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My Nephew

I held onto your hand,
and I didn't want to let go.
As your heart beat faster,
and your breathing grew, slow.
I didn't want to leave you,
but, I could not stay.
I was afraid that,
I wouldn't see you, the next day.
I awaken in the middle of a dream,
When, I heard you call, "Auntie".
I turn to see you, all new again,
but, you were no longer with me.
I'll always think of you, My Nephew, my love,
to know, you're with your grandmothers above.
And when I die, I hope that, I will awake,
To see you all waiting for me, at Heavens gate.
I cry, I don't care, let the tears fall where they may
My Nephew, I cry for me, for missing you, every day.
For all that are here, some may not understand
We don't own anything, because everything is in Gods' hand.
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Beatrice Newberry More than 1 year ago
My Nephew was 30, and he'd mentioned to me that he didn't want to go to sleep...because he was afraid that he would die (We all left the Hospital around 9:30 pm) He died 4:30 am.
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Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
The poem is all about the demise of the so much loved one that is so missed by days feelings with a sad satisfaction that the dead and the living will still meet someday to share a new love together...once again ...I hold the believe too..
Gary Nel More than 1 year ago
i still don't understand the death of my brother, but I know he'd want me to be happy
Paula Nassif More than 1 year ago
Good poem, emotional and deep. Well done
Jack Kindle More than 1 year ago
emotional,and loving poem
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