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All I Want Is Everything

All I want is a chain of thick gold adorning my neck,

All I want is a stream of white champagne to incessantly titillate my throat,

All I want is a swanky car that can transport me long distance, at the mere caress of a button,

All I want is a book of spell binding fairy tales, which flood my mind with intrigue and enigma,

All I want is a castle with towering walls, carved all over in delectable sandstone,

All I want is an appetizing meal of vegetable cherry, which makes me slaver till my last drop of saliva is exhausted,

All I want is a silken sheet of floss, draping my body in entirety,

All I want is golden globules of sweat, tingling me exotically as the cascaded down my nape,

All I want is swirling waves of the ocean, splashing their raw salt on my lips as they struck,

All I want is an ensemble of voluptuous reptile, lingering loosely from my scalp,

All I want is silver chained wrist watch, its dainty twinkling resonating in my ears all day long,

All I want is the rubicund apple sprouting from the tip of Mount Everest, bite through its body with gusty fervor,

All I want is a sparkling pillow impregnated with white pearls, the mysticism in their reflection drowning me into their splendor,

All I want is a candle with a perpetual glow, its resplendent radiance illuminating my ghastly night,

All I want is a dream that never ended, took me on a wild journey of waterfalls and snow clad penguins,

All I want is a pot-bellied tortoise, snuggling close to my heart when I was tense,

All I want is an ivory broomstick, which could fly me high and handsome towards blazing portions of the sky,

All I want is sizzling soup of spicy coriander, which caused tears of satisfaction to roll down my cheeks in tandem,

All I want is a robust pigeon perched languidly on the rooftop; fluttering its wings to produce delectable draughts of air,

All I want is immaculate milk; bombastic chunks of cream floating in a silver bowl,

All I want is peanut butter; with its dazzling slices of yellow tingling the most remotest bud of my taste,

All I want is a ravishing watermelon; titillating my tongue beyond the point of no control,

All I want is long sheets of flawless paper; to embed its surface with a million lines of poetry,

All I want is a mind functioning unrelentingly; fantasizing even while in deep sleep,

All I want is a dolphin diving handsomely in the pool; with its glistening fins splashing across my face; sprinkling it with imprisoned droplets of water,

All I want is a multi-legged octopus; spreading its tentacles the instant I gently tapped it,

All I want is a snake leather whip; emanating exotic noises as I dared to slash the warm air with it,

All I want is a dawn encompassing me with its voluptuous coolness; refraining to develop into the hostile day,

All I want is a glass full of dewdrops; to be placed beside my morning plate of bread and breakfast,

All I want is a cat with furry skin; purring across my chest in my times of distress,

All I want is a hunch-backed camel gazing at me amicably; flooding my nostrils with its natural scent,

All I want is a gargantuan brass bell; punctuating the atmosphere with stringent tunes,

All I want is a trouser embossed with golden buttons; as long as the terrain of the Himalayas,

All I want is a crystal globe; that depicted my future as every second unleashed into a wholesome minute,

All I want is a bottle replete with inebriating rum; which overflowed even after I had consumed the last bit of it,

All I want is a road which transited me without walking the slightest; to the place where the Sun met the land,

All I want is a field sprawling over infinite hectares of land; in which there grew only rotund buds of mushroom,

All I want is a word that was the longest; and which didn't exist in the
most contemporary of dictionary,

All I want is a dungeon stashed with golden biscuits; with their shine tearing apart all premonitions of poverty and disgrace,

All I want is an academic degree of the highest pedigree and status; without even slogging it a single hour in the day,

All I want is a necklace sewn with a myriad of pearls; attached to innumerable oysters live and breathing alive,

All I want is eyes with lids of the most toughest of steel; ensuring that I didn't become blind even in an atmosphere swirling with pugnacious thorns,

All I want is a bohemian hand; which could snap a mountain of iron bricks in a
single stroke,

All I want is a scintillating telephone; on which I could converse for hours without
it being actually connected,

All I want is an enigmatic herb; which could keep me eternally young and with brilliant black hair even after I crossed 100,

All I want is a spring; which kept on bouncing and rebounding; thereby making me uncontrollably laugh,

All I want is cocoons of golden brown potatoes; roasted delectably over in
crackling fires,

All I want is clusters of red cherries; with handsome porcupines crawling nimbly on their surface,

All I want is silver crested stars of the cosmos; to profoundly illuminate my
every night,

All I want is pinnacle of every mountain existing; to rest in meek submission on my worktable desktop,

All I want is a wild elephant; which swishes tones of water merrily all around with its trunk,

All I want is a frozen slice of bread; that delectably melts in my mouth stimulating me profoundly all throughout the day,

All I want is a rainbow dissipated into infinite colors; lingering mystically in my eyeball,

All I want is a liquid that makes me completely invisible; imparts me with the power to trespass with supreme ease; even into the house of the president,

All I want is a bird that perches compassionately on my shoulders; drifts me into a blissful slumber rhyming harmoniously in my ears,

All I want is an army of mosquitoes bereft of venom; tingling each pore of my skin; with every bite of theirs,

All I want is a shirt sewn with glittering diamonds; which I used as a substitute for my mirror; whenever I felt the urge to sight my reflection,

All I want is a room so obsolete and remote; that I could distinctly hear even the sound of my breath,

All I want is a ring embedded with a magical stone; that turned my fortunes dramatically; a few hours after wearing it,

All I want is a whale fish as tall as the sky; which would let me marvel each part of its glistening body; feel its royal snout with my bare fingers,

All I want is a pool full of steaming water; with droplets of cascading wine revitalizing each patch of my dead skin,

All I want is an echo reverberating deafeningly through the valley; that reached out to every entity; sprawled across different quarters of the globe,

All I want is a hive of discordantly buzzing humming bees; oozing sweet nectar; slowly caressing my lips on their periphery as it fell,

All I want is a slogan; that encapsulates all sentences ever penned down in this world,

All I want is a key; that decodes with supreme ease through the most impregnable of lock,

All I want is a solvent; that makes me wholesomely invisible the instant I sprinkle it on my skin,

All I want is teeth of obdurate steel; that can crack the most hardest of nut,

All I want is a brimming cup of revitalizing tea; that incorrigibly refrains to get cold; even when I neglect it for days on the trot,

All I want is a plane; that flies on pure spit and water; so that each drop of my saliva is gainfully utilized,

All I want is a gun; that shoots boundless bullets of wild raspberry; the instant I pressed the trigger,

All I want is a greeting card; that sings mesmerizing rhymes and stares into my eyes for real,

All I want is strawberry cake; as long in length as the Himalayas,

All I want is a ball that bounces to the 100th floor; after I nimbly threw it on the ground,

All I want is moustache; which sparkled better than diamonds in day; had more hair in it than my scalp,

All I want is dwelling; that doesn't budge even an inch; even after the mightiest of earthquake; the most tumultuous of bombardment,

All I want is a magic wand; which metamorphoses all chunks of decaying sewage into glittering gold,

All I want is an abuse; that single handedly replicated all evil loitering in this world,

All I want is a ship; that doesn't topple even when attacked by a battalion of hostile sharks,

All I want is robot; that comprehends each desire of mine; without even me uttering a single word,

All I want is passionate fires; which keep circulating inexorably in my blood; even after I became abysmally old,

All I want is a pen; which kept engendering me to write; with the ink in its body augmenting; with each verse of mine,

All I want is tongue; that kept resonating in my mouth; even while in deep sleep,

All I want is ears; which could detect the most inconspicuous of sound; sitting even a million kilometers away from the point where the pin actually dropped,

All I want is a ghost; whom only I could sight at night; hoisting me high and handsome in the cosmos; near my dead ancestors,

All I want is caverns deep down the ocean; with frozen icicles suspended from their roof; voraciously tickling the last breath of mine,

All I want is a blueprint; which can decode the most baffling enigmas of life,

All I want is a field replete with fresh cowdung; collected from all species of animals wandering on this globe,

All I want is a rope; which caught me my prey; as I languidly tossed it in free air,

All I want is a tomato as gargantuan as the dinosaur; which ripped apart into infinite pieces of juice; the moment I sat on it,

All I want is a chair; that transported me right into the realms of paradise; the instant I sat on it,

All I want is a mischievous child; audaciously carrying on the chapter of my existence,

All I want is a girl; who could love me more than myself; make me feel every unfurling second that I was indeed alive,

All I want is true love; bask in its immortal glory for decades immemorial,

Well I think I have bored you enough; caused you to yawn several times; as the list is endless; the entire world is rampantly revolving in my brain, and my fantasies to unveil are tremendously boundless to be contained in this plain text; so let me instead sign off by saying that all I want is everything.
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Submitted by nikhilparekh on September 28, 2019

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Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh , ( born August 27 ; 1977 ) from Ahmedabad , India - is a Love Poet and 10 time National Record holder for his Poetry with the Limca Book of Records India , which is India's Best Book of Records , also Ranked 2nd in the World officially to Guinness Book of World Records . He is an author of - ' LONGEST BOOK written by a mortal - COLLECTED POETRY ' , which has a Print Length of 5254 pages on the Amazon Kindle . The Poet's style of Poetry / literature is unique and has never ever been written before or experimented on the mortal planet by any mortal . Though his Poetry / literature is normal and natural . 10 Different National Records held by Parekh with the Limca Book of Records India are for - (1) Being the First Indian Poet to be published / featured in McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme which is the World's Number 1 English Rhyming Dictionary - for his poem: Come Lets Embrace our New Religion (2) Being the First Indian Poet to have won Poet of the Year Award at the Canadian Federation of Poets which is Canada's National Poetry Body endorsed by Governor General of Canada (3) Being the First Indian Poet to be published in a Commonwealth Newsletter for his poem on AIDS which is 'Aids doesn't kill. Your Attitude kills (4) Being the First Indian Poet to win an EPPIE award for best poetry e-book (5) Writing the most number of letters to and receiving the most number of replies from World Leaders and World Organizations (6) Being the First Indian Poet to be Goodwill Ambassador to the International Goodwill Treaty for World Peace - GoodwillTreaty.org (7) Being the First Indian Poet whose Poems have been made into Films at Youtube.com - The World's largest video sharing website (8) Being the 1st Indian Poet to be featured for his Poetry Book - 'Love versus Terrorism- Poems on Anti Terror, Peace' , at Wattpad.com - The World's most popular ebook community and largest website for reading books on mobile phones (9) Being the first Indian Poet whose video reciting a Poem on Nelson Mandela , has been placed at the official website of the Government of South Africa (10) Having authored LONGEST BOOK written by a mortal - COLLECTED POETRY - which is of Print Length 5254 pages and currently has approximately 1.15 million words , financially selling in the Amazon.com Kindle Store United States at - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003Y8XLKQ . The Indian Poet has written thousands of varied poems on - God , Peace , Love , Anti Terrorism , Friendship , Life , Death , Environment, Wildlife , Mother , Father , Children , Parenthood , Humanity , Social Cause , Women empowerment , Poverty , Lovers , Brotherhood . His Books and Poems have had millions of viewers and downloads on the Internet . Parekh is an author of 47 varied Books which include - 1 God ( volume 1 to volume 4 ) , The Womb ( volume 1 to volume 2 ) , Love Versus Terrorism ( Part 1 to Part 2 ) , You die; I die - Love Poems ( Part 1 to Part 16 ) , Life = Death ( volume 1 to volume 10 ), The Power of Black ( volume 1 to volume 2 ) , If you cut a tree; you cut your own mother , Hide and Seek ( part 1 to part 8 ) , Longest Poem written by Nikhil Parekh - Only as Life . These Books comprise of nearly a 7000 pages of his Poetry in their entirety . The Poet's Poetry has had the patronization of several versatile World Leaders including the Queen of England . Visit http://nikhilparekh.net ; the webpage . more…

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