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my silence engaged away
from the situation room
a gathering beneath
the mountains or caratchi fields
never ending land summons

my innermost thoughts tranquil
visitation surrounded by only
intel of the mind several servers
receiving data between human
spiritual technology a place

where no data could reach
a place without ip addresses
no signal drones fly over
missing this place completely
I entered blind folded i'm laid

on a stone slab whispers
chanting gods name heard
from far away the mauve sky
pasted like a canvas the pink sun
dances a journalist is brought in

sweating fierce I comfort him
other visitors laugh astonished
how docile he's become I can't
save him he knows that so do they
he's going to be beheaded soon

I turn my head searching for the moon
a warm breeze is felt my head began
to tremor i'm not alone Madhi cradles me
calming this mental seizure that begins
as I gaze upon him he speaks only to

Mohammed acknowledging no one else
he says take care of her she's special
she has seen me
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Apollonia Don Ciccio 9 days ago
Mahdi, by Apollonia Don Ciccio 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Apollonia Don Ciccio 9 days ago
Apollonia Don Ciccio 9 days ago
Sonja Carnes 9 days ago
I  adored reading your work! It's amazing my friend! I love this!
Apollonia Don Ciccio 8 days ago
thank you
Jorge Emanuel Hernández Velázquez 9 days ago
Awesome poem.
Apollonia Don Ciccio 9 days ago
thank you
ARUN MAZUMDER 9 days ago
well done
Apollonia Don Ciccio 9 days ago
thank you
Iliya Lange 9 days ago
Great piece 
Apollonia Don Ciccio 9 days ago
thank you
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