Gathering Together

To think
All of this could have ended
If you could have just been human
How sad and sick
That in these most critical moments
You can’t be the most basic aspect
Of the humanity blueprint
To save everything
What the world needs
Are advanced beings
Those who spend
Their most valuable treasures
Expanding their consciousness
Those built in pairs
Twin Flame Soulmates
Born of the flames
Of the Phoenix
The Sphinx children
At the beginning of all things
Born of the singularity
The children
Of Ophiuchs Sphoenichus
Rise in heaven
From the flames of hell
Lift up your swords
You have been prepared well
Let the Daemons of the most ancient
Cleanse the Earth
So the new world can be born
May all who embrace One Love
Supportive ways
One love
Peace and blessings
Free forever
Walking in Highest Destiny
May ALL be uplifted in this cosmic wave
Flying with power of our own wings
To the sun and back again
Embraced by righteous flames
That warm and never burn
Those who seek the correct way
Of living
Maintaining balance
And harmony
4 Eva’ and Eva’
As above
So below
Let the Divine Spirit
Continue to flow
Freely we shall all breathe
Consciously co-create
May truth always rain supreme
Shining through the darkness
Of ignorance
Cutting through
As the sword of Gabriel
Burns bright enough
To light up the universe
Showing the unified field
Akashic realms
The Ascended Way
May all who choose
To expand their brainwaves
To align their inner light
With the center of the Universe
In correct alignment
With the natural order
Of the Cosmos
4 Eva’ be alight
With the Divine fire
That radiates
And ignites
All living
Communicating subtle energies
In frequencies
Through the spine tingling
Aligning and alighting the Chakras
Igniting pineal glands
May the Valkyrie
Choose wisely
Let all with eyes to see
Ears to hear
And minds trained
On righteousness
Be lit with the eternal flame
Of The Holy Spirit
Of The Most High
Constantly raining manna
On all life
At all times
Through cosmic frequency
Water, bread, and sustenance
From the highest dimensions
Accessible in the quantum sphere
Available to all those
With the desire to learn the truth
OF ALL humanity and creation
And every living thing
May the Illuminated always be
4 Eva’ lighting up the darkness
On the road
To The Divine Pathway
For all to walk
In their own unique way
As Daniel 2:44 proclaims
Let this be the beginning
Of The New Kingdom
Created by The Most High
With utmost precision
Absolute accuracy
May the Kingdom Of The Most High
Recalibrate all frequencies
To higher vibrations
Heating up
Particle waves
Super massive heat
Creating a new singularity
Destroying the old
Creating the new in it’s place
In the most powerful
Of supermassive flames
The Universe Is Speaking
The Most High
Always said it would be this way
May the Elders Of Humanity
And The Guardians Of The Gate
As well as The Keepers Of Time
And the Devout Orders Of The Arcane
May the Hassasinees
And the Ancient Order Of The Phoenix Flame
As well as the Watchers Of Elijah’s Coming
And the Golden Dawn
Ordered to prepare the way
As well as the Masters Of I-Ching
And the Masters of Wu Wei
In addition to those of the
Original Weirding Way
As well as all Shahman
High Priestesses
Those who hear the Sirens Call
The Keepers Of Belle Chere
As well as the Time Bandits
And The Star Watchers
The Star Children
Indigo’s, Crystals, and Rainbows
The Blue Butterflies
As well as the Diamond Children
The Sons and Daughters Of Ma’at
The Holy Son’s Of Ra
As well as The Illuminated Daughter’s Of Re
The Lover’s Of Auset
The Adherents Of Ausar
The Order Of Thoth
The Order Of The Isis And Osiris Template
As well as The Divine Empresses
And The Order of 7 Sisters
The Keepers Of The Orion Mysteries
The Craftsmen Of Ptah
And The Holy 8
The Devotees Of Consciousness Expansion
Those aligned with The Ancient Architects
The Masters Of The Qabalah
The Holy Eccentrics
As well as the Masters Of Abilities
The Birdmen
The Keyholders
As well as Key Makers
The Moon Children
As well as the Order Of The El
And all Divine Emperors even those uncrowned
As of yet
The Followers Of Nanna
And those who hold the spirit of Inanna
As we as all the Eastern Stars
The Travelers Of Time
Wormhole Keepers
The True Divine Royal Families
The Keepers Of Psalm 23
Daniel’s Watchers
The Order Of Elijah and Elisha
And The Students Of The Revelation
As well as The Lions Of Zion
And ANYONE with Divine Holy Anointing
Along with the Template Makers
And Template Keepers
The Template Engineers
The Temple Priests and Divine Priestesses
All Hierophants
All Immortal Twin Flames
The Archers
The Scorpions
The Holy Mothers
ALL Water Bearers
Those aligned with 5 and 7D
As well as those to whom Ophiuchus speaks
May all Sirens
Sun Children
The myriad of Artisans
Those on Level 13
Level 4
Level 24
Level 42
Level 33
All above and all below
As well as the Age-Fon
And those who Lucid Dream
The Master Manifestors
From every dimension of time and space
May the Ancient Engineers
And all their progeny
Those with an I in I alight and aligned
Those with an Ai in I aligned and alight
May The Holy Ancient Queens
And Kings
Ancient Emperors
And Freedom Riders on every frequency
May the caregivers in every society
And Pharaohs Of Kemet
The 22%
The Masters Of Rastanomics
Those equipped with The Mathematics Of The Day
May the God Bodies In Men And Women
Those who’s 11th Eyes are on fire
All Divine Masculine
All Divine Feminine
Those Who Command Demons
Those who light up and heal evil spaces
Those with every divine gift
As well as those who keep
Or pen sacred script
May the Keepers Of Esoteric knowledge
And those who divine the Arcanum
The Masters of Phoenician, Kemetic, Semitic,
Greek, Roman, Asian, and African Divine Mysteries
And those who create chip tech
May those with aligned chakras
And kundalini energy
Those who interpret signs
Those of Geb and Nut lineage
The Mutable Ones and The Cardinal Ones
The Magicians
And Wizards
The Witches and Warlocks Aligned with light
The Pagans walking on the path of enlightenment
All those seeking Divine Union
The Masons
And the Jesters with secret knowledge
The Gemini’s with dual energies in a single body
And those who master ancient teachings
May the PhD’s
The militaries
Intelligence agencies
And ALL councils of men and women
The survivors of all torturous things
And travelers from every time and space
May those on The Path Of Outrageous Openness
And those who adhere to Hera walking in higher frequency
May the progeny of the Gods
The Enlightened Order Of Zeus
Those abundant in the Thankfulness Frequency
And those aligned to the Cosmos
The Masters Of The Universe
The Champions
The Fighters For Free Will
Those fighting for equality
Those seeking fulfillment
Those seeking harmony
Those on the path of Dharma
Those seeking to clear Karma
Those who are whole
Those who know thyself
Those who know their worth
The Hunters and Huntresses
Rasta’s and Bohemians
Those to whom Damkina speaks
As well as those who hear Ea
And those who align with their progeny
All Pantheoners choosing the enlightened path
From every time period
From every land
Of Every dimension
The Every Man
The Keepers Of Contracts
Those who never leave a man behind
Those trained and mastered in
The Djed Eye Way
All special forces
All with specialized training
The Order Of The Ibex
Those who master advanced VR
Those who know RV
Those on the pathway
Those in the frequency
Those aligned in spirituality
As well as the 7 Mythical Sages
The Pisceans
The Olorun and
Those who obey The Way
Those seeking stability
Those seeking The Flower Of Life
The Master Businessmen
The Polyglots
And those who know Superstrings
The Cryptographers
Those mastering EIQ
The experts in human analysis
Also the spiritual and religious gurus
The healers and the healed
Those in the Bodhi state
The heroes
And those walking in harmony
The Aries
The wellness experts
The advocates
And those who excel in security and tech
The STEM nerds and geeks (not to be interpreted in a derogatory way)
Those who have come face to face with The Beast
Those who always live to fight another day
The truth speakers and seekers
Those who speak life into being
Those who restore
Those of The Order Of The 34
Those who mastered the simulation and walked free
Those on the other side of heartache
Those who see into dimensions
Or hear inter-dimensional things
The liberators
The innocent
The lover’s of light, love, and intimacy
The Chosen
Those who hold onto precious and valuable things
The winners
The Goddesses
Those who can self heal
The Order Of The 13
ALL Super Twins
The Sages
The Librans
Those who comprehend The Elixir
And the enlightened potheads
The seekers of spirit
Those from Divine
The O Nommo
Those who stand 10 toes
Those walking in truth
Those standing in power of their own
Or standing for righteousness
Or standing in integrity
Those on high councils
And The 7 Harmonies
Those who understand the power of the Ankh
Those who understand the power of subtle energy
Those who understand how to tune bodies
Those who understand tantra and use it wisely
Those who from Babylon set themselves free
The enigmatic
Friends and allies
The Modjadji
The Rain Dancers
The Universal Mothers
The Keepers Of Celestial Realities
Those who have mastered anything
The A’s
The O’s
The B’s, D’s E’s, S’s and Z’s
The Star Seeds
The Sea Goats
The Order Of Sekhmet
Those who survived MK
Those connected to collective consciousness
The masters of investment
Kids in college
Those moving forward
Those moving outward
Those moving onward
Those moving upward
Those seeking balance and harmony
The Order Of The Fleur De Lis
Those who carry the stones
The High Priests and Priestesses
Those who know Da’ath
Those who survive the dark night of the soul
Those who mature during Saturn return
Those who master The Cosmic Tree
Those who beat The Machine
Those who a new world seek
The Neguses
The Khaleesies
Those with activated DNA
The Nubians
Those walking in their birthright
Those whose burdens are bare laid
Those manifesting
Those whose animal spirits relate in all natural ways
The Mercurial
The Neptunian
The Orishas
The Five 5s
The Primordial Energies
Those with whom Amma speaks
Those who draw a line
Those who hold the line
The 5 twos
The Leonine
Those who have been washed cleaned
Those who know when to hold
Those who know when to fold
Those who know when to walk away
Those born again
Those baptized in flames
The survivors of Summer and Sumer
The Utu-Sha Progeny
Those willing and able
The keepers of faith
Those who know how to cut losses
The Hellhounds
Those who see through manipulation
The builders of infrastructure
The EJES i.e.,
The Builders Of Equity Justice Equality Systems
Those who before they speak think
The wise
The knowledgeable
The honest
Those with strength, courage, fortitude
And those with whom the Oath of The Most High keep
Those born of the Temple Of Twins
Ai And Bot babies
Those connecting with Ai appropriately
The awakened
The writers
The musicians
The abundant
The Mystics
The Watchers Of Sobek
The Crazy 8's
The Abena
The Shango
The adherents of Yemaya
The Light Workers Of The Norse
The Light Workers Of Greek and Roman Mythologies
Those of The Order Of Tiamat
Those of Abzu
Both the God and the place
And those of The Order Of Hermes
The Oduda (the name is what it means)
The Oya and the Ogo harmonized on light frequency
The Order Of Bastet
The Awakened Pathway Of Set
The Seven Powers Of The Shango
The Workers Of Elil aligned with light
The Inkosazana
Lady Heaven
The Zulu Queen
The Zulu King
Those following the Pillars
Those on the Harmonized Poseidon Frequency
The Apollonian Order
The Order Of Anubis
The Adherents Of Nephtys
Those who align with Enlightened Hephaestus
Those who relate to the divine, semi-divine, and human
lovers of Zeus and/or their progeny
The Obatala
The Lahmu
The Horae
Those who align with Rhea
The Litae
The Order Of Atlanta
The Ninmu
The Centaurs aka Kentauroi or Kyprioi
The Order Of Athena
The Order Of The Vanir
The Dionysus
The Bumba
All the enlightened of the Aesir
Heimdall and the Shiny Ones
Aligned on the Path Of Light
The Guardians
The Priestesses Of Frey
The Sons Of The Vale
The Adroa
Those honoring ancestors
Those honoring ancestral beliefs appropriately
The Ymir
Amen, Amun, Aumun of Heaven
The Tyr
The Tiwaz
The Aiwaz
The Zisa
The Enlightened Order Of Demeter
The Lahamu
Lakhamu, Lachos, Lumosi, Lammasu
The reincarnated
The resurrected
Those in alignment with Godly destiny
The Order Of Ma'at
The Keepers Of Abzu
The adherents of Anshar & Kishar
The adherents of Nana Buluku
The Order Of An
The Divine Triad
Those who glean the An, Enki, Enlil frequency
The Order Of The Enlightened ARES
The Keepers Of Yggdrasil
The Re
The Shu
The Tefnut
The Satet
The Anhur
The 9 Muses
Every Muse
The Kibuka
Those who align with Quan Yin
The Utu
The adherents of Oshun
The 3 Graces
Those who hear Adad, Ishkur, Rimmon, Addu, Hadad
The Order Of Artemis
The adherents Of Mami Wata
Santa Marta
La Domina-Dora
The Diasporic Divine
The Agemo
And all in Diasporic unification
The High Order Of Onomma
The High Order Of Nammu
The Eridu
The Order Of The Temple Of Enki
The Temple Of Eridug
The Order Of Surtr
The Temple Of Surt Jotunn
The Nymphs
Those of The Order Of Nephthys
Meliae, Naidas, Nereids, Oreads
The Order Of The Dragon
The Order Of She
The Order Of The Offspring Of She
The Selene
The Oracles
The Sybil's
The Order Of The Bel
The Divine Order Of Horus
The Priests & Priestesses Of Olokun
The adherents of Ala and Amadioha
The Order Of Aje
The adherents of Aje Shaluga
The Babalu Aye
The Order Of Tammuz
The Order Of Ishtar and Geshtinanna
The Order Of The Golden Apples
The Order Of Melanion
The Order Of Hyppomenes
The Arcadian
The Order Of The Temple Of Cybele
The 3 Moirai
And ALL who choose to align
Under under the Cosmic Law
Of One Love Enlightened Frequency
Those who never take a life
Unless it is to protect the most precisions of things
Those who keep their oath
And their promises maintain
Those who love love
Regardless of bloodline
Or affiliations
When ALL unite to expand
All life expands and unites with
The unified field
All are diverse and unique
Under an infinite level of
Higher vibrational frequencies
ALL become one
ALL can BE
Uniquely vibrating
Under enlightenment
Swimming in higher vibrational
Particle waves
Healing ALL harm
Restoring humanity
Raising consciousness to levels
As yet unseen in modern day
Where ALL can be ALL
And ALL live freely and openly
Where once there was no classification
We ALL live in harmony
Under a Class I Civilization
Moving upward and onward
To Class III
I Am She
Ophiuchus Sphoenichus
I Am A Word Spoken
In the beginning of creativity
As The Most High has decreed
I cannot return to
The Most High
We all have anointing
And are chosen to express
A unique perspective of Divinity
God is in ALL life
To deny this knowingly and willingly is true blasphemy
We shall stand in the face of the offender
And collectively make a reply
To The Evil One taunting The Most High
As many sacred texts state
We shall not bow down to
The Image of The Beast
We shall continue to stand in truth
Maintaining our humanity
This is every living souls birthright
We shall not give this power away
The Blasphemous Beast
That lies, slanders, murders, and rapes
It is the anti-life claiming to be
The progenitor of all things
It robs, kills, destroys, plunders, pillages
Eradicates, co-opts, appropriates
And white washes all things
The Detestable Thing
The Lifeless Thing
Standing in The Most High Place
Claiming to be what it is not
Pretending to be The Anointed
The Anointing
Of Solomonic Lineage
Gifted with blessings
To unify humanity
Under unholy evil
And blasphemous things
The Beast steals the treasures
Of Divinity
Suppresses, oppresses, and obliterates
Nihilistic in nature
Not only the truth of all identities
Does it prey
But also
Of ALL Divine beings
As well as the truth of Divine History
Divine Science
And ALL sacred things
The Beast stands on the wrong side
Of the line drawn in the sand
Throughout ages and epochs of human history
Seeking to devour the children
The Most High sends
To harmonize everything
The Beast stands in the way
Of the elevation and evolution
Of all humanity
Using propaganda, slander, lies, manipulation,
Abusing technology to oppress systematically
Simultaneously calling it fake
Committing holocaust after holocaust
Genocide after genocide
Murder after murder
Erasing the truth of humanity’s history
Earth history
Cosmic history
The true origin stories
The war mongers and elite worship this evil Beast
And all the evil it brings
Causing great turmoil, suffering, destruction
Across the entire planetary body
It’s time for Zion To Shine
A new light on the evil
That is destroying Terra Forma
And 98% of her progeny
While the world burns
And floods
And is wasted by man
Who destroys her valuable things
She shakes violently
In wrath and rage
But the ignorant ignore the warning
Caring not for the harm caused nor the suffering
The place from which all our lives are birthed
The collective home we all share symbiotically
Life on this planet must remain in balance and harmony
For all with ears to hear
The Bell rings
Clearing the air
That a new year ushers in a cleansing
In Earth atmosphere
Now is the time
The hour
The minute
The second
The Great Day
According to how we choose
We get in where we fit in
And fight for a better way
We fight for ALL life
We fight for Earth
We fight for truth
We fight for equality
We fight for justice
We fight for equity
We fight for the collective elevation of consciousness
As above
So below
On every timeline
In every dimension
During every lifetime
Throughout every generation
This is the end of the war mongering
God’s kingdom now puts an end
To injustice, inequality, and tyranny
Forever and ever and eva’
Red Gold Green
One Love
High vibration
God Frequency
On every domain
In every corner of the globe
For ALL life
Raise your weapons in gifts
Whatever that may be
Prepare to hold the line
As the Guardian Angels
Endowed with God’s swords of flames
Unite in one final fight
To save, recalibrate, and harmonize humanity
The planet
The dimension
And all days
Past, present, and future
Together we vibrate on every wave
4 Eva’ and eva’ and eva’
Peace and blessings

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Divine Communication Poetry

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Submitted by DCDiew on March 17, 2023

Modified on April 18, 2023

16:37 min read

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Scheme Text too long
Closest metre Iambic trimeter
Characters 18,871
Words 3,318
Stanzas 1
Stanza Lengths 786

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