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The True Yvonne Sensing: This Is Not A Poem, But An Exposé About The Woman Who Hides Behind Flowers.

Note: My sincere apologies for making this absurdly long, but there was so much that happened that it all has to be revealed.

To Whom It May Concern,

I really didn't want to have to do this. However, there is only so much bigotry and nastiness I can humanly receive. I try to give everyone I come across a honest and fair chance to get to know me and vice versa, but there are those that are so judgmental! I've never claimed to be a saint by any means, but how much homophobia, racism, and distorted lies against character can one truly stand without exploding? How much? The following is what I have had to put up dealing with Yvonne Sensing:

I didn't always hate contributing to this website. I used to enjoy connecting with people through poetry here. I even met a few great people because of it. However, as the saying goes; "There's a bad apple in every tree" (I think that's how it goes), but there are several bad apples in the mix (including this one whom I am writing about).

It was the very second day of me being a member here when I received my first review from Yvonne. Instead of giving constructive criticism, her ‘'review'' instead was ‘'No review considered. Negative and mean''. Really? Wasn't that a review itself? Or rather she was trying to pick a fight with me? Regardless, I let it go and kept it moving. Eventually, she kept leaving one ridiculous ‘'review'' after another. From ‘'???'', to ‘'No and No''. I lost my patience because I refused to keep getting disrespected on my own poetry pages. I then started leaving the same ‘'reviews'' she was giving me. Being oblivious to her constant disrespect of my space with her trolling, she writes ‘'maybe I did it because your poetry sucks.'' She soon started spamming my email with ‘'Thanks again''.

I find it very funny that those who demand respect from everyone are always the first ones to disrespect anyone, especially those who feel are beneath them. At that point, I was just over her because I don't have time to argue with people like her.

On January 2013, Yvonne posted an announcement titled; ‘'Poetry.com… And To Real Poets''. It was about her complaining that 2 specific people kept re-posting their poems and cheating their way to the top. Since the most popular poets at the time were giving their point-of-view about how they felt, I decided I would do the same. I was actually admired that she was trying to keep this site from going down the drain. I was trying to do the same, but it backfired because I took the wrong approach. Despite her starting the first fight with me, I left a sincere apology. I just wanted p.com to be at its best. That cannot be done with division. She accepted it and took personal responsibility for her actions as well.

Less than a week later, Yvonne sent me a friend request on Facebook. When I was a youth, I was told long ago; ‘'When someone shows you who they are the first time around, believe them.'' All of my life, I try to give people the benefit of a doubt because everyone makes mistakes in life. I have been grossly misunderstood so I can surely relate. I eventually accept her friend request.

In early February, I left a review for Dave Ratcliffe's poem ‘'Hate and the Torment''. I wrote that there were similarities between the content in the poem, and me having to deal with two unbalanced psychopaths who at the time were trolling on my poetry incessantly, neither of which were Yvonne. Only moments later, I get a response from her being wrongly defensive and accusing me of badmouthing her behind her back. ‘'A guilty heart always flinches''. That is another quote I was told as a youth. Oh how it's so true! Since her and I were Facebook friends at the time, I reached out to her, clarifying who I was really speaking about. I would not receive an apology from her, or receive any answer stating that she got my clarification.

Instead that entire day, she starts trolling on my poetry and continues to accuse me of the same thing. First with my ‘'Manners'' diamante she writes that I have terrible poetry (despite giving me several 4 and 5 star reviews right before all of this commotion started) and agrees with a man who not only writes the worst poems mankind has ever seen, but gives all poets two and single star reviews. Second, with my most reviewed piece ‘'My Freedom…'' writing that I keep calling her names, blah, blah, blah. I was beginning to lose my patience, but I stayed calm. I wrote to her that she needs to go to Dave's poem and read my responses before jumping to conclusions. She did everything she could to embarrass me in a public forum, rather than be mature and speak to me in a private message through FB. She simply refused to be a woman who was wrong on her assumptions and slander. Whether she was going to read it or not, it was draining the hell out of me and I simply no longer cared.

About two weeks later, I check my email to see if I have any unread messages. One said that I have a comment from someone for the poem ‘'Ho Ho Ho, No No No''. I go to the poem and the comment was from Yvonne (her 3rd one) saying; ‘'I am so glad you had a great holiday''. For those who have yet to read that specific piece, it is about me having to spend the holidays without my family who I have been estranged from (and cannot find to reunite with them) since 2004. That poem has received over 20 reviews and a few of them can relate to what I'm going through. When I read her comment, never in my life had my blood boiled so quickly and my heart suddenly turned black. Here was a woman who pretended to be my friend, read all of my poetry, perhaps went through my entire Facebook, only to use that information against me. I had apologized to her for a fight that she started to begin with. I was nice to her the entire time. What did I get in return? False accusations, name-calling, and duplicity. She took my kindness for weakness. Anyone that knows me well knows…


I immediately went to my Facebook and both deleted her as a friend and blocked her from further contact. Next I went to my ‘'Manners'' diamante and left the most scathing message she justly deserved. Not surprisingly (and starting to reveal her true character), she finally responds. Isn't it funny that when I reached out to her peacefully, she ignores me? Yet when I do a 180, now she wants to respond. Interesting it truly is. I told her to no longer review or comment anymore because she gets too personal and is disgustingly disrespectful. What was her response? ‘'No! I will keep reviewing and commenting on your garbage whenever I want!''

Now getting exposed as a duplicitous liar, she trolls all over my ‘'Manners'' diamante. Usually, I let no one get away with anything as far as one dehumanizing me is concerned. However, knowing that p.com was on its way to die a disgraceful death, I tried my damned hardest to let slide many trolls who were making nasty comments towards me. There were 3 in particular (a notorious racist homophobe who trolled on several of my pages with homophobic and racist intentions; an ignorant dumb troll who left the most abysmal reviews the site has seen, but had no poems herself; and a prejudice scumbag who is out-an-proud of his ignorance of black history).

After getting fed up with these 4 pieces of disrespectful trash, I posted ‘'STILL UNDEFEATED!!! POETRY.COM'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL 2.0''. ‘'SU: PCMC 2.0'' is the official sequel to ‘'POETRY.COM'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL'', and a no-holds-barred vengeance poem that exposes the ‘'Four Stalkers of the Apocalypse'' and how they spewed their bigotry and hateful comments to me. I also thanked my fans and friends for their unwavering loyalty for me as a growing person and poet in the piece. The original post did not reveal the names. The casual reader wouldn't know who they were, but my closest friends knew who they were because they've seen all of the stalkers' messages. Not surprisingly, Yvonne trolls on the poem and makes yet another condescending comment. Just when I try to be lenient with this female, she still won't quit. Perturbed at her annoyance, I re-wrote some of the poem with all 4 names revealed.

Her and I for the next couple of days got into a heated war of words. This is where more of her true character starts to come out, beginning with her ignorant homophobia calling me a ‘'he/she'' in my post ‘'The Devolution of Poetry.com (Exposed via Diamante)''. For her to stop trolling on my material once and for all, I went to each and every review she made on my poems and spammed hundreds of messages saying ‘'Thanks again'', the same thing she used to do to me months prior to all of this.

Drained emotionally from the in-fighting, I stopped posting poems for the site and disappeared for an entire month in March. I would come back to the site from time to time starting in April to respond reviews from my fans, friends, and even trolls (with 4 of them becoming stalkers, now becoming the ‘'Eight Stalkers of the Apocalypse''). While I was responding to reviews from my last post ‘'K.B.W (A Tanka Compilation; The Final Encore)''. Yvonne makes (yet) another smart a s s comment; ‘'Your final post? You've been saying that ever since you got here''. She would go on to other poets' reviews and badmouth to them about me behind my back.

As the two sayings go; ‘'those who do not learn from their past mistakes are doomed to repeat them in the future'', and ‘'those who live in glass houses should never throw stones''. Those who claim to be the ‘'most open-minded and loving'' are in actuality the most mean-spirited and judgmental, and it is people like her who claim to have honor, but in fact are always hiding something dark. I knew it was a matter of time before I would find something and undoubtedly prove who she really is.

In June 2013, I read and reviewed the most popular poem ever written by a woman, ‘'Her Teardrops'' written by Jessica Ray. It was on its way to receive 400 reviews. However, that was not the most shocking discovery. What I found out was that another poet was claiming the poem as her own, stealing Jessica's hard work. You all guessed it loud and clear: Yvonne Sensing. For those who think her being a thief is not plausible, Jessica first asked Yvonne; ‘'Why do you keep posting thank you on all of my reviews on my poem?'' (under Mark Daniel Nicasio's 5 star review). When she was ignored, she confronted Yvonne herself to stop claiming ‘'Her Teardrops'' as her own under Loren Thai's 5 star review. Her exact quote was; ‘'Yvonne, this is not your poem. This is mine. You did not write 'Her Teardrops'. I did. Don't you see my name on this poem? I wrote it in 2008 and printed out a copy of it to prove it. It dates back to 2008. Stop commenting on my poem.'' Of course Yvonne didn't listen and is still to this day is claiming ‘'Her Teardrops'' as her poem.

Yvonne is the same woman who falsely accused me of badmouthing her all the way back in January, and started this 7 month argument with her trolling and her bigotry. The same woman who accused me of writing bad poetry, but steals poems from other members. The same woman who loves to call someone out of their name based on mere assumptions, yet when one confronts her with the truth she wants to state that person is starting trouble. The same woman who made fun of my family issues, but if I made fun of her for having a deceased child she had to bury, she would be up in arms! The interesting thing is there were a couple of poets who confided to me that there were people stealing poems from others and claiming them as their own. Well I just found and caught one person in the act.

I left a message to each and every person who Yvonne responded to claiming that ‘'Her Teardrops'' was hers. This was where ALL of her true colors were displayed and exposed her own homophobia, racism and elitism. In her ‘'review'' for my tanka chain, she kept calling me ‘'black boy'' (6 times to be exact), assume that I ‘'sell myself on the side'' because I'm openly gay (and still keeps referring to me as ‘'Ms.'' and ‘'she'') , and thinks that those who work full-time at a coffeehouse/ café are beneath her (‘'Mr. poor boy that has to work in a coffee shop that can't earn an income from a real job‘'). Last but never least, she makes up more lies claiming that I deleted all of her poems (yet she accused another person and wrote it on her page naming the individual). That was officially the final straw. This is why I wrote this exposé.

I also want to speak about a topic: Bigotry. No matter what the situation or circumstance is about, IT SHOULD NEVER BE TOLERATED!!! Yvonne left a very racist and homophobic tirade in ‘'K.B.W (A Tanka Compilation; The Final Encore)''. The question you all should ask yourselves is; ''Will we stand up to hateful people and try to have him kicked out of this website, or will we continue to just 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' ''? Granted, I may have been very foolish at times with my words, but I am man enough to know that I did act foolish several times on this website, but I can atone my mistakes because I can admit to them within myself and to others. Yvonne - on the other hand - will never admit to any of her wrongdoings because she is a coward. She is also an elitist snob, a hateful racist, an intolerant homophobe, doesn't know when to stay off my poetry pages when I asked her several times to stay away, and worst of all, she is a thief! Claiming a poem that she knew she did not write is the lowest of the low. That is more shameful than anything I have done.

To anyone who is defending anything Yvonne Sensing has said or done to me, Jessica Ray and perhaps others within the past 7 months, it is obvious that they defend racism, homophobia, and/or theft. That is why this website has devolved the way it did. If she can expose 2 people that keep re-posting their poems on her post ‘'Poetry.com… And To Real Poets'', I can expose her for her theft, racism, and homophobia on ‘'The True Yvonne Sensing: This Is Not A Poem, But An Exposé About The Woman Who Hides Behind Flowers''. I also have a God-given right to defend my reputation. Something Yvonne tried to ruin with that homophobic, racist tirade. What's fair is fair, isn't it?

Please my dear poets, let's start respecting one another and prove to the world that poetry is not dead... and most importantly, NEVER LET ANYONE SACRIFICE YOUR ARTISTIC INTEGRITY! IT'S NOT JUST WHAT YOU STAND FOR. IT'S WHAT YOU FALL FOR TOO.

Take care and Godspeed.

Ke André Bell-Washington

P.S, here are the links that prove what I wrote is all but the facts.

(My sincere apology to Yvonne in a 5 star review, as well as her accepting it and taking personal responsibility for her starting trouble)
''Poetry.com... And To Real Poets'' by Yvonne Sensing - http://poetry.com/poems/614762--Poetry-com-And-to-Real-Poets

(The false accusation made by Yvonne, and me trying to reach out to her peacefully)
‘'Hate and the Torment'' by Dave Ratcliffe - http://poetry.com/poems/633307-Hate-and-the-Torment

(Her trolling that same accusation on my poetry page)
‘'Manners (A Diamante)'' - http://poetry.com/poems/619277-Manners-A-Diamante-

(Her trolling still and making fun of my family issues below my personal review. Something I've never done to her and will never do)
‘'Ho Ho Ho, No No No'' - http://poetry.com/poems/538330-Ho-Ho-Ho-No-No-No-

(Her trolling her disgusting homophobia under Elizabeth R.'s single star trolling)
‘'The Devolution Of Poetry.com (Exposed via Diamante)'' - http://poetry.com/poems/622893-The-Devolution-of-Poetry-com-Exposed-via-Diamante-

(Her trolling and badmouthing me behind my back when I've tried to stay away from her under my 5 star review. Talk about someone being obsessed!)
‘'A Cry For Help'' by Bree B. - http://www.poetry.com/poems/842981-A-Cry-for-Help

(Her claiming ‘'Her Teardrops'' as her poem. That alone should have her thrown off the site)
‘'Her Teardrops'' by Jessica Ray - http://poetry.com/poems/401469-Her-teardrops

(Her racist homophobic tirade to me. What a hateful prejudice bigot!)
‘'K.B.W (A Tanka Compilation; The Final Encore)'' - http://poetry.com/poems/696128-K-B-W-A-Tanka-Compilation-The-Final-Encore-
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Submitted on August 21, 2014

15:00 min read

Ke Andre Bell-Washington Claim this poet

(October 24th 2012 - March 8th 2013) The time frame in which I was a member on poetry.com. A website that consisted of poets, demonic trolls, and out-and-proud prejudice bigots. I have revealed all of the good, bad, ugly, and inner beautiful in equal doses in both myself and others. Because I did that, I am now loved and loathed by the entire community in equal doses. The best way to comprehend it is some people want to hear the ugly truth. Others would rather just stay asleep inside the matrix of mental slavery. I'm not going to describe my poetry here. I'd rather have my material speak for itself. With that being said, I want to thank the following people who were there for me as friends and those who are loyal dedicated supporters: Paul Harmon (my brother in Christ), Gareth Jones (my #1 fan), Mark Porter II, Willy J. Williamson, Becca Wedge, Shama Javkar, Joey Jones, Peter J. Brown, George Nosis, William Charles Schuler, Vladimir Bass, Michelle Borel, Jordan Goodwin, Dm Rumberger, Sara Irizarry, Donka Krsteva, Ashok Babu, Helema Jones, David Abraham, Nick Adegwe-Oshomah, Divya Nishant Ranote, William Hollingsworth, Maria Shaw, Norman Wilson, Tejinder Singh, TJ Hatton, Juliet Ligon, Gracey Sanders, Ging Alburo, Christina Peskowa, Dave Ratcliffe, Tom Kennedy, Isaac Rodriguez, Ahmad Al_khatat, Abid Saleem, Farida Amin, Taylor Rose, Roland Ediare, Sarah Spohn, Andreas Evangelos Vanezis, Debbie Krieger, Michael Gonzales, T.o. Differential, Wishu Sindhu, Paul Kurland, Jeff Shafer, Oliver Sherman, Elizabeth Winters, Dale Raymond, Lynette Mack, Saroj Khan, Frances Hime, Frank Chidsey, Andy Lyle, Kimberly Ertsgaard, Aryan Choudhary, Sandra Meadows, Faye Lee, Bong Herbert Guitang, Alice Morani, Donald London, Rosalie Hobbs, Euvela Higgins, Andre Smith, Marco DaJuan, Amegha Sahni, Karl Stuber, George Collett, George Meighi (better known as Haiku Artist), Sam Mac, Colleen Ruiz, Jon Otano, Wallace LaBenne, and Gabriel Mican. They all were the reasons that I stayed on this website 3 months longer than I was initially planning to retire. They kept my name alive with both their praise and constructive criticism. I will forever remember it!Of course, I want to thank all of my haters, the demonic trolls who thought they were torturing me with their two and single star reviews, and most of all, the now ''Eight Stalkers Of The Apocalypse'' (Richard ''The Pinocchio Poet'' Acevedo, Yvonne Sensing, Elizabeth R., Calvin Carter, Lee Canham [a.k.a ''Seven And A Half Sheeep And A Chickkken''], Clifton Redmond, Dana Moon [whose real name is Lyn Pi], and the newest stalker, Kristin Ell). I am specifically naming them because they all have either trolled on several of my poems, wrote hateful rants directly about me (and even posted some of them on my pages), made up false allegations against me, pretended to be a friend of mine (but was exposed as a duplicitous, narrow-minded follower), or have made racist and/or homophobic comments against me. In the case of the The Pinocchio Poet, he is a closeted Nazi. These people are wolves who will devour anyone for their personal pleasure, with the exception of Yvonne, Clifton, and Kristin. Those three are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are the most deceitful of them all. Watch it all unfold as you look at my poems one by one.Thank you all for reading this summary. I hope you it informed you, as well as entertained you. TAKE CARE AND GODSPEED!!! more…

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