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The night brings solace, its darkness friend Forever now —forever then (The New Room: January, 2021)

by Kurt Philip Behm

added by sage48
3 hours ago
Life Changes

A colossal dressing room, open and ready to be used, magical and irresistible, creating a longing in you to try things on. Enter in curiosity but have no fear. Life changes are leading you here. You can slip in and out of an endless sea of garment...

by Nadin E. Hopfer

added by nadin_h
3 hours ago
This is the place

Far, that's all that I could say, it was far, far away, Far from civilizations where children play. For this was a place full of misery, For if you were here, a long time you would be. This is the place where if you were a Jew, You wo...

by Oliver Simpson

added by olsimpson2202
3 hours ago
I will look up to the Hills

I will look up to the hills When I am defied with the test of life When reality struggle my dreams to the fall And hopes collapse like a sac Then, I will look up to the Hills. I will look up to the hills, The Hills, my Hills, where cometh my help...

by Sunday Aideloje

added by Aideloje
4 hours ago
The Ship of a Friend

This ship of a friend sailed to the end, Turns out it was a bend, “It is often we just have to pretend, in order to mend,” Says the friend. Once they mended, They no longer felt offended, In the end it was intended, that they should not ha...

by Amy Kely

added by anonymous
4 hours ago
The Mango Tree

When I was a kid, There was a mango tree. Not a big and shining one, Not a small one either. It was just a tree Sick and weak fainted and pale It was tired, just like me. I used to go to the roof and stare at it. It smiled at me. We talked...

by Subhodeep Chakraborty

added by anonymous
4 hours ago

A cold chill that gives you goosebumps when you open your window The calmness of the silence that gives you away in a crowd Your ears covered with muffs that keep your thoughts in until the cold air coats your tongue A cold breath that exhales whe...

by Brayden Valley

added by utsickbrayden
4 hours ago
Humari adhoori kahani

Teri chahat ke sapno ko ankho me sajaye baithe the hum Teri yaadon ke saaye me gumsum se baithe the hum Tujhe baat karne ka mauka dhoondhte the the hum Tujhse milne ki chahat me idhar udhar bhatakte the hum Har waqt tere pass rahene ki dua karte ...

by Arhama Bano

added by arhamabano070
5 hours ago

Kitni akeli hoo main Yahan koi nhi hai puchne wala ki mera haal kaisa hai Koi nhi puchta ki mera dard kaisa hai Koi nhi puchta ki mere jakhm kaise hai Aye mere rab ab tu hi bata de ki ye meri jindagi ka paher kaisa hai Na jeene ki aash rakhti ...

by Arhama Bano

added by arhamabano070
6 hours ago
Drain the Swamp

By: Curtis Carroll, 12/30/2017 He campaigned where others feared to go In rural towns where his opponents dared not to show The media laughed him off, as if he was not in the race Claiming victory for their candidate, before evening’s grace He...

by Curtis Carroll

added by anonymous
6 hours ago
Leave me to this world

Leave me to this world And I will build the day And construct the night Then divide them both By the sun, moon, and stars As they fall to my word Which shook the heavens And a world of another Who will come to a future Of a beginning and end As al...

by Mark cloutier

added by Markcloutier
7 hours ago
Fuck obamka

What can I say fuck Obama. Black as charcoal is me. I voted for you in Hope's of getting my money back didn't know you never grew out of that high school attitude. But anyways fuck you. Hell even I'm a mean dude send people out to lay you. Dress ...

by Rene Raymond

added by to_t
7 hours ago
Sarah Rose

Lost was I then once upon a time Least thought I was, was there a time Now and here, living fully, I Sarah Rose Life after death, started I to my life Time and space there and not Sun and moon exist or not Know little we, unaware of it or...

by Sarah Rose

added by SarahRoseAllButOne
7 hours ago

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