List of poems by Jason Mui 108 total

"Ez" 1 ViewRate it
1894 0 ViewsRate it
4:37 In The Morning 0 ViewsRate it
A Blue Moon In The Middle Of June 0 ViewsRate it
A Song For The Dearly Departed 0 ViewsRate it
Abandoned Ship 0 ViewsRate it
Abyss Of This Hell 0 ViewsRate it
Ambushed 0 ViewsRate it
Bikes And Bridges On The Lanes Of Love 3 ViewsRate it
Bitter And Bruised 0 ViewsRate it
Black Coffee And Stale Cigarettes 0 ViewsRate it
Black Man-Eating Widow (B.M.W) 0 ViewsRate it
Blown Away By A Tornado 0 ViewsRate it
Brink Of Extinction 0 ViewsRate it
Broken Hearted Hopeless Romantic 1 ViewRate it
Cassandra 0 ViewsRate it
Chasing Rabbits 0 ViewsRate it
Christmas Eve 0 ViewsRate it
Close Your Eyes, Live Your Lies 0 ViewsRate it
Cure For The Cancer 1 ViewRate it
Day Of Ephiphany 0 ViewsRate it
Death Row 0 ViewsRate it
Deep In The Heart Of The Forest 1 ViewRate it
Deliver Me To Destiny 0 ViewsRate it
Dirty Little Secret 0 ViewsRate it
Dorkaliscious 0 ViewsRate it
Double Cross 0 ViewsRate it
Eulogy Of The Damned 1 ViewRate it
Ever Wonder Why? 0 ViewsRate it
Every Wonder Why? 0 ViewsRate it
Feeling Freedom Focused 0 ViewsRate it
Frozen In Time 2 ViewsRate it
God’s The Only One Who Can Hear Me Moan 0 ViewsRate it
Going Against The Devil's Vendetta 0 ViewsRate it
Going Fishing On A Guilt Trip 0 ViewsRate it
Ham, Egg, And Cheese Sandwiches 1 ViewRate it
Hey, Good Lookin' 0 ViewsRate it
Hum Hummingbird Hum 0 ViewsRate it
I See Poison Ivy 0 ViewsRate it
In Love With A Hot Goth Chick 0 ViewsRate it
In The Midsts Of The Blitzkrieg 0 ViewsRate it
Judgement Day 0 ViewsRate it
Just A Photograph Of The Nights We Used To Have 0 ViewsRate it
Just A Photography Of The Nights We Used To Have 0 ViewsRate it
Kat 0 ViewsRate it
Living In An Disillusioned Nation 0 ViewsRate it
Lonely Little Lady 0 ViewsRate it
Lost And Shattered In The Landmines Of Our Lifetime 0 ViewsRate it
Magical Day In May 0 ViewsRate it
Mannequins Of Massachusetts 1 ViewRate it
Midnight Rain 0 ViewsRate it
Millennium Melt Down 0 ViewsRate it
Mirage 0 ViewsRate it
Morning Sickness 0 ViewsRate it
My Delicate Ecstacy 0 ViewsRate it
My eighth haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My first haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My fourth haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My ninth haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My second haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My seventh haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My sixth haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My Soul Has Lost It's Skeleton 0 ViewsRate it
My tenth haiku 0 ViewsRate it
My third haiku 0 ViewsRate it
Never Stop Dreaming 0 ViewsRate it
New Hampshire Blues 0 ViewsRate it
Oh My Mary Anne 0 ViewsRate it
Orange Juice And Apple Sauce 0 ViewsRate it
Over The Horizon 0 ViewsRate it
Pennies In The Wishing Well 0 ViewsRate it
Pesticide 0 ViewsRate it
Pitch Black Darkness 0 ViewsRate it
Playing Musical Chairs 0 ViewsRate it
Puppy Love 1 ViewRate it
Purple And Pink Paparazzi Pressure 3 ViewsRate it
Rapidly 0 ViewsRate it
Save Me A Place In Paradise 0 ViewsRate it
Saw You On The Subway At Seven In The Morning 0 ViewsRate it
Searching For Something So Beautiful 0 ViewsRate it
Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound To The Head 3 ViewsRate it
Separate Ways 1 ViewRate it
She Left Me On A Deserted Island 0 ViewsRate it
Since The Summer Solstice 1 ViewRate it
Sizzling Summer Sensations 0 ViewsRate it
So Long My Life 0 ViewsRate it
Soaring Illuminating Aura 0 ViewsRate it
Spaceships 1 ViewRate it
State Of Shock 2 ViewsRate it
That's Just God's Spell On You 0 ViewsRate it
The Aroma From Your Perfume 0 ViewsRate it
The Creature Known Only As Behemoth 1 ViewRate it
The Island 0 ViewsRate it
The Lady With The Ukulele 0 ViewsRate it
The Next Odyssey 0 ViewsRate it
The Shimmering Seas 1 ViewRate it
The Souls Of Those Forgotten 0 ViewsRate it
There She Was 0 ViewsRate it
This Restless Divide 0 ViewsRate it
Three Wishes 0 ViewsRate it
Time Is Ticking 0 ViewsRate it
Tongue Tied On The Twisters Of This Demented Lifestyle 0 ViewsRate it
Trail Of Blood 0 ViewsRate it
Trapped On A Slave Ship 0 ViewsRate it
Twelve In The Morning 0 ViewsRate it
Why Was That Guy So Shy And Stoic? 0 ViewsRate it
Within The Cells Of This Purgatory 0 ViewsRate it
You'll Find Your True Love Someday... 0 ViewsRate it

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