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It's Like a Tomb

She loves the
It’s like a scar on
her soul.
She constantly complains about
my drinking,
yet daily, she fades
to black.
Sleep, oh what an
escape, but she
rapes the sunrise with
worry and
dreams deferred.
I write by candlelight...

Tom Case
Poe the Cat

My autocrat of a
sat on the pedestal
and watched me type.
His eyes, slits, like
slivers of emeralds.

He took a paw,
licked it, and
washed his despot face.
He owned me.
I did whatever he
He sauntered off,
then turned and

Tom Case
Sonnet for M

I love her enough to write her sonnets;
to use an unfamiliar form to woo her.
Rhyme schemes are like a bee in my bonnet.
If she were cold, I'd be a coat of fur,
wrapping her body in love and heat.
Warming her soul in fuzzy animal bliss.
I long...

Tom Case
And then the Night Comes

And then
the night
comes flooding
in, like
a spilled beer.

Fear is a
rabid bat;

Loneliness is
an ice cube
in a bathtub

Love is a
flat toad in
the road of

Hope is a

Tom Case
I Just Want to Swim

She had that
octopus smile,
always reaching for
I was her small
fish; her handmaid.
I lived in her nebulous
world for far too long.
Inky confusion...

There's a reason for
your treason, said the
old man to the shark,
but Hem...

Tom Case
a New Life

The honey on the
wet orchid glistens
in the sweet afternoon light.
I lick softly the
petals and the bud.
Your sigh is like
a symphony.
The emotions pound through
me like an ocean of love
like a river of madness.
The juice sticks to my soul...

Tom Case
And I Will Rise

There is a gravity to
sadness; it pulls me
downward into a
deep dark well.
I can't climb out.
It's my own private hell.
I pray for levitation.
I jump, only to fall.
I feel forgotten.

I put one foot in
front of the other,
and I will...

Tom Case
Look at Me Mama

I'm an athlete.
I can throw and catch,
and run in the sun-
all shiny and bright.
And you just sleep, sleep, sleep.

Look at me, mama.
I'm a writer.
I do poetry and stories,
all pretty and pink,
and all you do is,
sleep, sleep, sleep.


Tom Case

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