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A new glimmer of hope, that emotional overwhelming feel, as the sun has turned to the other side, you truly still radiant like the first day saw you from a distant and you marveled, like a new rose, you always hold hope the sign of an every lasti...

Futile existance

with a slight dance you invent new moves are they the one you were learning the night before or is it all just a well scripted act full of love just as the devil dropped down to bow at your presence an angel halting breath, a demon giving life it...

Broken Wings

Just like a lost puppy i have lost my owner roaming the streets like a madman mind full of torcher disguised at love fallen from grace i pick my battles made to look like a fool i lost my pants clouds bleeding from the sky above i have found my p...


Sunday best not at my best A day that is filled with more emotion Than a romeo's cry for juliet A love story that could never be As I fall into despair Your revive me with your smile A need I feel for the ages in a moment You turn hours into a ...

As it goes down

Trees casting shadows, horizon becomes less visible, Tears fill pillow cases Nocturnal creatures rise You stand alone with a look, An alluring look that draws me in As I open the door I gaze at thy face Sweetness fills my mouth I want to share...

A spring in your eyes

Has the world really changed? or am i still dreaming of a day with you? a touch of your hand is a dream that i long for a feel of you lips might be what i need most your forbidden touch entices me every fiber is brought to life by your scent fro...

High School

Still has it engraved into my consciousness, the dramatic feel of the animosity of lovers, the touch and the feel of a new dusty book from a young mind to a decaying one, they say its the best and the worst time, the time where promises are broke...


the sun surely is brighter, the moon has cast the shadows away, looking into the wind of prosperity i smile the prophecy has been fulfilled a pace of life has changed the curtains of curiosity have been revealed stupidity has been blown into the...

We were Friends

Used to feed me fruits, tell me lies for you were good, told stories about our love needed your touch instead of bedtime stories worshiped the ground you walked on, adored every breath you took, like a fool i was eluded by your teeth praised ever...


Never thought it could become toxic never poured my heart out never trusted any of it, you were different used to see the galaxy in your eyes used to see more when i looked at you used to see the world through your touches i put my life on the l...

My cute Tulip

Planted in the soil you were, like a seed you came to life A phoenix that rose The rain cloud, that you are Embodiment of heaven, that's just your eyes Silver city has you as the ambassador The touches you make sparks motions emotions that can't...


The sun has risen Anger has evaporated Mood has changed The owls are imprison Do you need energy? Are you invigorated enough? for just as it is you still are lovely, the pale skin has peeled off a cup brings you out of the woods ones you put you...


Born a commoner, yet living like a king the smell of hay is felt from a distant in a glass house you are the ruler the bearer of life and the keeper of it the taste of grapes in the morning, the lust for more at night, a nocturnal functionalist y...


Shallow dreams brings shadows, shadows brings more shadows, An endless circle of breeds, Yet the only survivor i see is in the mirror Never thought i would be lost, lost in the eyes of power A drunkard's last drink into sobriety, a hopeless man's...


A sedative aren't working no more, the pain no longer controllable heart pumping pain and not blood mind repressed from your thoughts Help not in the cards for if it were you would be here monsters raising in my sleep tears have turned into blood...


The laughter changes while the smile fades, the beauty is repressed and the skin becomes pale, Emotions bubbling up dramatically just another movie with broken scenes Through the lens of life you are captured On a paint brush you are alive Oblig...

I hope you are okay

Left in a hurry, i guess work was just too important, was my love enough to drive you away? or was it the crazy obsession i had? i stay up at night wondering, wondering if we could have been something better?, better than a lousy illusion, one yo...

The shortness of breath

as a lovely day it began the breeze against the mist the spring against autumn the cold against the warmth a small breath of fresh air you took a smile that made me nervous just as expected i flashed my teeth never looked so foolish i did, the ...

Under the stars

The pain growing taller than the tallest tree, hate more complicated for us to comprehend, like the constellations we have no contribution, contribution to the lame state that the world has become Like a moon, i am surrounded yet alone surrounded...

Tlou "Sean" Seanego

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