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Porch Swing

An antique, white wicker porch swing
hanging empty under a shady porch
seems like it might be the right thing
if swung carefully and with the right force.
Swing it slow when your mind needs rest;
swing it fast when you're frustrated or mad;
swing it high when you're at your best;
swing it naught if you are somehow made sad.
The swing can float feelings away
if they need to be gently shaken loose.
The swing can make warm memories that stay
so later you can put them to good use.
It will hang there waiting for you
sometimes set to rocking in gusting wind
but will do what it's meant to do
when you're in it and it's magic begins.
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Rian Giddings More than 1 year ago
love this, my porch swing is my thinking spot
Michael Gonzales More than 1 year ago
great poem....love the message
Rashmi Sajwan More than 1 year ago
 Really good
Ja'quan Labenne More than 1 year ago
But that ____ sounds like fun
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