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A country who call themselves free but one man still decide their lives.
We are told we can serve our God and not force to serve others but as soon as the devil aloud  they go against people who love God. A country that call for caring for it people letting family live on the street and in shelter with not much help. A country who promise no more war but try to have a say in every country life. A country who promise never to have someone over them aloud two groups of people in the government  to tell us how we must live. When the America people say no more war the President come on and lie by talking of war because some country kill their own. A country that believe in God stop and believe in a lie. A country who has lose it respect by aloud babies to be killed and not being fair to those who are of another race. America a country who promise not to hurt children aloud them to be throw in prison instead of trying to help them get back on the right track. This is our country we call America.
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Clyde Joe Cassar More than 1 year ago
a true and sad story...
Bonzell Joins, Jr. 21 days ago
Sounds more like an essay.
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