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Often I found in this call a depressive disease,
I read from my friend who called creative disease
Then, I wonder what to do with my common fever
Which often is the source of my personal heifer

Poets they said are often too emotional and deep,
I wanted to be shallow, careless jovial and meep
Laughing with my mouth widely open and uncover,
But I've got no such heart of grace a freer staffer.

Have I not use my depressive gift of creation,
I could be somewhere away grappling in traction
But now a lonely busy, fussy and creative poets
I realize depression has to be some kind of a gift
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Depression, by Endurance Ajodo 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Nice poem. 
H. Alan Neff 5 months ago
I started with long walks in the woods and gathering very wonderful friends at Church

I started eating fresh fruits and vegetables

I get out a noon time to enjoy the Sun- Hope this Helps
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Thanks so much Alan. It really would help. I hope to follow soon!
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
Love this!
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Thanks Carnes! You are one of a kind. You are wonderful!
amber talwar 5 months ago
Poet relates his depressive state.
Well we all have to face it sometimes.
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Yea, Thanks Amber. You are wonderful!
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