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Get rid if this website
Set me free-
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I didnt do anything - just andre brought them
And i consider them - someone i could marry
And they didnt seem to be interested, that's all
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I deserve to be the center of my universe
I wanna be deeply loved and cared for
I wanna be given letters to
I think I am very worthy to be loved
Yeah. So anyways, I wanna let them all go except Jean.

... continued
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I cannot write any more
I believe i will go to the top of the world
And your efforts won't go wasted
And in the next fifty years,
I will open up the ecosystem to outside world
If i can
As i said, if I can't i will exit, escape, at least save myself- hah

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Can you stop following me you lab duck
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you are a piece of trash.
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It is your grandeur commitment that you become a beacon in darkness. And edify, enlighten and bring in mental refuge for those that may even be undeserving - among the six recycling categories of living. I don't know what your relationship is with Jesus. If you are jesus or if you are Jesus's friend. Dying on a cross and sending his friend john. I think - I am sorry but that's your commitment and intention- a great noble intention, I personally want myself out of this karma. I am 34, 5 decades ahead, I want a happy life here, I wanna exit and I don't wanna return.
And you will ship me off afterwards.
That's what I want.
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J'aime la façon dont vous attrapez mon cul par vos mains et m'aimer si doucement
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Honey sweet dove
I really would love to scribble more loving poems
... continued
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Without a covenant - a promise between god and human - especially stng to do with money.
English, I learn English.
Sort of like, unless you commit yourself to marry,
We are strangers
What do you mean by 'unreliable heart'?
Lust makes a man - in like say, tabloids, makes a man marry three times and have fifteen lovers
So I think .. at least the three wives are wives
You committing your heart to me without kicking the ball into the court of me
Is your own waste of time
Everything is an agreement and consensus
We didn't reach an agreement to be lovers
I suggested, we should, but I think I'd be happy with him also
It's the guy's choice, otherwise you don't take responsibility

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