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Softly holding Hope

Hold your hope, and hold it softly
It is a quality that belongs to all
If it is placed in my hands, I can
Softly pass it on......
Holding and releasing hope and it's
Kin, is the step of Compassion we
Choose with wisdom's voice of

All Copyrights reserved for
Sonja Carnes
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Softly holding Hope, by Sonja Carnes 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Christopher Russon 11 days ago
Well written poem Sonja.we all need hope.
Sonja Carnes 11 days ago
Thank you, Christopher! I appreciate your kindness, I love your poem My heart feels so light
I really enjoyed reading your poem today! 
H. Alan Neff 11 days ago
Hope your Hopes and Dreams are snuggled

Carefully in a Box and stored in a Special Place

Very good Write
Sonja Carnes 11 days ago
Thank you, H. Alan. You're appreciate your kindness! Your comments are Valued!
Fran McClelland 11 days ago
Hope keeps us alive, and fills us with promise ! Just beautiful, my friend ! 
Sonja Carnes 11 days ago
Thank you, Fran. You or I could stand alone with hope and we would be in the fellowship of
A beautiful crowd! Because we truly care! Bless you Dearest Fran!
Sonja Carnes 11 days ago
Hope belongs to all, we share it's quality and pass it on!
Yam-tin Martin Wong 10 days ago
Sonja, it is very nice of you that you want to share your hope!
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