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Minecraft Survival

I'm playing Minecraft on my PlayStation making a new world to do a new Minecraft survival world. It says loading in so I'm almost in the new world.

Then all of a sudden everything went dark. I can't breathe and I'm cold and wet. I twist and turn and look for any light and I see it. I swim towards it as fast as possible and I am running out of air quickly. I choke and cough and make it up out of the water but my body is in pain. I do a 360-degree turn to look for any sight of land but all I see is the ocean.

I look up and see the sun but I'm confused because it is square and think I must have damaged my eyes in the water. I look up and see the clouds that are also square but they are moving. I start to swim in the direction the clouds are going and hope of finding land. I have been swimming for almost what feels like forever when I finally think I found land. I see a hill and trees or what I think are trees because they are square too.

I get to the land and climb up the blocky hill. I get to the top and every tree is square on this big island. I look down and realize I am square too with my paint on close and shoes. I check my 7 belt pockets and two pant pockets to see if I have anything like food or tools but find nothing. I also have a backpack but it's empty. I see what I think is a sheep and go over to it. I reach my hand down to punch it and flash red and runs in circles. I looked at the grass beneath me, the square trees in front of me, and the sheep I just hit and just realized I got sucked into MINECRAFT!!!

I start to have panic thoughts and excitement at the same time. I thought for a minute or two and realized that this is not going to be easy. I didn't realize that it got dark because I was thinking too much and I hear GROUUGGGHHH. Panic running through me. I hear a zombie and don't even have a weapon yet so I run to the closest tree I can find. I know I need two logs for a wooden sword so I get them as fast as I can. I get them and make 8 planks then make a crafting table with four planks, four sticks with two planks, and the sword with 1 stick and two planks. I pick it up and the zombie is right there. I hit him four times and he is dead. I sit for a second and realize I'm hungry. I look around and don't see a village nearby to get some easy food and all I have is two rotten flesh. I eat both of them and feel so sick and terrible for 30 seconds.

I get some more wood and make a pickaxe. I start to make a mine but then I hear hissing and I back up and see the creeper. I kill the creeper and get a piece of gunpowder. I continue the mine until I reach stone. I get 27 pieces of stone enough for a furnace, a smoker, and all stone tools. When I finish crafting everything it is daytime. I start to run around and look for a village just in case there is one on this island.

I'm beginning to run out of hope when I see a village roof. I start to sprint but I run out of hunger. I walk over to the closest stack of hay and use my farming tool to get it quickly. I made it into wheat than bread. I found a blacksmith and went in to loot it. I found 5 diamonds, an iron chest plate, iron boots, an iron pickaxe, 8 obsidian, and 7 iron! That is the best chest ever. I chop down one more tree and make a diamond pickaxe and a shield. Then I make a boat and venture out to sea. LAND HO!

I found more land. I got out of my boat, picked it up, and found a ravine. I jumped down into the water for a safe landing. I look around being careful not to fall in the lava because I don't know if I die in this world if I die in real life. I see a vein of iron, coal, and diamonds! I get to the side of the ravine and make a little base. I put my furnace, crafting table, and smoker down. I make a bucket and fill it with water. I carefully make my nether portal then get over to the ores. When I got to them I was about to mine them when I had enough diamonds for an enchantment table. I grabbed the iron and coal and put them in the furnace and went up to the surface. I killed cows for leather and got sugarcane for paper. I made the book for the enchantment table and then a bunch of bookshelves. I made another room in the ravine for the enchantment table.

The enchantment table is now surrounded by bookshelves about to enchant but then I forgot about lapiz. I go strip mining in a straight line for a while until I find lapiz. Running down my tunnel I get back to my enchanting table. I put my diamond pickaxe in and have plenty of levels from the cows and enchant it. I got fortune 3, efficiency 5, and unbreaking 3. I go back to the diamonds and it is a 9 vein so sense I have fortune 3 so I got 27 diamonds. I made full diamond armor and a diamond axe. I enchant all of my armor with protection 4 and sharpness 4 and looting 3 on my axe. I get a piece of flint and make my flint and steel to go to the nether. I think my only way of getting out of here is to beat the game so I need blaze rods.

I go light and go through the portal and spawn right next to a treasure Basten! I go in and mine all the gold blocks for trading. There is a chest and I open it and there is some gold and 3 netherite ingots! I get down to the bottom and find more gold blocks, 2 diamonds, and 4 more netherite ingots. I make a smithing table and turn all my armor and tools into netherite with one leftover. Realizing I have two more diamonds and one netherite I make a netherite sword. I get some piglins in a hole and put some gold in there and leave for the fortress. I go for 2 minutes and see a fortress I bridge over to it. I look for a blaze spawner and find a chest with a saddle, diamond horse armor, and 6 obsidian. There is a blaze spawner so I head over there. I use my axe and get 3 blaze rods from my first blaze and 2 from the next. I wait for them to spawn and then kill the next two and get 2 from each. I go back to my piglen hole to see if I got any ender pearls. I have 14 ender pearls and one fire resistance potion and 6 pieces of gravel and enough blaze rods so I make all of them into 14 eyes of ender with 1 blaze rod left. Walking to my portal I realize I am running out of bread. I get to the overworld and smelt my raw beef.

Grabbing my steak I trough my eye of ender and run in the direction of the eye. I run for 5 minutes and through another eye and it breaks. Go for longer and then through one more and it goes down. I dig down until I find my stronghold. I look around for the portal and can't find anything close to what the room looks like. I finally find the room and have the exact right amount of eyes for the portal. I am about to jump in when I realize I don't have enough food. I tower out of the ground and make a pillar so I will know where to come back to. I find a snow biome and see an igloo. Breaking the carpet to the secret underground layer. I go down and find a golden apple and an enchanted golden apple. There is a villager and it has a trade for arrows. I get them and find a bow in the chest. I go out and find a herd of pigs. I get some raw pork chop and cook it and head back to the stronghold. I get down to the portal room, organize my inventory, and jump in. I am on the obsidian platform and bridge to the island. I use my bow and arrow to shoot down the end crystals. The dragon hit me with his dragon breath and I ate my golden apple. I got down all the towers except the caged ones. Killing an enderman and got 2 pearls. I threw one and I block clutched on the side of the pillar and broke the crystal. I did the same with the other one and fell and took a lot of damage. I ate my enchanted golden apple and attacked the dragon. It landed on the ground and I hit it with my axe and it started to fly away so I shoot it with my bow and arrow. It lands one more time and I finish it off with my axe. I grab the experience and the dragon egg just in case I don't get out of here. I jump it to the portal hoping to be out of this world.

It is black again and I open my eyes and see ”iF YOU WANT TO GET OUT BEAT THE FINAL BOSS!!! IF YOU FAIL YOU SHALL not see the light of day ever again!!!” ¨Thinking back through the portal I have to beat the wither now. I think I have good enough armor and tools to beat it. I find my nether portal and go through and go to the fortress to find some wither skeletons to get their skulls. I also need some soal sand so I stop and get four of them. At the fortress waiting for them to spawn I see one and attack it and no skull. I'm not that surprised it is pretty rare to get a skull. Killing them for like an hour I finally got one skull. I see one more and I run at it and it hits me off the side. I fall into the lava thinking I lost. I remember the fire resistance potion I had. I drank it and survived with half a heart. I eat my food and swim up and build up back on the fortress. I need to be more careful or I could die. I need 2 more skulls so I start attacking more carefully. I got 1 more skull and realized I was using my sword, not my axe with fortune 3. I pull it out and get the last skull on the second skeleton. I start to go back in the direction I think my portal is in and get lost. Panicking I remember I have ten obsidian. I build the portal and look for my flint and steel. I can't find only a piece of iron and some gravel from trading. I take out my gravel and break it until I get my flint. I make a flint and steel and light my portal.

I go through and set up a place to fight the wither and make sure everything is ready. I put the soul sand down then the skulls and back up before it explodes. It explodes and I start shooting it with my bow and it starts throwing skulls at me. I get it down to half health and then start using my axe it hits me and I back up behind a tree to heal. I came back around and hit it some more. It has like 5 hit points left so one hit should do. I come back and finish it off.

I grab the star and then there it is again blackness. I hear “Will Will”. I wake up laying in a bed with my parents looking down at me. All I see is the hospital words on a wall, then it goes black again and I see the sky and a bed in Minecraft...
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Submitted by williamj.44955 on May 05, 2021

10:48 min read

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