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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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About My Poem

murder played out so well near Rosa Parks blvd.

after an extremist jihadist jay enraged

obsessed filled with envy sitting behind

a desk inside United States building where

she began plotting my death extorting my

American poetry after my son encouraged me

to enter a few of my poems this contest inspired

by Montel Williams to support MS. survivors to raise

awareness my poem Mattie went viral in memory

of the little seven year old disabled poet

Mattie Stepanek this imposter used her position to

slander me her family tied to the corruption

attempting to frame me for arson

murder of nine seated with the actual arsonist

they'd plotted to gain royalties from my poetry as I

reported the crime to the FBI she began

embezzling my insurance claim funding gangs

Tennessee Marietta Georgia Wisconsin

impersonating me very vile vicious intents

stealing parts of my diary portraying herself

as I 1969 1st grade field trip to Lincolns home

a civil rights movement to bring

peace during civil rights riots I feared for

my safety being I had the same name as

Martin Luther King Jr's daughter

who was this domestic terrorist several attempts

on my life my children as well leaving my nephew

face to face with a gunman sowell montel rang out

perhaps it's one of those things or perhaps

murder was just played out so well on Malcolm X

birthday near Rosa Parks blvd. procession

down Kennedy expressway jihadist always

leave their signature behind sowell

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yes i do take thee to be my soulmate
for now and forever is never to late
for i promise to always be there for you
no matter how hard times get yes i will
love you to death before you get to ill
yes i do love you from head to toe
even on days when you're thrown to and froe
yes i will take your advice to the bitter end
caressing you night and day as your friend
never will i forsake you for a younger guy
even when you're old with soup in your eye
yes my love i commit to you a divine lust
for no one other than you not even gus
yes yes my love i'll be at our chapel
not like last time with a sponge and scapel
i will make sure we both get wet in the rain

our marriage will be the wedding of the year
something old something new a bug in your ear
yes only for you i'm really glad i came to our zoo

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my own kind of breath my own mental health
as i approach the life of my own kind of me
away from taunting a haunting thrust
yes a mere feeling as beautiful as the sun
where life's my my own kind of joy undone
taken a flight throughout the night where man
be man a part from me a given being touching
the life of thy soul not organized a place
where i own my thoughts as the freedom comes
from above not tangible as eligible a force
for my passions form my own kind of joy
as i am a woman as i am no one's toy
awaken while the sunset by the bay
for me as the dolphins still do play
while woman can grow just like before
before a time that's forever more
away from fear as growth be seen
through the eyes of the young so very keen
not a stoop a place my own kind of place
a friendly life where there's no evil trace

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i'm truly pray for you Ciro Gargano i'm amazed at your horror upon me because you murdered nine people you actually sent this female terrorist Jay Townsend Johnson to read my diary study my diary in order to become me after death me the little brown girl 1969 Abraham Lincolns home and tomb your imposter read this in my diary and ran with it like a kite this imposter sweetie wasn't even born in 1969 why impersonate me why not Michelle Obama Maya Angelou why an me an fbi informant in hiding from you the arsonist mafia creep now you sit pouting with the mafia leaders extorting my American poetry my traumatic brain injury paying off corruption to release severely violent offenders to taunt me I read her jacket 18 convictions for drugs battery horrid abuse I got your threats on a dead mans car threats as text messages on license plates i'm only keeping little notes to read when you finally murder me I realize your blew up my skull with a car bomb just so this impersonator can receive royalties from my poet achievments therefore just like fbi agent comey I too save memos like these no different than special agent levinson holding up signs in iran using his fingers to send out his memos today your violent offender using social media to run her Mexican cartel nice cover up selling furniture dresser 50 couch 100 dollars flat screen tv 500 only the items mentioned are actually drug deals 250 pound Mexican female violent offender selling drugs for quuen pin catrina bell she leaves her number call lolo how twisted is that thank god the district attorney didn't take your bribe god is good corruption stinks as the world watched bill Clinton 39 minutes alone with the judge assigned to his wife's case what kind of favors went on in that plane just you and your violent offenders drugs smugglers back off I will not apologize for buying weapons and drugs for the fbi how cruel to impersonate me with my attackers vile viciously exposing me to death ciro and don you both are hideous scum of the earth

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The sun seemed to linger longer over Kabul today
as an unknown soldier offers food water to an
abandoned toddler while two gunmen open fire

they were only children themselves with murder
gleaming from their eyes on a mission to hit thee
target the unknown soldier lured by fates unknown

managed to turn and escape while running away
to his Humvee he was hit multiple times continuing on
all the while to protect this frightened toddler doting

on him as father he managed to fatally wound both
gunmen charging at this little baby the unknown soldier
making it back to the Humvee he gives the toddler a

sippy cup slumps over and dies his country and family
all realized the bravery it took the compassion to save
an unknown child comforting her cries with his last breath
this brave heart did his best as at his feet his 38 now rest

... continued
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622 dashes in from of our car plunging almost
to get my attention as corruption began settling
scores on the deal gone bad as the Mexican
... continued
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her secrets are so close to her heart that
her soul might smack your hands her love so
pure not young as infatuation not ever pushed
it allows you your space her loves carries
you away from now and then as your head spins
she captures you in a sense of trust that it
is a secret for us alone she manages her own
feelings so no one will be hendered by her
lust as her joy warms you back into a fetal
position as the position shifts allowing you
to have total control over her mere soul for
a moment as the locks began to break as her
heart still in place as she gently shared her
secrets with you never worrying if they will
be unleashed in the wrong hands hence the
wrong heart while she grabs you into her body
you are trapped but you want this cause by
now all your senses says feed me and yes like
a princess she does as you are in this mere
comfort zone where lust sits out our passions

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as i focus on life love sure is good
and through the trails and tribo's my
writings are a must see tv to be heard
and cared about to have you in my world
tis true passions for me as i have grown
and yes so many mistakes i won't count mine
but i'll share pure honesty to you you being
my world as i soar through my life above
yours at times but i shall always land right
by you knowing that love is here to stay and
so pure and unconditional so much so you
could've easily thought it must be hate cause
why would god love us so and since he does i
know i'm a winner just away from the plate as
of now but when i hit that ball it will be
out of the fence out of this universe and i
shall always have room for you to soar with
me as i close this sweet chapter this romance
of the millineum as i have cried many tears
uncovered many fears and yet NO comment

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this love in thine heart
seens chills torn apart
together in a heavenly mass
this wonderful world of love glows
through him for him no one knows
we cater to life and remember
our souls always hold
life lessons to unfold
the twinkle of the stars
shine way past mars
we move with grace
love leaves it's trace
the dove sail so sure
her feathers rest so pure
she guides her passion
so closely shedding fashion
bringing joy to the mind
keeping trust so kind
while she glide past the neighbors home
always on flight through the nights she rome

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your attempt to frame me for murder of nine helpless victims
your murder touched down 540 Shelby young man born
1991killed only because he and a group
of guys witnessed your female violent
offender with a 14 year old boy your only
logic kill a young father and his family
because your female violent offender
is where she belongs repeat offender
rather in Tennessee Marietta Georgia or Chicago
... continued
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