Hummingbird – Day One

One is the beginning of everything
Miles journey starts with step one
My first step is introducing my name
I am Hummingbird of the neighborhood
Who is humming and singing to make you happy

Lived at your backyard for years
Not knowing one another gives me discomfort
I hear you singing, chanting and at times crying

All that is common as kids growing
As of soon we will be friends and exchange opinions
That is meant to be neighborhood friends
Don’t be shy to share or to ask me
I will be back on Day Two

Hummingbird – Day Two

Children you deserve to know something of me
I am called hummingbird
You will find me at your backyard
I am small with big thinking
My favorite color is red
I eat in moderation
To stay in shape
I don’t want to look like a big fat hen
Listening to me, to mom, dad and grandma
Will help you reaching your goal
When you grow up
I love to be a friend to all children
In the neighborhood and beyond
If you have any question
Make it ready
I will be back on Day Three

Hummingbird – Day Three

As I promised I am back on
Day Three
To share something with you
Keeping promise is very important
If I failed you will be disappointed
The question you twitted was
What I eat
My diet is flower nectar
Tree juice and pollen
You will be able to know in depth
When you study science
For now this will give you an idea
I am not picky with my long tongue
I can snatch some leaves as well
My loving message to you for today
Don’t forget to say thank you to mom and dad
When they serve you
I too say thank you for listening to me
And get back with a new message
If you have another question
Have it ready for Day Four 

Hummingbird – Day Four

It is a joy to be with you again
You the children of neighborhood
This is an affirmation
I love to be with the children of all culture
You might wonder what culture is
Culture is society, background and ethnicity
All have their own way of life style
I too migrated from different culture
When you walk up in the morning
Don’t forget to say good morning
To mom and dad
And one kiss to mom and one kiss to dad
That is one way of showing respect and love
Also say please when they give you
Your breakfast
Accept it with blessing
Since there are many children
Around the world
Who do not have much food on the table
If you have something to pose
Have it ready
I will be back with sweet words on Day Five
Hummingbird – Day Five

We share playtime with friends
When we play chasing each other
As you play hide and seek
With no destruction of neighborhood noise
We love to listen to one another
I love to hum
It sounds like bees
I can also hear you singing:
“We are together, together
To play merry go round and round”
It is a good thing in between
Helping mom and dad
Anyone knocking a door
With no okay not to open it
And don’t forget the house rules
Picking toys scattered around
I leave you here
And be with you on Day Six

Hummingbird – Day Six

This is a month of September
The grass is dry and crisp
When it is hot
It is good to be in the shade
To drink water one way of staying healthy
Helping cure cold as well
Until you hear the bell for supper
You listen to my humming
I am busy in cleaning my nest
You too busy in cleaning your room
As you sing your favorite song
I ask you to draw a picture of me
That is one way of doing well to others
Use every minute of your time
I will get back to you on Day Seven
Hummingbird – Day Seven

Thank you the lumberjack
for not cutting a tree
where I am landing
I looked down from my nest
as the children were playing
the entire frolic
as the rain approaching
Mom loudly, “Children get inside from the rain!”
Not to catch cold
For these and all
I continued humming
Wishing the best
To the neighborhood children
To grow listening advice of mom and dad
Mom and dad also to be careful
Not to raise their voice high when discipline
To explain things step by step help them
Understand better
I will be with you at the latest on day eight

Hummingbird – Day Eight

You are so dear
I am back with happy face
Flying quickly with my fragile wings
To tell you about the four letters
When you carry it as foamy as cotton
When you dress it as warm as a sun
When you test it as sweet as honey
Love has no size
Love has no color
Love has no religion
Love has no distinction to make
We hold each other fast
It will keep us strong
We hug each other
That helps us staying orthodox
We all love each other
To echo corner to corner
We are the children of the world
Be ready to utter more on love on Day Nine

Hummingbird - Day Nine

We accepted your message of love
With open mind and tender heart
Love travelling miles
motto to share and form unity
If you have any other tell to tell
Let us hear it this is Hummingbird again
Yes, I have for mom and dad
Now I am rushing to go back
To look after my eggs
Before it get crack
Handling things properly
Will save us from regret
I appreciate if you draw my image
With my nest and egg
I have important message
For mom, dad and grandma
I will share my loving message
When I will be back on Day Ten

Hummingbird – Day Ten

As you expecting me I am here  again
To deliver my short message to mom and dad
I know mom and dad loves you dearly
My message is just to raise their awareness
When they take you to shopping mall or playground
Not to leave you behind
Holding your hands will give you strength
And save you from falling in the ditch
It is important looking after you
Texting to friends can wait
Holding hands of one another
Gives a warm feeling
I will share something of different culture
When I will visit you nxt time

Hummingbird - Day Eleven

Carried a message
From far away
Knocking a door to deliver
I hope you would recall on culture
Hummed on Day Four
Today is a New Year
For a country called Ethiopia
They ought to have rainy season
June, July and August
On the 11th day of September
Welcoming a New Year
Children of the same age get together
Going house to house
With bouquet of flower
Wishing every family health and wealth
Posing the air to fill with love and harmony
To be fear free world and to shine ray of happiness
On every child around the earth
I will knock again at your door on Day Twelve

Hummingbird – Day Twelve

Let us talk of twelve
as counting one to twelve
the other way of saying it a dozen
can we try listing twelve good things?
To form a habit of praying
To listen to mom, dad, grandma, and teacher
To have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack on time
To remember drinking water
To help cleaning dishes
To make your bed
To pick up your stuff
To say please and thank you
To do homework’s
To fix hair: boys well trimming and girls with Ponytail
To look adorable
To take nap will relax mind and body
To play with friends makes it twelve
My final thought to mom and dad
As health is wealth
All cluttered and cracked need to be clean
Children love to hear slow voice than loud
Love to laugh than crying
To have flu shot on time and eating right
Will add plus to the inventory
You keep on whispering
For love and laughter
I keep on humming 
With no racial origin
No class distinction to make 
I love you all 

Hummingbird – Day Thirteen

My greetings to the neighborhood children 
I am back from my trip from far away
My journey was tedious, but fruitful
I observed children of farm land
Playing with whatever toys they found
Listening story under a big tree
They were full of joy with a big smile
I hope you had a wonderful Holidays
Here in America for a number of things
to be thankful: for school and school buses
For living in clean and comfortable houses
For many toys and plenty of books to read
And many dresses you have
Keeping tidy and clean is a must
I will talk to you on my next visit.

Hummingbird – Day Fourteen

This is your friend hummingbird
Glad to be back to the children of neighborhood
I am a great admirer of nature
Humming in low voice
In love of tree and rock
River and lake
Mountain and hill
And for the fresh air we breathe
which makes us free of suffocation 
In agreement with you
We all sing a song of appreciation
And the echo gets back to us
That is a sign of acceptance
On my next visit
It is my wish and desire
To see your drawings of nature
If I am call it that is part of hobby
I will be back on Day Fifteen

Hummingbird - Day Fifteen

This is another time of knocking at your door
What a delightful experience 
To allow me to get to your home
To focus on things important to us
   is a rewarding
Helping others in guiding to understand
step by step
Makes them knowledgeable 
To encourage reading books an asset
The most important of all
Teaching the children
To follow rules and regulations
Helping how to be self-controlling
In other words self-governing in a number of ways
Then mind will not be isolated
Thinking will have freedom
Which direction to move
In doing the best to self and to others
If you have any questions
whisper it
I will talk to you on my next visit

Hummingbird – Day Sixteen

This is another time of knocking at your door
What a delightful experience 
To allow me to get to your home
To focus on things important to us
   is a rewarding
Helping others in guiding to understand
step by step
Makes them knowledgeable 
To encourage reading books an asset
The most important of all
Teaching the children
To follow rules and regulations
Helping how to be self-controlling
In other words self-governing in a number of ways
Then mind will not be isolated
Thinking will have freedom
Which direction to move
In doing the best to self and to others
If you have any questions
whisper it
I will see you on Day Seventeen

Hummingbird – Day Seventeen

To utter a word of appreciation
just right
For proclaimed sound of welcoming
to my little one
Moving well with no scratch so far
A little one on progress
 to be self-supportive
Nature giving her proper guide
I too helping her how to hum
That would add another charm
to the neighboring kids
Your kind words swinging
back and forth
Worth remembering for the
rest of our lives
A rattling wind once in a while
slapping on our faces
Moving to a big tree will have wider room
Hate to be away from loving
kids of neighborhood
Cuddling help us
to overcome the burden
As you chanting
and shouting
We keep on humming
Two voices strengthening
the solidarity
  I will be back soon on different version

Hummingbird - Day Eighteen

Many good things to recall
So much to say of you
You delightful kids of neighborhood
A hope of tomorrow
To family and country

Some of you asked
What "solidarity" mean
From what I learned
It is unity, agreement and harmony
And that is how you embraced me

I learned many good manners
How to listen to parents
How to be respectful to one another
How to be thankful and appreciative
To all the efforts made

I am watching every move 
Of this neighborhood
How protective and loving
Your parents are
I too protecting my little one
Under my wing

I have an idea to share
Don't distance yourself
From grandma
She love to tell untold story
She will teach you
How to mend wear and tears
And her advice is priceless
Sharing from her trail of adventures
That is a pass port to a better venture

I will see on Day Nineteen

Hummingbird - Day Nineteen 

I am glad to be back to the children of neighborhood
This is a rain season not friendly to all
There are many without shelters who are shivering from
     cold weather
Be gratitude for being warm and comfortable
I too happy for being sheltered under a big tree
My wish and hope, one day you will shine
   the world with light of education in a big field of illiteracy
There are many who cannot read and write
Not knowing alphabets, like walking in the dark
The children need to be free of 'illiteracy'
There is a saying, "Knowledge is Power"
If some of the words difficult don't be shy to ask
Asking parts of knowing
Many things go wrong from lack of knowledge
My humming is not without reason
   one day it will reach to a child of a village
Bye for one until I get back with different episode

Hummingbird - Day Twenty

Ten plus ten makes twenty
This version will make it
Last before finishing a year
As you and your parents
Saying good-bye
To the old year
Your families are cheering
To welcome year 2021
I too saying solo
To the loving neighborhood
With my neck down
Learning is a knowledge
Environment a better place for educating
My little one needs to know
Her place of origin
That is helping to compare and contrast
Staying with you taught me
How to share
How to love and be loved
A New Year is a new start
With so much enthusiasm 
Understanding too vague
At this young age
On the way many challenges
Patience and endurance
Requiring to overcome
I have a feeling that my humming
Might not loud enough to reach you
My last word though
Keep on listening to advices

Your friend Hummingbird
See you on Day Twenty One

Hummingbird - Day Twenty One

Trees, bushes, weeds and the grass
Sharing the sparkling light of
The reflection is shining over
Our tree as well
Hearing you singing 
With your sweet and low
Voices with the sound of piano
Lift up the neighborhood spirit
The smell of Gram's cup cakes
Invites from a distance
Mom and Dad thinking hard
To make you happy
With list of your wishes of
Christmas present
That is meant to be
The essence of Holidays
For my little one and I
Is a delightful experience
To be part of this loving neighborhood
In return we all sing a song
Wishing peace and happiness
To every child in every neighborhood
 Around the glob

Hummingbird - Day Twenty Two

I am back as I promised
To share more of my experience
Of overseas

If the word "overseas" 
Too difficult to understand
Look in the dictionary

Overseas means beyond seas
Far away or foreign country
Different in many ways than in here

No matter where; all the children have similarity
They love to play 
Innocent friends to all

They do not have many toys as you do have
They play with natural toys like mud and clay
They play hide and seek

They have different life style
No fancy dresses and live in small houses
They are joyful with what they have

On my next visit
I want to see your drawing
Of imagination how they live

God equally love all the children
They too love one another
I will be back on Day Twenty Three

Hummingbird – Day Twenty Three

I looked at the paintings you made
My admiration have no end
Keep on developing your talents
As I am on my last chapter 
As I aged I am weak than ever
I accepted with pleasure
Not any more humming as my early years
My voice is vibrating
I made it all in the past with joy
Now every part of my body is fatigue
That is facts of nature
As I am moving to retirement
I want you to remember me
As Hummingbird of the neighborhood
I loved all equally and shared
My little wisdom with many
When I said good bye 
My voice vibrate with no clarity 
I have last advice to render
Love and be loved
Respect and be respected
Look all as you see yourself
It is hard to say, "Farewell"
I rather preferred to say

About this poem

Hummingbird is an imaginary creative writing for children, I believe it would help in entertaining, and at the same time offering some basic advices. It is from One to Twenty Three Series. Follow me.

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Submitted by yeshigemaneh on February 18, 2022

Modified on April 12, 2023

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Scheme Text too long
Closest metre Iambic tetrameter
Characters 15,479
Words 3,335
Stanzas 60
Stanza Lengths 1, 5, 3, 5, 1, 16, 1, 21, 1, 25, 19, 1, 18, 19, 1, 21, 1, 21, 1, 14, 1, 23, 1, 34, 1, 17, 1, 21, 1, 22, 1, 22, 1, 35, 1, 5, 5, 5, 6, 9, 1, 1, 17, 1, 1, 30, 2, 1, 24, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 31

Yeshiembet/Yeshi Gemaneh

I was born and raised in Eastern parts of Ethiopia in the city of Harar, I was attended elementary and secondary school in Haile Selassie Day School in Addis Ababa. I remember when I was in grade 7, I won a prize for being the best student - a book "Alice in Wonderland," from Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Ethiopia. From High School, I was rewarded scholarship for higher education on City Administration, and Social Studies in the cities of Luneburg, Aachen and Dusseldorf, West Germany. I had also a humble opportunity of learning Western culture, German language and associated closely with hard working German people. My fascination and love for poems goes many years back, when I was in grade 7, one day our English teacher read, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ...," since then I wanted to write poems. In 1995 I had an opportunity to join, The International Library of Poetry. Since then I expressed on variety of topics or titles; I call it my ABC poems. I see my life experience as my greatest teacher, and I love to share what I have had acquired over many years with others, however, every day I am a learner. It is my strong belief and philosophy, if a person has interest and willpower can achieve his goal. As a child, my important figure was my mother. She taught me the Ethiopian alphabets, and love of family and surroundings that helped me to see many things positively. Unfortunately, despite my wonderful childhood experience and growth; I encountered many ups and down of life journey that too taught me a lesson. Now, I am in my senior years being old is wisdom. There is a saying, "quitters are losers," and I don't want that to apply on me. more…

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