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I stand on the rock.
My foundation is built.
The water may rise.
Waves will hit.

I hear voice of many waters.
I do not stand alone.
I focus on the light.

The storm is upon us.
You are my beacon in the dark.
You are my peace in the...

Wendy Rice

Be still,
be gracious as the moon brace heaven.

 Let your presence be a light like the sun,
brighten the world.

 be the cloud that subside the heat,

 beneath the sun.

 the stars appear as seen suitable.
hidden beneath the cloud.

Woodelyne Durosier
To dance with Jesus

I want to dance with the Trinity, three in one
I want to dance with the Most High God, El Elyon
I want to dance with Jesus my Bridegroom
I want to dance with the Holy Spirit my comforter
I want to dance yes, I want to dance

I want to dance...

Laura Elizabeth Flo…
Remember Me

Standing in dust clouds, shards of glass and concrete,
gasping through sooty air, wreckage surrounds me.
I lift my hands from their torpor, wipe the weariness from wet eyes. Where were you when I needed you? I ask the smoggy skies.

So used to...

Laina Gavriel

Forever does unchanging love remain,
upholding grace and freedom in its wings,
I lonely and abandoned may appear,
empty of higher purpose or design,
in ignorance and isolation steer
dark images of suffering and fear.
Thus, unmet needs, desires...

Donka A. Krsteva


It is late at night
As I look into a crystalline sky
And ponder upon my smallness

I realise the stars are
The music of the universe
I am but one note on the staff

And I am...

Megan Lindberg


In this forum of poetry, I don't think I'm all alone.
Driven by thoughts and bursts from the soul,
To create that one 'perfect' poem.
Well, I have ten crates full of brilliance...
Dog-eared journals of life and fate...

Robin Loving
Dreadful Mercy

Your mercy, God, oh—how it startles us!
It shakes us loose from earthly things that bind,
Determined, grim, severe, it visits thus—
In pain, in death—what torment to the mind!

We push you out—no room within our hearts;
They’re full—of fear,...

Dwayne Erb
He Shone a Light

He Shone a Light Upon My Spirit
A Light Within
A Light to be Seen
In Between
The Surface of Me & You…
Continue to Reach Above to
Glorify Him,
In His Name
For His Namesake

Kari Michele Chrich…
"How Deep?"

"How Deep?"

Always strong and one for all
Until you break and down you fall
Perfection it was, thus anxiety ensued.
No longer successful and depression pursued.
Failure at its finest, or so I was once thought to believe.
Here, though I’m...

Melissa Marie Beach


The thoughts are intrusive,
this smiles a facade.
How can happiness be so elusive?
I'm truly a fraud.

Heavy is how I would describe depression,
but I remain steady
as I navigate its lesson.

It dampens the burden,

Jonathan Piper
Jesus Came For All

Jesus came for all,
the young and the old,
to answer his call
no deed is too bold.

For women he cared,
the children he held
the brave men who dared
he did not...

Donka Kristeva
When My Heart Does Not Feel Right

When my heart does not feel right,
Sinful still and prone to fight,
Bad, impure, not shining light,
Be, dear Lord, its guiding light.

When my heart feels vile with blight,
Wants to wound, not suffer slights,
Seems it can’t do any right,

Waters Deep.

But waters deep,

Of tears,
Never shed,

A heart,
And not right,

Was the well,
Tears to weep,
Were left,

A hole,
None filled,


She sat there fighting both;
Her untold words,
And her outspoken silence
Guarded only
By a distorted conception of self-mastery
An enduring belief that estrangement is...
The sole chance to be at home

With the rhythm of every smile

Areej Eweida
It’s Not Enough

It’s not enough to know your word,
Its time for me to live it!

I went to see my son today
And I thought about you Father.
The clouds were high and the sky was grey,
Your hands were in the water.

He stood outside his swimming pool,
I was...

Richard Groff
Mask unraveling

Your eyes look sad and distant, but you say you are perfectly fine.

  Your heart feels heavy and blocked, but you say you feel the same as ever.

  Your mind appears to be full of...

Mask unraveling
Let you down

I'm sorry that I let you down,
that I was just too meh to have met your crown.
Absent in time I never knew you enough,
and so far from home mum couldn't ruin your bluff.
Travelling roads that would last a while,
the school bell tolls and I'm...

Sean Heggie
I Was Just a Pawn

No Coat of Arms, no Knightly charms
No Bishop's robe to don...
I do not ride a sturdy steed
I am just a pawn.

Kings will toast, and warlords boast
Of victories; 'til dawn
While I lay in a trench, of human stench...
I am just a pawn.


Robin Loving
A letter to myself

It is to you that I write,
On this dark, starry night,
Heart and soul heavy with memories,
Terrified to delve into pristine territories.

I remember you, slouching in front of the mirror,
And on your face, ran inky rivers,
Freeing your soul,

Maheen Shahab
Speak the Truth

When you walk in the shoes of man;
The souls keep getting thinner.
And you can’t put your trust in them;
When summer turns to winter.

The worldly things you think are true,
Are often just deceptions.
That’s why you need a filter,
To improve...

Richard Groff
What Lies Beneath

A masquerade of strength and solidarity

 A smile concealing the pain

 No one will know what you're going through

 If you just keep playing the game

 Don't let anyone close enough

 To see behind those eyes

 They'll see what you've been hiding...

Shelly Thompson Mea…
The Tiny Frog (a bedtime poem)

Once there was a tiny frog,
Who jumped inside a hollow log -
That rested on a bed of clay,
Beside the river’s edge one day.

And playing with his frog friends there,
He turned to them and did declare -
“I’ll count to ten,” he said with glee,

Leslie Kay Lanham
At last!

I tried to scream, but this time my voice failed me,
I tried to run, but my legs could no longer save me,
I tried praying, but even prayers couldn't comfort me,
I tried so hard, but all my efforts couldn't help me,
My time had come, my past had...

Kennedy Mwangi
What's Unseen

Sometimes when we speak the truth
we tell the biggest lie
Intention stealing from the facts

 meaning ill contrived

The pole is North though pointing South
when asked which way to go
when in the Northern Hemisphere
a liars truth misnome


Kurt Philip Behm
I ask God for help

Sitting in my own sorrow trapping myself in a corner allowing myself to suffer the pain that I am enduring

 Allowing the abuse one can inflict on another
God I ask for help
The power one can hold in fear of walking out but where do I go
Will he...

Celeste Yvette Rubio

Pain unspoken
Emotions untamed
Hurt unaccounted for
Places upon me
With no regret or remorse insane
Lost souls drawn to my light
Leaving me fighting for my life
Pain so deep an endless fall
None to truly understand my mental stability at...

Staci T
Godly Love Means Obedience

Where learning begins:
At the feet of the Master.
As a disciple.
To profit from the wisdom
That is garnered...

Karl Constantine FO…


Do we listen to God when he tells us about something good that is about to happen to us (are we just too busy worrying about something else going on in this world)? We all should be listening to him.

Do we listen to our parents when...

Aquetha Montgomery
My God!

I know you're real,
I didn't trust
I didn't believe
I doubt

I know you exist
I didn't see
I didn't hear
I didn't touch

I know you love
I close
I fall
I break

I know you're near
I go
I pray
I apologize

I know you forgive

Ariana Poem Jr.
Now I can see

I cried out Lord, why me?
As Jesus walked on Jericho’s Road.
He washed away my sins and set me free.
I now understand why, he chose me.
Jesus had a plan.
I could not see.
The scales have been removed.
Now I can see. ...

Wendy M. Rice
Dear childhood friend,

Dear childhood friend,
remember how we used to play,
why did it have to end?

I miss the days spent
in our treehouse, the way we carelessly lay,
dear childhood friend.

the secrets shared with no offend,
the strawberry cake on your...

Jagged Edges

Jagged edges
Tearing my heart
Fragile soul
Ripping apart
Fractured thoughts
Locked down inside
Like dynamite

Stop and breath
Cleanses deep
What's underneath
Fallen down
Alone and lost
A heavy...

Betsy Wokersien Ste…
My inspiration v

Those words I write , only inspiration is you. I don't know why I move to you. Perhaps God wants this, that we will be together. Our love bond is made in heaven, tell me , this also in your heart....

You and me

You walk with me, in the cool of the garden.
You talk with me, let's discuss your life.
Abide in me as I in you.
Talk your heart's desire.
It is mine.
You were designed by me.
I align with you.
Trust in me.
Celebrate the jubilee. ...

Wendy Rice
To the messy girls

To you, my beautiful soul.
To the one who never feels quite right.
To the one who never feels healed.
The one who feels like they’re never in the right place.

I hear you. I see you.
I see your messiness and you, my beautiful soul, do not...

Melanie Dutchyshen
My Heart Calling

Will you hear my Heart Calling
For it is crying out Please Love me
The ache inside seems so loud
Or is it quiet to the outside
It screams from within
But am I the only one that hears it

My eyes deepen with each cry
The tears fall and with...

Leilani Newjirk
There is No Title

I just wanna sleep and never wake up.
Look how much space I take up.
I wanna drop off this world and never return.
I dont wanna feel my life burn.
The mountain I've been climbing is way too high.
It seems to be going nowhere no matter how much...

Victoria Maier

I feed off other people's feelings.
If there is anger in my atmosphere I'm angry.
If there's happiness I'm happy.
The atmosphere has been so much hate and pain.
So I cry and hate and complain.

I wish my surroundings were full of happiness...

Victoria Maier

Do not mind my shame
It's always in the corner
Do not mind my pained
It got worse as I got older
Do not mind my thoughts
They are always in the air
Do not mind my mouth
My words are always there
Do not mind my hands
They are sudden and...

Tired of Faking

Put on the facade again today
Bright and beautiful
Fun and happy,
Pretend like everything is okay
When really inside, you're dying

Tired of faking
I just wanna be the real thing
No one wants that though
So I'll keep putting on my show,

Lou Denver
and to say to those, it gets better

The many broken people that walk the depths of this earth with quiet faces are called antisocial. My meaning of that is “the fear of what happens next”. Now that many others discriminate against anything whether you're called different or didn't...

Veronica Maeder
My Wonderful Teacher

I have a wonderful teacher
Who is as sweet as can be
You really should meet her
And then you will see

I have a wonderful leader
Who leads my path towards Christ
I realize now I really need her
She will do what's right with all comfort...

Caroline Farr
Tell my story


Tell my story children.
Evangelize. Evangelize.
Speak the truth.
Fake news, you will fall.
Be my reporter.
Be the woman at the well.
The enemy runs in fear.
Devil you are a liar.
My God has already won. ...

Wendy M. Rice
A Prayer in Spring

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day;
And give us not to think so far away
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
All simply in the springing of the...

Robert Frost
God's Garden

God made a beatous garden
With lovely flowers strown,
But one straight, narrow pathway
That was not overgrown.
And to this beauteous garden
He brought mankind to live,
And said: 'To you, my children,
These lovely flowers I give.
Prune ye my vines...

Robert Frost
Striking my Chords

I want my blue-ish eyes to see more.
I want my screaming ears to listen more intently.
I want to sharpen my mind.
I can strike my minds chords, I can create a beautiful rhythm.

If I press these keys, play these notes, I will produce harmony....

Michael "Quinn" Gri…
The Pain You Don’t See

The Pain You Don't See:

The pain you don't see
Is the shattering pain
I feel over & over again

The pain you don't see
Is the voices inside my head
Telling me different ways to
Try it one day

The pain you don't see
Is the continuing...

Erica Peters
She Put Herself Last

She put herself last
For too many years
To help those she loved
Both far and near.
Without a second thought,
It was always a yes.
Sometimes she wondered,
How she became so blessed.

Suddenly, it changed
Her vision became clear
And her...

Danielle D Perkins

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