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Memories are like nondetachable strings.
Sometimes you want to leave them behind
But the pull along persistently non-tiring!
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Memories, by Endurance Ajodo 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Leanne McLellan 5 months ago
I like that Endurance, treasured memories are well worth keeping and writing about though.
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
I totally agree with you McLellan. Thanks for reviewing!
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Worth a review!
V. Paul Hall 5 months ago
Short, strong, and understandable.
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Thanks Paul.
Your review is outstanding!
Sherry West 5 months ago
so true! memories are exactly like this. :) the rhythm and meter is off. you might try removing some syllables from some lines or choosing different words to create the best balance for this piece.
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
This is a wonderful review Cherry West. I try do some editing!
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