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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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As i emerge from the security of my home i feel dread the taxi driver nods at the guy who grabs a news paper from the news stand he catches my attention he drops his keys to the pavement as an old woman sits down a brown paper bag rattles coins in her purse the trolley arrives empty as pressure is released from the man hole across the street panic pounds my chest the street light changes from red to yellow caution then to green silence detonated boom sound ignites darkness conceals my mind my heart beats out of time

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I awakened to the smell of burning flesh a sinking feeling from the bayous throughout greater north eastern region malice seen so vividly face to face with an arson murderer his eyes shift very quickly as he rubs his hand across the wheel of a cigarette lighter striking matches tapping lucky stripes or Winston on the table top to the pool room he gazing over at me and asked me what my husband did in the army I replied motor pool grim artillery explosives his eyes shifted again I have a job for him demolition not knowing this would involved dynamite of course I was just a mom a wife returning from Germany my husband kicked out with a nothing to lose attitude two young daughters he takes the job how nieve I was totally unaware what I would hear from the ladies room the arsonist needed to evict 8 elderly persons during an election he gave instructions they went over the blue print this job will pay big once the building is torched he could collect insurance monies rebuild and finally have his grand whore house illegal gambling for politicians final orders was for five hundred bucks bust up police chief joe gluziks knees with a baseball bat the kids and I was living in a tow truck service auto repair ran by jerry Henderson brother of police officer tippie holderbaum chilled air at the mechanic shop where the arsonist would sabotage policemen vehicles while he push drugs weapons and prostitution throughout the city the city was so silent doug arrived the arsonist orders him to pick of the 4 sticks of dynamite from farrerra's scrap yard off 22nd street grab copper coils as well my eyes wide shut I do not speak only listen sirens sounded off my husband returns covered in soot the smell of wet damp burnt wood an old fabric his eyes as black as coal the arsonist paid him with cocaine and prostitutes I questioned him he slaps me so hard I was never to talk about fire ever it wasn't long a meeting with fbi agent hey what do you know about arson murder you know 8 people died what do your husband do for this guy he works on cars well did you know the fbi profiled the owner he hires African Americans to commit horrid crimes he then rats them out frame them for crimes from selling drugs weapons home invasion and murder no I did not know that what about arson you know this guy is very dangerous he controls this town from cops to judges he will kill you and your little girls do you understand me so if you know something or think of something take my card and card me the fbi wants to protect you and your family this began my wearing wires pregnant for the fbi I finally broke down two husbands later another arson murder nine victims perished alive for a whorehouse cover ups corruption abuse of power and organized crime like Comey I too kelp FBI memos receipts from the state department money transfer from the Bureau I never spoke of fire I only wrote it all down it's great for therapy the arsonist returned with a venges home invasion ripping pages about dynamite finally he ignited an ied in my face I survived only by gods grace his obsession allows him to believe he has ever right to collect insurance monies on my behalf from my injuries the monies used to regroup crime not to mention like any other domestic terrorist as a signature attack on my deceased loved ones and thousands of deceased civil rights advocates leaders and their families starting with kings as in martin luther parks as in rosa robinson as in michelle robinson Obama as in Jackie robinson his rage and hatred he hires three African Americans to unearth bur oaks cemetery on cicero ave. finally researching his family history speaking eye to eye with his weeping mother she exposed her family were ku klux klansmen from Madison Wisconsin created severe pent up hatred a need to burn brown human beings alive the difference between night and day

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long does it take for human to melt within the bone do you feel like god when you burn elderly afro Americans alive do you rejoice with the burning cross like the killer did in Birmingham after igniting the bomb killing for little girls or like the bomb that hit Malcom littles X house I often wonder how it would be face to face with a Ku Klux Klansman the FBI briefed me on your terror hiding behind African Americans down on their luck but I really want to know what going through your head when you hear the wails helpless screaming the sirens arriving your thoughts only on insurance monies Wisconsin political Klansman paying off corruption to focus on jay walking instead of mass murder what make you different than atta ziad bin laden nothing except you suppose to be American an yet you are a domestic terrorist reading my diary exposing me to death because you killed nine helpless innocent people burned alive you are an American domestic terrorist i'm sure it was a blast unearthing but oak cemetery all those coloreds laid to rest what control unearthing michelle obamas family along with mine including my Italian grandmother going back to the old country 2000 years I do not fear your corrupt hideous freak at the da's office your terror shall end ciro

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Sorry coward somehow arson murder of nine out ways any trumped up terror behind corruption hires to cover you murders three wise men saved me from my assassination you planned so carefully you are a klansman scratching mexican snatch some boss of trash
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dear john gotti
you must understand I will never give in to your threats perhaps it's because my heritage mason Italy my great great grand parents built rome one cannot imagine such a beautiful gift your terror under Jamaican Mexican dealers extorting my brain injury claim investing silently construction contractors lawn services you are no different than your idol Sammy the bull whom you glorified more than your own father sadly I met with your enforcer it wasn't nice however i'm passed that now truly
I do hope the five families could come to some sort agreement with the full understanding that I cannot be blackmail extorted or bullied by your insurance fraud and malice arson murders over properties

mason italy

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waking from a coma your mind
spins searching for affection compassion
creating fairytales of feelings emotions love

that just can not be possible vertigo dizziness
fainting as the brain tries to repair lost
neurons the brain actually itch many days

I wished I could just open my skull and scratch
sudden deterioration of brain matter as your
mind rushes to remember things and store

memories reliving traumatic events just in case
the brain suddenly stops ends the death of my brain

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of freedom

of speak


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the times that you know you're in love
the kind of love you can't turn off
this unexceptable love that says get over it
an yet i can't yes i can't lie to myself
at least i can admit it i love you
til death but who cares for a love battle
the worse war we both lose as you call fate
the love game i never lost cause no matter
how bad i got treated as long as i still
love him i thought that was winning and now
you and yet i only want to care for you yes
me love your mere soul with all my heart
as i pick up my heart a bloody mess and no
i don't want to die just care for you idiot cause
i love you very deeply if i didn't never
would the plan fit but you know what else
i'm not leaving so i guess i'll retire on
the funny farm for lovers as these are the
best times as the simple pleasure stay so
clear in my mind if that isn't playing too meds.

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there is a place within me
I don't dare visit a place where
my heart has hidden traces
... continued
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thank you lord for stepping right in
grabbing my hand and holding the pen
as i see my children with gay faces
... continued
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