unsung
 21 ViewsRate it
Fear & Ignorance
 21 ViewsRate it
That Which Sustains 21 ViewsRate it
A Threatening Hand 21 ViewsRate it
This Moment 21 ViewsRate it
My Heart Still Chimes
 21 ViewsRate it
With Her Love 21 ViewsRate it
Memory The Master 21 ViewsRate it
Beyond Words 21 ViewsRate it
Plato's Bequeath
 21 ViewsRate it
No Favors 21 ViewsRate it
My Garden
 21 ViewsRate it
A Promise Forgotten 21 ViewsRate it
Liars Dwell 21 ViewsRate it
New Hampshire Dawn
 21 ViewsRate it
Your Original Sin
 21 ViewsRate it
True Words 21 ViewsRate it
Lost Words 21 ViewsRate it
The Line
 21 ViewsRate it
 21 ViewsRate it
One Time Forever
 21 ViewsRate it
A Robin Will Sing 21 ViewsRate it
Co-Weavers 21 ViewsRate it
Alone Again
 21 ViewsRate it
Love's Delight
 21 ViewsRate it
Safe From The Light
 21 ViewsRate it
In Conflict 21 ViewsRate it
Dragons Caught 21 ViewsRate it
Checks You Can't Cash
 21 ViewsRate it
Through The Keyhole Darkly 21 ViewsRate it
Samsara 21 ViewsRate it
Lost Candle Of Time
 21 ViewsRate it
Imagery Forgives 21 ViewsRate it
Eternity's Mark
 21 ViewsRate it
One Vow 21 ViewsRate it
Reality's Hymn 21 ViewsRate it
A Forgotten Wish 21 ViewsRate it
Wasted Dreams
 21 ViewsRate it
Deja Vu 21 ViewsRate it
Pre-Ordained 21 ViewsRate it
By Others Felt 21 ViewsRate it
Take Note 21 ViewsRate it
Or Both 21 ViewsRate it
Exposed 21 ViewsRate it
The Unsung...
 21 ViewsRate it
A New Hand
 21 ViewsRate it
Looking Back — Moving On
 21 ViewsRate it
As Twilight Calls
 21 ViewsRate it
Through The Looking Glass 21 ViewsRate it
Each Voice 20 ViewsRate it
The World In Denial
 20 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Sun
 20 ViewsRate it
Poet 20 ViewsRate it
Though Death Be Not Imminent....
 20 ViewsRate it
Memory Exhales 20 ViewsRate it
The Moment Gone 20 ViewsRate it
Eighty Years Undone 20 ViewsRate it
Free Of All Lies 20 ViewsRate it
My Heart To Wander
 20 ViewsRate it
Seasons Turn
 20 ViewsRate it
Spirit's Cry
 20 ViewsRate it
This Moment Divine 20 ViewsRate it
Master Of It All
 20 ViewsRate it
The Fortress 20 ViewsRate it
Poetic Triage 20 ViewsRate it
Permission Granted 20 ViewsRate it
Tasunka Witko
 20 ViewsRate it
Immolatio 20 ViewsRate it
The Last Decision
 20 ViewsRate it
Forever In Shade 20 ViewsRate it
Alleyways Of Stone 20 ViewsRate it
Those Who Give 20 ViewsRate it
A Writer 20 ViewsRate it
The Academic Mask
 20 ViewsRate it
End To End 20 ViewsRate it
Venturing Beyond
 20 ViewsRate it
Waiting To Exhale
 20 ViewsRate it
Something For Emily
 20 ViewsRate it
A Day You'll Treasure 20 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Sash 20 ViewsRate it
Last Moth
 20 ViewsRate it
In The Nick Of Time
 20 ViewsRate it
 20 ViewsRate it
Our Spiritual Vacuum 20 ViewsRate it
Neither Nor 20 ViewsRate it
Interdiction 20 ViewsRate it
Joy Out Front
 20 ViewsRate it
Ego Sum 20 ViewsRate it
Once Tomorrow Is Gone 20 ViewsRate it
An Ounce Of Hope 20 ViewsRate it
Two Thoughts 20 ViewsRate it
One Candle Burns
 20 ViewsRate it
The Source 20 ViewsRate it
Raison D 20 ViewsRate it
Amendment 20 ViewsRate it
Polar Extremes
 20 ViewsRate it
Epiphany Relayed 20 ViewsRate it
Freebird 20 ViewsRate it
The Emperor's Mask 20 ViewsRate it
Unadulteration 20 ViewsRate it
So Help Me God 20 ViewsRate it
Limbus Puerorum
 20 ViewsRate it
To Remember 19 ViewsRate it
On Loan 19 ViewsRate it
Poetry Can't 19 ViewsRate it
Stars & Stripes
 19 ViewsRate it
For Melissa On Her Birthday
 19 ViewsRate it
Last Chariot
 19 ViewsRate it
The Last Drum Roll 19 ViewsRate it
The Double Edge
 19 ViewsRate it
A Tinge Of Lilac 19 ViewsRate it
Devil's Potion 19 ViewsRate it
The Crown 19 ViewsRate it
A Voice Shouts Free 19 ViewsRate it
The Truth On Trial 19 ViewsRate it
Salvation Dispersed 19 ViewsRate it
Never 19 ViewsRate it
Last Grain
 19 ViewsRate it
Lies 1 & 2 19 ViewsRate it
Betrothed 19 ViewsRate it
Verbal Explosion 19 ViewsRate it
A Siren's Call 19 ViewsRate it
The Joy I'm Without
 19 ViewsRate it
Cum Aetate
 19 ViewsRate it
Cyber Unlearned
 19 ViewsRate it
Your Last Vow
 19 ViewsRate it
My Pen To Flow
 19 ViewsRate it
My Souls Asylum 19 ViewsRate it
Feasting On Famine 19 ViewsRate it
Quietude 19 ViewsRate it
Cream Always Rises 19 ViewsRate it
Deep Inside
 19 ViewsRate it
Forever Like That
 19 ViewsRate it
The Gene
 19 ViewsRate it
Released 19 ViewsRate it
The Pathway Home
 19 ViewsRate it
Yet To Burn 19 ViewsRate it
In Tribute 19 ViewsRate it
Veracity 19 ViewsRate it
Beyond Time
 19 ViewsRate it
Grief Belies
 19 ViewsRate it
Fear Now My Prey 19 ViewsRate it
Madre 19 ViewsRate it
Where Dreams Have Laid 19 ViewsRate it
A Losing Game
 19 ViewsRate it
Blind Contempt 19 ViewsRate it
A Devil's Hell 19 ViewsRate it
A Wish Still On Loan
 19 ViewsRate it
Beyond The Thunder 19 ViewsRate it
Is There 19 ViewsRate it
Most Often Missed 19 ViewsRate it
Yours Alone 19 ViewsRate it
One Last Line 19 ViewsRate it
Wisdom's Tooth 19 ViewsRate it
A Gray Dawn
 19 ViewsRate it
Lost Horizon 19 ViewsRate it
Yesterday's Sand 19 ViewsRate it
More 19 ViewsRate it
The Baby's Laugh
 19 ViewsRate it
The Elephant's Ears 19 ViewsRate it
Excommunicado 19 ViewsRate it
The Pigeon's Hole 19 ViewsRate it
Wasted Breath
 19 ViewsRate it
The Future Clear
 18 ViewsRate it
Hidden Fantasia
 18 ViewsRate it
To Those Recalled 18 ViewsRate it
You Did Make Me Love You 18 ViewsRate it
The Incarcerated Word
 18 ViewsRate it
Life's Greatest Curse 18 ViewsRate it
Only Man Knows
 18 ViewsRate it
Final Victory
 18 ViewsRate it
Reasons Mine To Keep
 18 ViewsRate it
With Grace Sent
 18 ViewsRate it
Vision's Gift
 18 ViewsRate it
The True Cost 18 ViewsRate it
And You, To Me 18 ViewsRate it
Verum Pretium 18 ViewsRate it
Memory Hacked 18 ViewsRate it
File Or Burn
 18 ViewsRate it
Wings 18 ViewsRate it
The Instant 18 ViewsRate it
Johns Remorse 18 ViewsRate it
I Stand Accused
 18 ViewsRate it
Two Thoughts 18 ViewsRate it
The Swamp 18 ViewsRate it
To Pretend 18 ViewsRate it
Love's Release
 18 ViewsRate it
The Gateway
 18 ViewsRate it
New Forests Call
 18 ViewsRate it
Laissez Faire 18 ViewsRate it
Those Places You Fear
 18 ViewsRate it
To Leapfrog All Paradox
 18 ViewsRate it
Death Be Not Imminent
 18 ViewsRate it
The Magic Yours 18 ViewsRate it
So Hard Undefined 18 ViewsRate it
Sleeping With The Muse
 18 ViewsRate it
 18 ViewsRate it
Liberating The Truth 18 ViewsRate it
A Singular Beauty 18 ViewsRate it
Forever On Hold 18 ViewsRate it
Heaven's Wings
 18 ViewsRate it
Rapture In Flight 18 ViewsRate it
Too Many Cooks 18 ViewsRate it
Freedom Dealt 18 ViewsRate it
Loss 18 ViewsRate it
Only One 18 ViewsRate it
Arcs & Angles 18 ViewsRate it
...Is Love 18 ViewsRate it
Great Grandfather John
 18 ViewsRate it
Walking With Verse 18 ViewsRate it
Searching 18 ViewsRate it
Don't Blaspheme 18 ViewsRate it
Left Unsaid 18 ViewsRate it
Eternity's Glow 18 ViewsRate it
The Quest 18 ViewsRate it
In Your Smile 18 ViewsRate it
Only One
 18 ViewsRate it
Made Of Stone 18 ViewsRate it
Writer 18 ViewsRate it
The Last Goodbye 18 ViewsRate it
Last Payment Remiss
 18 ViewsRate it
Regret 18 ViewsRate it
Many As One 18 ViewsRate it
One Last Beginning
 18 ViewsRate it
Washed & Scrubbed 18 ViewsRate it
The Will To Measure 18 ViewsRate it
Outside The Moment 18 ViewsRate it
Delilah's Cry
 18 ViewsRate it
Buffalo Jump 18 ViewsRate it
Trapped Within Myself
 18 ViewsRate it
Harlot Of Love
 18 ViewsRate it
Only You 18 ViewsRate it
Nothing More 18 ViewsRate it
Wounded And Free 17 ViewsRate it
Never Explain 17 ViewsRate it
The Grip 17 ViewsRate it
Your Mistress Defiled
 17 ViewsRate it
The Coma Of Denial 17 ViewsRate it
Literary Nuptial 17 ViewsRate it
On Wings From Before 17 ViewsRate it
A Knight's Ransom 17 ViewsRate it
Distance Revealed 17 ViewsRate it
Silent Prayer 17 ViewsRate it
The Repose Of Angels 17 ViewsRate it
Cross Hairs 17 ViewsRate it
Primal Fear 17 ViewsRate it
Last Reflection
 17 ViewsRate it
Shadows Fall Distant 17 ViewsRate it
Summer Song
 17 ViewsRate it
Buried Within 17 ViewsRate it
Pieces Of My Heart 17 ViewsRate it
As History Laughs
 17 ViewsRate it
The New Song
 17 ViewsRate it
The Intellectual Elf 17 ViewsRate it
Verse Out Front
 17 ViewsRate it
Look To The Harbor
 17 ViewsRate it
An Orphan's Silence
 17 ViewsRate it
Crossing Over — Turned Around 17 ViewsRate it
To Inspire And Remind 17 ViewsRate it
The Wonder Of It All 17 ViewsRate it
Stolen Moments
 17 ViewsRate it
Coursed In Stone 17 ViewsRate it
A Note To Time
 17 ViewsRate it
Never Destitute
 17 ViewsRate it
Last Domino 17 ViewsRate it
Less Risk
 17 ViewsRate it
Divergence 17 ViewsRate it
Beginning Again 17 ViewsRate it
The Swinging Door
 17 ViewsRate it
The Light 17 ViewsRate it
Counting Stopped 17 ViewsRate it
Stolen Dreams 17 ViewsRate it
Flashbacks 17 ViewsRate it
The Choking Of Angels
 17 ViewsRate it
Laura's Captive
 17 ViewsRate it
The Difference Within 17 ViewsRate it
Free Of Doubt
 17 ViewsRate it
My Back To The Past
 17 ViewsRate it
Back To Thee
 17 ViewsRate it
As You Speak 17 ViewsRate it
Casting Darkness Aside 17 ViewsRate it
Hand In Hand 17 ViewsRate it
To Whom You Pray
 17 ViewsRate it
No Matter The Cost 17 ViewsRate it
Reasons Sublime
 17 ViewsRate it
Today 17 ViewsRate it
Without The Flame 17 ViewsRate it
Seduction 17 ViewsRate it
Treasure Heaven Sent
 17 ViewsRate it
Love's Reality—Unreal
 17 ViewsRate it
Voices Of Hope 17 ViewsRate it
Eyes To Close
 17 ViewsRate it
Vanishing In The Mist
 17 ViewsRate it
To Be Or Not To Be 17 ViewsRate it
Yes Plus No Refrain
 17 ViewsRate it
Laying The Track
 17 ViewsRate it
Sensory Imprint 17 ViewsRate it
The Golden Egg 17 ViewsRate it
As She's Leaving
 17 ViewsRate it
All The King's Horses
 17 ViewsRate it
The Sky Opens
 17 ViewsRate it
Deep In The Heartache 17 ViewsRate it
Safe Harbor 17 ViewsRate it
No Longer Asking
 17 ViewsRate it
Trinity Blues 17 ViewsRate it
Spiritus Vitae
 17 ViewsRate it
Be Careful What You Wish For 17 ViewsRate it
Their Gift 16 ViewsRate it
What Heaven Sent
 16 ViewsRate it
Her Majesty 16 ViewsRate it
Solo Uno 16 ViewsRate it
Only God Can Command 16 ViewsRate it
Now Denied 16 ViewsRate it
At What Point 16 ViewsRate it
Exploding Thought 16 ViewsRate it
Let Me Ask 16 ViewsRate it
Hearts To Fill
 16 ViewsRate it
In The End 16 ViewsRate it
Prisoner Of The Light
 16 ViewsRate it
Fresh Voices 16 ViewsRate it
Pointing The Way
 16 ViewsRate it
Dragon Fire 16 ViewsRate it
Absolution Within
 16 ViewsRate it
Memories Of Jim
 16 ViewsRate it
Thespian Misstep 16 ViewsRate it
Insulation 16 ViewsRate it
Twins Of Siam
 16 ViewsRate it
Still Asking Why 16 ViewsRate it
 16 ViewsRate it
Two-Roads 16 ViewsRate it
Forever Lost 16 ViewsRate it
Myself, I Bring
 16 ViewsRate it
Obsessio 16 ViewsRate it
To Laura Nyro 16 ViewsRate it
Breath Surrendered 16 ViewsRate it
Nothing But Time
 16 ViewsRate it
New Pathway
 16 ViewsRate it
Desire 16 ViewsRate it
To Shibumi 'Rest In Peace
 16 ViewsRate it
Only Two Ways 16 ViewsRate it
In The Abstract 16 ViewsRate it
The Present Revived
 16 ViewsRate it
Eternity Smiles
 16 ViewsRate it
Beyond My Fear
 16 ViewsRate it
Tears And Missteps
 16 ViewsRate it
Tomorrow Ill Promised 16 ViewsRate it
Borrowed Time
 16 ViewsRate it
April Bleeding 16 ViewsRate it
Shining A Light 16 ViewsRate it
In This Present Begun 16 ViewsRate it
Further To Roam 16 ViewsRate it
Memory Past 16 ViewsRate it
Ink Spilling Divine 16 ViewsRate it
The Prison
 16 ViewsRate it
The Renter's Sin 16 ViewsRate it
Space To Grow
 16 ViewsRate it
Dropping Fast 16 ViewsRate it
Praying For The Light 16 ViewsRate it
War 16 ViewsRate it
A Warrior's Chant
 16 ViewsRate it
Where Words Never Die 16 ViewsRate it
Life Support 16 ViewsRate it
The Mirror 16 ViewsRate it
Descartes, Be Damned 16 ViewsRate it
First Law Of Metaphysics 16 ViewsRate it
Unto You
 16 ViewsRate it
Choice 16 ViewsRate it
Vita—Et Alia 16 ViewsRate it
Freedom's Ladder 16 ViewsRate it
Death's Revenge 16 ViewsRate it
Time Unfolds
 16 ViewsRate it