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Breaking News!

Poetry.com, the world’s largest poetry website, has just announced that the Top Contributors to the online community will appear on National Television in 2012.

Each poet that contributes to Poetry.com will be considered, regardless of age, educational background or previous experience.

Poets will be chosen to appear on National Television based on the following criteria:

Overall score- Poets can earn points for each of nine different activities on the site. Poets earn the most points for the following: Reviewing other people’s poems: sharing the poetry they write on Facebook, Twitter and other social media: and receiving positive reviews on poetry they contribute to the community. The top 500 highest scoring poets will be considered for National Television!

Sharing Poetry.com with others- Poetry.com was established to spread worldwide awareness and appreciation for the art of poetry. The top 500 poets that share the most poems with their friends, and bring the most new members into the community will be considered for National Television!

Poets receiving the best reviews- Poets may contribute as many different poems that they wish. Each poem can be reviewed on Poetry.com. Poets may invite as many friends and family as they wish to review their poetry on Poetry.com. The 500 poets that receive the most positive reviews will be considered for National Television.

All scores will be totaled on August 31, 2012 with winners chosen and appearing on National Televsion by December 31, 2012.