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In the mist of this dark situation locked away, incarcerated you are my ray of hope. My inspiration, my clouds of joy the lift, and gift of my life. The high; your more than dope. With your love I am motivated, elated Spirit elevated with so many...

Chittovious Coleman
Sweet Deceit

Sweet deceit, so seductive & beautiful in the face, so delicious her taste for manipulation hidden in her curves, full lips saturated with lies, not to mention the dissention when relieving tension hypnotized with the way she work her hips, lips,...

Chittovious Coleman
Our Bond

Our Bond of Love is like a force field, for you I use body as a shield. Even though I'm not bullet proof.
Mental Kinesthetic, impenetrable through the passing and sharing of love; like blood our Bond sealed.
Solemn and heart felt similar to...

Chittovious Coleman

Dear friend, allow me to be there to do my job as God sent. To listen, sit vent. Let me assist rebuild your confidence. It's evident whole intent to soothe your spirit that you quicken. Feed, help you breathe, your iron /oxygen waxes low, behold not...

Chittovious Coleman

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