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Silence of the Antecedent

If these for walls could talk then these could speak for ways to paint.

  These brush the colors off their sable bristles on to the face.

  Surfaces ice cream to me spumoni is nice three schemes of coloring.

  Brings precisely a stream of eye...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix
Strike In

Hiss-Hood flared and cocked its dance and avertisement terrifies what threatens its path,

  I watched a charmer unarmed relax the threatening comma with played it to containment and stayed.

  A run of talking lucky abruptly stops my comforts in...

Reil Rosanjelix

-Stalk in umbrella, the empire of cold in glass, a wonder of art and trash, keep in mind olden passed; a new days break
-Filed an internship, the number drawn along within plane, same to you whistlin', onward lines to ventured gain, a do a don't...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix
You name it

Cancel directions, the first of a few
I wondered if now, you would be too
under endowed without it dilute
buy a spoon here's a tune by balloon.

 Slided in blew, the intended caboose leaving
drying sums sue, moisture reused
tie tidal total,...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix
Leive this Space Blankt

Taken for granted is a blessing to send this, shaker to high heavens beneathed. The size shaken to stir is a captivating visual stride made delete. It did technically occupy effectively assigned seating wages, in compounds of cyber estates visual...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix

Sleeping on the night while I
  stayed awake,
  contemplating my navel high as the sky,
  simple and assertive looking up words takes,
  time is a frivolous anecdote,...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix

Thats how you indemnify your own estate,

 Make the bold statement break,

  Any comment, perception, reputate

  Gets seperate and makes you claim.
Mining names and situational behaves

 The key to this; morality,

  Find escape when you...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix

Hit me I mustn't dream me thinks thee seems these means alive.

Find me inner spacey
hid behind the bitter tasty
free's arrive.

Prime reanimate preseason trying fascinate thing bringing size.

Finally ascertainment cleans the lies we have...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix

Survives the titled;

intrinsic development,

three phonetic spells.

Go fetch a second;

look at the evidenced trend,

spelling what it is.

This lesson is rare;


Reil Exce Rosanjelix
Table Topics

Say, the title seem a little on the yawn smile face, opinion?
I see, you explained your not quite sure, until a vision.
Ok, fair enough I'll background check, hear comes decision: Hi, my name is Reil, I hired this...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix

Of the dialed deceased
Let us reveal the released
Omits and audit its pieced
Keepers of the peace increased

Numbers are the spoken one
Doctored is some other sum
Legal politic summoned scrum
Tung-tied the national...

Reil Exce Rosanjelix
An Angry Maine

Here a lion roar, from the sound of the MGM trailer, positioned, desire, inhaler;
  Redesigned, asthma looks prescription, leads you wide asking for a hit?
  Apocalyptic, intrinsically the awful digits go buy flue and cold predated,

Reil Exce Rosanjelix

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