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The Blue Frog

the blue frog is blue, or is it? how can a
\blue frog be blue if the blue frog is
\green?or is it? Maybe im crazy, or am I?
\what if i'm sane, and the whole world is
\crazy? Maybe if I stopped eating crazy
\bread,I would not be crazy or maybe
\you need to get out of my head, fred, I
\cant take this s#@$ no
\more...BANG..............am I dead?or is it
\that now im alive and all of you are dead
\maybe i should have taken the blue pill so i
\can go about my life, but if i take the blue
\pill does that make me a drug addict?and
\maybe i should name this poem something else
\like, I dont know, or maybe i do know and
\just dont want to say it but i'm not saying
\any thing im typing so no one can here me
\but read it?.............what does this have
\to do with a blue frog? I dont know but what
\i do know is, that im in the......
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Curtis Allison More than 1 year ago
love it real, and pain it s real to, but god, is a light, that will comes, with in,, our heart and our mind. don't stop living. if you don't now why. your life is just beging. find something. live for,famly or freinds. our a boy or a girl.or your llittle sister.that looks up to. or your bother that can't sa no. find a way to say a live for me
Richar' Farr More than 1 year ago
Keep up the wonderful creativity~~
Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet tells of the blue frogs
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