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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Soft shadows reveals despair in the
path of moonlight.
Weeping in the shallows of the night!
... continued
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Rain all day, gust all night
Wish this drizzle would
Leave the site....
... continued
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I see the new age coming
Plastic money,fast cars
A trip to Mars.
Each age we Advance
We're not afraid of chance.
Some have internet ...
Test tube human life
Morally questionable
Lab work unfashionable.
I'll just take my boat and
Cast my line, fishing is
My peace of mind.........
The world can sit and spin
Out of sight, but I'm catching
That cat fish tonight!!!
Dough ball for bait, on shore I wait,
Poor cat fish has met his fate.
Back to the world world that is quick
and bold, but not forgetting the joy of
The Old....

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Such a peaceful day, but they say a storm is on its way!
Funny how if it looks peaceful it is hard to believe it any
Other way, but it all happened that day.....
... continued
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"Do Angels laugh, Mommy?"
"I Don't know honey."
" Do Angels cry , Mommy?"
... continued
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He new his time was near he didn't have fear
He walked the land where he once took a stand
Now his children all grown, his oldest son prepared
... continued
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Backs turned silence Crys
No one sees or hears :alone
Heart prays, find lost love
... continued
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Spider web silk shines
Woven in the Forest pines
Spider sits and dines

... continued
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Sweet days of summer, slowly slip away
Crimson sunrise and Harvest moons
Look down from the sky.
There is a beauty to the world that catches
The human eye, but God's good Earth is
A masterpiece, full of infinite worth...
Care for his gift, our souls he will surely

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It is a solitude beyond the reach
I have seen it slowly come my way
A price to great to pay, sleeps in
The light of day...
Over the Mountain past the Sea
I seen it look at me..
In peaceful starlit nights
I feel it's warmth and special sight
My days and nights bond together
It follows in all kinds of weather, yet it
Waits.... Why does it stand still?
It has a nature, and free will...........,
Solitude arrives it softly kiss my eyes
It's gentle touch means so much
It walks along my side, when tears
Flow, not a sound can you hear......
It flows in rythmatic through the years
Now gone again, to visit men in life
And death...
It follows until the final breath...
Solitude, you never eludes...
You've shown me my silent soul
I hear the drums roll, and the final
Bells toll...

... continued
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