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The oracle speaks clearly through me now.
Beckoning wisdom and age of those yet to be known.
Higher she reaches upsetting goals.
Malnourished bodies discreetly unfold
their wings to soar ever highier in
glittering moon beams and ivory dust.
To listen carefully overpowering trust
of oneself is the ultimate test.
We must dedicate this night to the wisest being
one who stands upright and ever seeing
the illusions that mankind shadowing o'er
our eyes and hearts.
Who is this oracle one often asks.
She is you and me
She'll be the one removing our mask,
and only we can allow ourselves to do that.

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Pagan songs echoe in timbre,
genetic souls linger hereafter.
Cough squealched miseries of life unfold,
sparing nature the coldest of goodbyes.
\Waiting for that perfect moment
to say what we have to say forever.
Never remembering the real reason why.
Depression lingers on this hyped up style.
\The girl that once was is no longer,
she faded away with the morning dew.
Trapped now eternal in a stagnated pit
a shadow of beauty that holds on for a while.
\Spring comes,
Summer goes,
and yet autumn isn't the crisp it once was.
Newness of life has begrudgingly worn off
revealing the tapestry of lies.

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Hello another day of bliss,
the man griping in the kitchen,
over the kids making a mess.
God how his voice growls,
like forks going down a chalk board,
making my spine crawl with shivers,
my neck in the noose of a rip chord.
Hanging silently in stammered rage,
I wait for the right second to free of this cage.
The tree of life has left me so cold,
those unwanted miseries have yet to be told.
For this story of my life is so sad but true,
I blame myself only for the things that I do.
I need not another to gleefully try
making me feel lowly like a scum sucking fly.
Now I scream outright those words of my rage,
I could slice up his throat with the edge of this page.
His anger is my anger as he yells without thought.
What goes around, comes around...
he's gonna get caught.

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He was to me like a reflection in glass.
He was to me a royal pain in the asterisk.
He was to me my perfect lover and friend.
He was to me what he wanted me to see until when,
he decided to go out on his own.
He decided to go it alone.
He decided it was time to throw me away.
He decided he was bored with me anyway.
He is to me like a breath in the wind.
He is to me one of the deadliest sins.
He is to me someone who could make me happy again
but only if I close my eyes
and let the blind lead the blind.

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These dreams withstand the test of time,
without much reason or rhyme.
\Clouded visions becon nonsense
and we become toys through pure consequence.
\Many late night gatherings
have withered my souls content and caterings.
\Too many drugs and intoxications
can ruin a promising destination.
\But through our dreams,
living is all the more possible.
It's in faith that lies the key, and through this,
we can become responsible.
\Hence, I shall end my stagnant chatter
sleep becons me and I must to bed my golden ladder.

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Blinding light enters this sphere,
as I sit numb from the sounds and all that
appear. I wish I could take a moment to collect all
of these thoughts, and make verbal confessions that time has
surely taught,
me to be quiet and listen efficiently,
make haste and do right,
which is what? I reply.
Who dares to question the upholding rule,
that father has stricken sublimely inside.
What a foresaken moment I'm having at this
time, driving me crazy,
driving me out of my mind.
What? An answer before me unfolds,
Tis my life and my children to have and to
Without them I am nothing, without them I
will die,
So now I end this with a secular.... Sigh.

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Alas lost in a world of chaos and turmoil,
I think not however,
in this positive state of mind.
Forgiven temptations of process and time,
are likened by flouters measuring rhyme.
Alas lost in a world of chaos and turmoil,
I think not however,
in this positive state of mind.
Created the blender of absolute doubt,
ridiculed harshly by those in a tout.
Likened by children these toddlers three,
but yet these children are you and me,
and now it can be that for once in our lives
we can calmly our differences eye to eye?...
Alas, lost in a world of chaos and turmoil,
I think not however,
in this positive state of mind.

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Reflections in crystal catch the eye
of the mesmerized madam in her parlor.
Lace and berber trim tickling
parted lips as her lover swallows her whole.
Her mind races backward in time
back to place when she ran free of all
scrutiny and evil...
back to the days of grace and civility.
But alas, the grunts bear her hips stronger
and madam knows this one will take longer
to reach his climactic conclusion.
Suddenly, a tinkle of diamond glass
pierces her ears...
the sequel of sound through madness
dispersing her heart to a torrid
and horrible thought.
What if this was but a dream in the night,
some fantasy of elusive delight.
The diamond a symbol of awakening fright.
Tis but the chandelier playing on her mind.

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This town shrivels into infinity of darkness.
How my heart yearns to be with him.
The one who stole my essence is now leaving me,
bleak and grasping.
I got the news last night, while engaging in playful conversation.
The tone of his voice flickered like a light switch.
First loving and calm, then cold without emotion.
All the promises once made in heated passion,
all the dreams of togetherness, family and castles,
all gone are they that weaved a beaded tapestry.
The grand escape is now a mere fantasy.
It takes a lifetime to find the love of ones life,
and only a moment to find that he is a chameleon.
Now forever embedded in my heart is anxiety and loss,
his heart holds for me deceit and rebellion.
My little town is all a hush now,
closing up their weary sidewalks.
I shall sink in my infinity of darkness with coffee in hand.
And plan my next escape from Bedlam.

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This den of iniquity is confusing at times.
I wonder why he didn't call me sooner,
or why it took him so long to get here.
My rage boils under my skin as I ponder on
these very questions I ask myself why WHY!
Why do I allow myself to be such a fool,
to let this man into my life and play me
like I'm just a trivial tool,
only to get what he really wants.
He tells me he loves me,
the distance in his eyes tell me otherwise.
He was here right here within my reach,
only a month has passed.
His voice over the phone is listless and weak
The passion for me that once was
has evaporated in thin air.
It's that girl who turned his heart to stone.
She has stolen him under my nose.
I ask myself is he worth the revenge HELL NO!

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