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Love in Afrikaans

En toe sit hy en skryf n brief
Net om te se, 'Ek het jou lief'
Maar Ag, soo gereeld is dit gese
Hoeveel waarde kan dit werklik deesdae he
\Toe d*nk hy weer, net n bietjie harder
n Rym of twee sou help met waarde
Toe skryf hy woorde in die sinne
Sodat dit soos n gedig sou beginne
\En toe uiteindlik, in die laaste deel
Waar hy wou se, 'Ek mis jou soo veel'
Dis daar, dat hy uiteindelik besef het
Dat hulle verhouding sy lewe verhef het
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Monty Jade O'Neill More than 1 year ago
And then he sat and wrote a letter Just to say "I love you" But oh, how regularly this is said these days How much value can it really have today. Then he though a bit harder A rhyme or two could help with impact So then wrote sentences in a way To make look like a poem Then when he got to the part where he wanted to say "I miss you so much" It is there that he al last realised That their relationship had enriched his existance.
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Zintle Norange More than 1 year ago
What does this poem means in English? Can someone translate it for me please
Shelly Jarvis More than 1 year ago
Translation (give or take a few words): Then he sat and wrote a letter Just to say, 'I love you' But Oh so often it is said How much value can really now have When he returned, just a little harder a rhyme or two would help with value When he wrote the words in sentences So it's like a poem started And in the latter part Where did he say, 'I miss you soo much " It was there that he finally realized That their relationship has elevated his life
Monty Jade O'Neill More than 1 year ago
Very good Shelly, I will make it my mission to rite the equivalent in English as I did not intend this to go out this way. I was reclaiming some of my pre 2012 works. Thanks for your review and time. Jade
Jawahar Gupta More than 1 year ago
I have an army of "friends" 
and you are my
Friend forever
Share your work regularly
~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~
Daryl Walker More than 1 year ago
sorry i cannot give u a review ,
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