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Once Upon A King

Dr, King,
A srtrong black man. man of respect, love, honor, and unity.
A teacher of respect, love, honor, and unity.
A minister, a leader, an inspirer.
Special in every way.
One of many a King of speakers -
speaker of truth, one big dreamer.
A bold fighter,
a strong believer, an eye-opener.
Intelligent and full of wisdom.
Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Once Upon A King, by Daniel Lackey 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 11 days ago
An amazing Man an Honorable man of the Ages! 

Fran McClelland 11 days ago
Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us all hope that things could change here in the USA. We must hang onto that hope and share the love he showed humanity every single day ! Very nicely expressed piece, Daniel. 
Christopher Russon 11 days ago
He leaves a powerful legacy.
Dale Garrow 11 days ago
Great job describing a very decent honrable man. 
Daniel Lackey 11 days ago
This poem was inspired in black history month for my poetry English class @ Springfield South, Ohio. My teacher Mr Stikes; gather other students poems, and put them in a book to get it published.
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