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Renaissance Man

It was the best and worst of times
It was from the seeds of the Black Death
It was the birth of new ideas
It was a question and a guess
What would happen if we went in an opposite direction?
Of our fathers and our mothers and we made our own invention
Of the world and what is real, we won’t rely on intervention
If we throw away the answers and take our meaning from the question
It was the locking of church doors
It was our cult of reasoning
It was the rights for every man
Or it was the bloody guillotine
We can build a golden calf, we can dance upon the throne
We can resurrect the pillars that fell down on ancient Rome
We can choose what to condemn we can choose what to condone
Without superstitious fear because it’s man and man alone
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Bobby Ferguson More than 1 year ago
your words at the end are so poetic, why spoil it by giving readers more work putting it in a code that can be solved by extra work that most people would just leave out and read another,know your words are good and never hide behind any mask, if you do not want it read , then put it in binary code as the wrong people will decipher and be done with it, I would like to read more of your work straight from the pen, please be more poetic, as you are a poet,well done on your end result
Deepak Kumar Pattanayak More than 1 year ago
Adrian Glover More than 1 year ago
nicely eritten
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